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The Submarine & The Topshop Skirt...

I realise I've been AWOL for a few days and in reality, this post has taken just over 4 hours to write...No need to panic, I'm not turning into JK Rowling, it's largely down to the fact I had to stop for a much needed power nap; probably the longest sleep I've had this week!! In my defence, it's been the last week of the financial year at work (silly season) and as I'm in a revenue generating role, this is when EVERYTHING is to play for...(blood+sweat+tears = bonuses = shopping)...It's clear what motivates me, it doesn't get too much deeper than that folks!

Yesterday saw the start of the "New Year" which took us to an all day off site meeting in Gosport (not exactly local)... Anyhow, the location was at The (widely known???) Submariner Museum. After the meeting we were given a "surprise" tour aboard HMS Alliance (a submarine just in case..) which meant it wasn't a totally random location as it linked to a new rebrand message and no, I don't sell submarines/war ships etc... I do however, work in a very male orientated industry so little consideration was given to what one should wear for such a tour. This led to another epic footwear fail - I mean, 10cm patent heels are not really suitable for off-roading (yep, more cobbles) or in fact, exploring submarines...;

An accident waiting to happen...

Dad, LOOK, I'm driving a submarine!!

After the tour it was back to the hotel for a quick spruce up and back out for dinner,drinks and to bust out my new Topshop trousers I'd bought a couple of weeks ago in Liverpool. In this photo they look really metallic and aren't a true interpretation at all (sorry Topshop, although I like how they have come out and now want some that look like this please!) ;

Trousers, Topshop - link to them 
Shirt/blouse (blouse sounds sooo old fashioned) - Dotty P's, no link I'm afraid
Shoes from Dune last year
Blazer from Topshop, last year too.
Clutch - Aldo, no link either ptfff 

Although the evening was fairly riotous, I used my inner most strength to resist "getting on it" (much to the disappointment of others) as I had a 7am BOOTCAMP commitment just, a 2 and a half hour drive away!!!! When the alarm went off at 4am this morning, I'd clocked a mighty 3 and half hours sleep, perfect...

Bootcamp came (chewed me up, spat me out) and went...Next stop (after thawing out) was off to my opticians (conveniently located in the heart of the Cabot Circus shops). This was the outfit of choice today, heavily based on comfort ;

My most favourite jumper right now and yeah that's right, FLAT shoes..
Topshop jumper - link here and also available in petite

Turns out, after numerous delays, still no glasses to collect...(well I'm here now so...) I decided to "entertain" myself in the local retail outlets and much to my surprise, made just one purchase (I know, I barely recognise myself), that said, I'd already been and collected a "present" from a parcel depot sent by River Island. OK, it wasn't strictly a present as so much as another arrival from an intense week of internet shopping (bloggers research should be funded!!) On that subject, I did receive a call from a very polite young chap from my bank yesterday asking to confirm my recent transactions as they thought there was fraudulent activities and a "spike" in spend... bit awkward admitting that they were actually, all real...oh, and that I was sending the stuff back to ASOS as it didn't fit..

Back to the purchase, a skirt from Topshop I've had my eye on for a while.. It's out of my comfort zone in respect of the shape but, everything else I love so made the decision to push through and take the plunge. The fabric is fairly structured and not one of them floaty type skater skirts...By the time I'd got home I'd created 10 or so looks in my head (yep, that is as far as my mind has gone today) so, I thought I'd showcase the 3 most seasonal for now I'd put together...;

I realise I'm indoors but the new Chanel sunglasses looked so good and it was actually sunny outside..
It needs to get considerably warmer before I go bare legged!
Skirt, Topshop - link to it
Bag, River Island (ahem, yeah it's new) - link to it
Peep toe shoe boots, River Island Design Forum by William Tempest - link
Belt, ASOS - link to it

Change the belt, add 60 denier and involve Prada..

The belt was from Zara in the summer...Look at me re-wearing..

Taking the skirt out for the night...
Pleather peplum top, Zara - link to it

Obviously, all of these looks are pretty much "now looks" and are heavy on the black but fear not, I've justified the skirts' existence right through spring and summer!

What do you think of the skirt? How would you dress it? 



  1. Had a lime green river island delivery today too. Loving all those looks on you but you know I would never style a skirt x

    1. Thanks Tenks, it's different but I'm liking it! Ohhh, how is it? I'm not sure about the tan one I ordered as it looks more pink, nice bag, not the righ colour.. Do you not do skirts at all, ever? X

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thats a gorgeous skirt Karen! And love all the three looks! xx

  4. I love all three styles. Numbers 1 & 2 the best. The trousers look great too. Glad you went for that colour.

    Denise Mullis

    1. Thanks Dee!! I'm gagging to get out and wear it now! You were the one who talked me into the trousers so big up to you! xx

  5. Don't own a dress or skirt. That would be some major mission if you could get me in either. I will post a picture on wiwt soon with the bag x

    1. Not one?!!? Actually, come to think of it, i can only think of one... circa 1996? Right, I'll take that challenge!! Looking forward to seeing the bag x

  6. Love the skirt. You look fab. I would love one similar.I am taking it all in and thinking how I can work my wardrobe. My big problem is funding and the fact that I am not at my best weight so don't really want to invest just yet. But keep giving me the ideas x x x

    1. Thanks Mrs M! You still have to feel good even when you're trying to lose weight...x I'll keep throwing the ideas out there and then we can hit Trafford x


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