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Patterned Pants...

A few years ago, if someone would have said to me I'd be wearing anything a part from my trusty blue/black/white jeans for normal "everyday" wear I'd have thought they had a recreational drug habit.. Of course, I dressed the jeans up and down but looking back on it, there was little (practically none) variation... maybe a different pair of earrings or if I was feeling practically crazy, an arm full of bangles..

Following on from my "One Shop Sunday", I was smugly/neatly putting my new Primark patterned pants away (in colour order of course) when it dawned on me that I have SEVERAL pairs of said patterned pants and that in fact, I'm completely drawn to them and already thinking about the next pair and what for...

Again, I have dug deep into the WIWT today archives and am bringing you a selection of said pants..(be clear here people, pants=trousers, not my underwear...I'm not a sicko and it is not that sort of blog..) ;

The £5 Primark trousers - even just these 4 wears above make them £1.25 a wear (I have more than that down the back of the sofa)..!!

My first pair... It's fair to say I'm attached to them in a big way... 
1) Because they were £5...
2) I have had numerous wears out of them (and no end of compliments which always helps) ...and 
3) Because I had to actually sew myself in to them when the seam on the thigh separated itself from the other half of the leg as I was getting out of the car at a friends house...I sewed myself in, got on with my night and went back and got another pair the next day! Oh and credit where credit is due, I first saw these on a girl on WIWT... I knew they had to be mine the moment I saw them..(see, we all get style inspiration from others..)

They are all soooo different ...see...variation, not an obsession, right..?

Picture on the left - these were from Zara last summer and definitely a casj pair, although worked with a peep toe heeled shoe boot. They were way too long (of course), nothing a few strips of wonder web couldn't handle.. 

Picture in the middle - I have featured these before in a previous post, they were from Reiss and after double checking they aren't showing on their website now however, there may be some in store, they are called "Smith".. I know they are around as a friend managed to pick some up just a couple of days ago!

Picture on the right - These were from Topshop last summer...I broke boundaries with these (in my world)..Mainly due to the colour... Like I said, only a few years ago, I was in a blue/black/white jeans rut!!

Spot the "re-style" of a previous pair...

Picture on the left - Yep, these are the Topshop ones from last summer..I wore them in the winter with boots, a black jumper and (standard) blazer..

Picture in the middle - These were also Zara last year.. it isn't clear from the picture but they have sequin print all over them...I wore this outfit at the weekend... These ones have an elasticated waist (thank God they are on trend right now) and will likely end up as a beach cover-up this year... SIDE NOTE - Does anyone else "downgrade" older stuff to beach clothes..?

Picture on the right - I've featured these ones in previous posts too (here and heeeerrre), they are from Topshop and you can get them on line here, oh and, they also do them with a yellow base colour as opposed to the navy I have..(hmmm, I do want something yellow, so much so, I have typed yellow in the ASOS search engine...)

The dodge camera angle purely to show the patterned work pants..

So as I took the steps to stretch my wardrobe from various colour jeans and then patterned pants for playtime, I have (kinda) pushed the trend into my work threads..(well kinda, one pair for now, it's still got to resemble corporate wear)..These were from Next before Christmas and not available now however, I have found these on their website, which I LOVE! ;

£38...these would work with heels, flats and bold colours..available in petite (result) and long..

Prints were fairly huge at LFW this year..(along with so many other beautiful trends that have sent my AMEX into meltdown..).. I've done a little bit of on line trawling today based on patterned pants and so far, these are my favourites on the High Street..;

All 3 pairs are from Topshop, the pair on the right are down to £25 and would work for summer and winter! Buy here and here..

Both of these are Topshop too..I love the ones on the left and at first was not at all convinced with the ones on the right..(It could be a childhood flashback) However, I saw someone wearing them at LFW and styled with a 70's vibe they looked A.MAZING!! Buy here..

These lovely 3 are from Zara... the fact that they are tailored and cropped works in my petite framed favour! The striped ones on the right could even tempt me into that trend...all other pairs I've seen are a little bit too "Beetlejuice" for me..Buy here..

Finally (and because I love them and had great feedback on them, I can not neglect a pair I featured in this post), don't you be forgetting these..; 

I predict a stampede people, sharpen your elbows and get to Primark!

On LFW - I'm not ignoring it, far from it...I have spent every spare minute stalking the cool kidz and their torrent of fashion feeds...I've seen so many beautiful pieces on the catwalks and through various street style pictures it's insane..To be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure around the legalities of using photos from there so I'm playing it safe and I'll just be featuring looks based on the wearable stuff...(as in, we don't wear wire tray hats to work... very unpractical and surely would be "hand wash only" so a real ball ache all told..) 

Have you got a similar obsession with "patterned pants"...Do you wear them..? 

Get involved! 



  1. I've rocked the next pair on WIWT and just got the stripy Zara pair

    1. Haha, of course you have!!! They're the one you were saying with the orange Mango jacket? x

    2. Yep. Blazer no good. Didn't suit me. Need to re think

  2. I got a bronzy pair in the Zara sale last week for a tenner and fear my obsession has started. I checked for those blue ones in primark but no joy. Please keep me posted if you find they are in stores. Wish primark would set up an online store. Love those Topshop floral ones, would love a pair like that for spring/summer.

    1. They are so much more fun aren't they! Maybe we will start a self help group! I wish Primark have some online stuff too! I'll let you know if I find them and vice versa 😉x

  3. I've never tried any, as I've always been a bit scared of pattern, but I'm thinking of giving it a go and getting out of my own jeans rut!

    1. You should! Why not go for one main colour and maybe one more within and then just add a bright colour on top..? x

    2. I got a pair and I'm wearing them out for the first time this evening :)

    3. YAY!!!! It's lovely to hear from you! Which ones have you bought and how are you styling them? X

    4. I got a black and white pair from Boohoo. They're a fairly casual style, so I smartened them up with a vest, coloured blazer, smart flats and a big necklace. Hope you're having a great holiday! x

  4. LOVE patterned pants. Wore my latest £10 Next floral purchase to work last week and one of my darling y8 students commented with "interesting weeds" .... ahem!!! Needless to say it hasn't put me off. Have another 2 "mid-term" shopping pairs on their way from h&m. Excited!

    1. Yay, it's not just me!! I really laughed at your Y8 student, my parents were teachers and I can kinda relate!! I need deets on your newbie ones!! X


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