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In The Bags...

Following on from yesterday's bloggers meet in Cardiff, I promised to share the contents of the goodie bags... Honestly, it's been like Christmas here today... I've rifled through the contents, sprayed, scrubbed and applied..

Here's a round up of my fave goodies from the bags...;

In my opinion, the BEST mascara on the High Street!! It gives a full looking set of swooping lashes without the nasty clumps! 

I used this to wash away the Mojito induced hangover this morning.. A real luxury body wash.

Perfume samples from Thomas Sabo... My favourite one is the Charm Kiss scent (the one with lips on the packaging above)... It's a delicate rose fragrance, perfect for the day.

This lipgloss is gorgeous and long lasting! It's not too sticky/thick and looks very natural on...Another one for the bottom of the handbag in the lipgloss lucky dip!
I love this polish... I don't really do colour on my hands (too much maintenance for me...) however, I have one friend who LOVES her nail polish so she'll be road testing this!

A small orange clutch from Ollie & Nic (generous gift!!)... Great for adding colour to an outfit or cramming full of makeup and popping in your handbag!

The rest.... So much stuff!!

The hangover has started to clear (so very slightly)...I didn't exactly aid my recovery well, a Sunday morning trip to Ikea isn't advisable at the best of times, especially when you're not feeling too chipper...I mean, why can't it be socially acceptable to wear your duvet outside...?? I'm thinking the essential accessories for such a look today would be (standard) dark glasses, an intravenous feed of tea and ear defenders (loud noises aren't welcome!)..

The comfort gear for braving Ikea...;

Big bag (to curl up in), flat shoes (to shuffle in)...

....dark glasses (no explanation required..)

Jeans - These are the Zara jeans feautured way back in my post here! I've worn them with Converse through to 4 inch Rupert Sanderson pumps...THE best £30 spent on jeans in a long time!

The Bag - This was from New Look a few months ago, it's the perfect bag for chucking all your essential (not important) stuff in at weekends without it looking over bulky...I also used it as my 'travel' bag recently and loaded it with Duty Free both ways!

The Converse - Standard Cons, a classic buy for anyone!
The Giveaway...

Now for some humble pie...I owe a huge apology, I didn't announce the winner of the products from my last goodie bag review on Friday soooo...*drum roll*.... Thank you to everyone who entered....*drum roll continues*.... The winner is FIONA from Tewkesbury *applause*...The unidentified gadget is by Sarah Chapman and it's (in Sarah's own words...) " The unique facial massager mimics the fasttappy, pinching and knuckling of my signature facial. A lot of my clients ask me for advice on home facial massage tips so I created this clever tool to give you a Skinesis facial in your own home".

Fiona, drop me an email with your address and I'll post out the goodies to you!

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Moootiful Zara Pants...

It's Saturday, it's Saturday, it's Saturday....OK, yeah I've been massively excited about today, my first bloggers meet with the South Wales Bloggers girls in Cardiff oh and, I finally got to wear my new Zara cow print pants of course! (I realise I don't actually live in Wales... I can see it from my house so I think that counts, right..?)

The day was hosted at The Brewhouse in Cardiff and hash-tagged with #CDFmeet (of course)...The surroundings were gorgeous, a really vibrant bar in the heart of Cardiff, pretty brilliant cocktails and the best pulled pork wrap, EVER!!

The outfit..;

Moootiful Zara pants (see what I did there, sorry...) - I bought these a few weeks ago, I absolutely love them and have been waiting for just the right occasion to showcase them... They are actually meant to be 'cropped' pants (God I love this trend), obvs on me, just the perfect 7/8 length! You can buy them here.

Top - Its just a plain Topshop jersey tee with a dip hem.

Belt - This beaut was picked up last year in Zara, I love it and got a lot of love for it today too...It's elasticated (a welcome fabric right now) and has the fab bright yellow jewels for that bit of colour in my totally monochrome outfit! (..I needed some colour when I put the bag down!)

Shoes - Yep, the ASOS feet shredders make another appearance!

Bag - Is from the River Island leather collection a couple of months ago.

On the arm - From the top...Silver Gucci bracelet I've had for years. In the middle is a gorgeous bracelet with a drawstring tie, this was a beautiful surprise gift from a friend and it's inscribed with 'Live Love Laugh', I love this for many reasons! Lastly, Tiffany's ...understated black ball bracelet.

The bloggers meet was so well organised, we had amazing goodie bags crammed full of treats (I'll cover these in another post...way too much good stuff to review now), a demonstration from Lush and another goodie bag, 2 for 1 cocktails, cupcakes and then hand treatments from Crabtree & Evelyn and another goodie bag...;

The personalised goodie bag from South Wales Bloggers oh and, an amazing Pink Lady Cocktail!

My gorgeous friend Jen who invited me along! Check her blog here.

There was enough instruments hanging from the ceiling to start a marching band... There is a relevant link here, some will know why I had to take this..

Cupcakes and cocktails!!

Incredible hand treatments in Crabtree & Evelyn!

This is what they used on mine... my hands smell good enough to eat 3 hours on!

Another beautiful goodie bag!

It's been an incredible day and now it's time to turn it around again for dinner and cocktails tonight... My clothes aren't going to throw themselves at me (although it may look like it)...I have an outfit to go plan now...

Have a great evening!

Yeah, it was sunny enough to bang on the Chanel aviators!


Out On A School Night x 2...

The past TWO nights have been a little unusual for me as I don't tend to go out (not in a hermit way) on a 'school night'... The reasons ;

1 - I'm eyeballs deep in emails
2 - I'm hanging from a full on day
3 - I'm cooped up in a lonely hotel room somewhere in the UK wondering if room service will being me chocolate..(usually a no by the way and, that includes some minibars...)
4 - All/combination of the above.

Monday Night...

An informal dinner with some (male) colleagues at a local bar/restaurant...Obviously I want to make an effort but clearly, not OTT. 

In all honesty, I was gagging to bust out my new white blazer, it's been in the wardrobe 2 weeks and not seen the light of day yet. This was my starting point and, outfit 1 ..;

The complete look..

Feat. the new Butterfly by Matthew Williamson necklace...

The shoes...

Blazer- New cropped tuxedo blazer from Mango, buy here - on that, Mango have some amazing blazers in right now in all colours and good quality fabric!!

Shirt - Last year from Dotty P's

Jeans - These are the 'pleather' jeggings I live for, they were about £20 and have been worn to the point that the cost per wear is down to pence!! Again, last year from Dotty P's and an amazing buy!

Shoes - The shoes, Christian Louboutin from Harvey Nics a couple of years ago.

Necklace - Because I love me a statement necklace... New at the weekend from Debenhams, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson.

As looks go, I thought it was simple however it didn't feel right...The shoes felt a bit 'bling', the jacket a bit 'white' (honestly!!) ...Cue, last minute 'Shit this just isn't right' moment... *contents of wardrobe across the room* .... breathe...

This is what I actually wore in the end... a 'safer' outfit..I mean, bang your hair up and you look soooo much understated, right..? 

Outfit 2...;

At least the fear of spilling red wine down the jacket was removed..

I spy the Zara necklace...AGAIN!

Adding colour with the shoes..

Jacket - A very old boucle style jacket from New Look last year...I think..

Shirt - Same as above..the only remaining part of the first option..

Jeans - Plain black skinnies with a zip detail from River Island last year.

Shoes - Rupert Sanderson (from the Bicester trolley dash blogged here).

Necklace - 'That' one from Zara blogged here...I will never grow tired of this.

Did I do the right thing...? I think...Outfit 1 is definitely more friends/bar/drinks....

Tuesday Night..

A 'Tweet Up'... clues in the name, kind of network meeting however, I knew the host from a few years ago and it was a good excuse to meet her for some drinks and a catch up!! Kirsten is an amazing Wedding Styler and actually styled mine so I can personally recommend her... She works with you on the theme/style and then she's the pair of hands you need on the day to execute (not actually kill) the final touches...Her company is The Little Wedding Helper, fabulous website here.

Choosing tonight's outfit was a little easier, it's been a barmy (and sunny) 18 degrees here today and the venue was at a gorgeous bar/restaurant/cocktail haunt of mine, Goldbrick House in Bristol...

Outfit 3...;

Not a 60 denier in sight!!!

Hmmm badly ironed collar...Oh, and the new MAC lips!

Yeah, more shoes...

Shirt - ASOS double collared shirt that I picked up in January and have turned to on several occasions...Why didn't I have a black shirt in my wardrobe before??

Skirt - This has to be a couple of years old from River Island

Shoes - Although I was asked tonight if these were Choos, I disappoint, my trusty Kurt Geiger nude patent pumps!

Bag - Prada...

Necklace - Hang on... what no necklace... I know, I barely recognise myself...

A BIG observation on my part is that I don't have any colour popping tops that I can throw on for such events.... I had several looks in the wardrobe for things I just don't own.. I was almost wishing they'd be there...probably should buy them first...


The Goodie Bag & A Giveaway...

During the event on Friday, we were given a pamper goodie bag and although I've not given the products a good go yet, I promised to share the contents with you...;

1) Anyone? Anyone? I'm told that it's for your face and you use it in upward motions...I'm guessing it's good for circulation? Tightening the skin?... I HAVE NO IDEA!! In fact, email me and tell me exactly what it is and what it does before Friday 26th April and I'll randomly pick a winner and send you the products featured under 4 AND 5 below from the goodie bag!! I'm armed with Google remember so I can check! If your name comes out, I'll drop you a mail back and grab your address then...


2) Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream - A glycerin based moisturiser from Japan packed with Vitamins B2,C and E...apparently it's good for severe dry patches of skin, face and lips..;

3) Elemis Skin Nourishing Hand and Body Cream..; 

50ml, perfect for the handbag!

4) Sarah Chapman London Skinesis Dynamic Defence - Anti-ageing Day Cream SPF15 that contains skin brightening complex...noted to improve clarity of the skin and improve plumpness..;

I'd probably avoid my cheeks, they don't need anymore 'plumping'!

5) Sarah Chapman London Skinesis Intense Hydrating Booster..;

6) Natura Bisse Package - a) Anti-ageing bio regeneration extreme cream b) The Cure Sheer Eye Cream c) Colour enhanced moisturiser with sunscreen protection... Phew... that's some stuff!! Natura Bisse are partners with Net-A-Porter too..who knew?! It's stocked in some pretty fab establishments too..Harrods, Space NK, Sanderson Hotel and of course, NAP.

7) Aromatherapy Associates RELAX Bath and Shower Oil - apparently this stuff is incredible.. I overheard someone saying that they swear by a few drops of this in their bath before bed... She went on to say she always had problems sleeping and with this, she sleeps straight through... If this is true, I'm buying a tanker full!!

If you use any of these products, comment below, tweet me or leave a comment on Facebook, I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Goodie bag to one side...My 6 month old nephew went to his first fancy dress party yesterday, the theme - Something beginning with 'F'...

Our Kid styled him perfectly, could he look any cuter?! The dummy has the 'tash built in too, GENIUS!


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A Girls Day at The Bull Ring...

My friends are so important to me (and so is shopping, just so we're clear..), so when you have a day combining the two, it's only gonna' end well!

The date has been in the diary for a while and this last week there has been countdown messages exchanged peaking last night with the 'what you wearing' texts, it was literally like Christmas...I don't get to see this group of friends that often, they live in the 'middle', I live in the South West however, we've been friends for nearly 18 years (you do the math) and no matter what, we laugh, chat, confide, enjoy a glass of bubbles and erm, shop!

The venue, The Bull Ring in Birmingham...undoubtedly one of my fave shopping Mecca's in the UK!

Luckily, we all share a love of the same shops too..So, after our early morning caffeine hit, we soldiered on with our quest!

We lunched at Ekachai Noodle Bar in Selfridges before scouring all 4 floors...;

The incredible crispy duck salad!

Lunchtime refreshments...

The hearty lunch and warm up drinks set us up perfectly for the afternoon..In fact, all of my purchases (bar one) were made in the concessions in Selfridges...It was only when we were on the escalator that I clocked the PRIMARK sign though..Primark has stocked menswear in Selfridges for a year or so and this week, they opened up one for us girls! 

They had a great capsule selection from which I splashed out an outstanding £7 (!!!!) on these BRIGHT pink jeggings...;


I also bought this top that I featured in Colour Popping Monochrome from Topshop, in the sale for £15..;

Top and jeans = £22!

The jeggings are beyond comfy too, major result (the elasticated waist is catering for my souvenir from Cancun!). They will be getting dressed up and then banged on with my cons and as is right now, my sandals!

I also treated myself to a new lippy... I'm not big on make up, I tend to stick to the bare minimum but after being a quick dash via MAC in Selfridges, I invested in these...;

The lippy - Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo
The lip pencil - Boldly Bare

The lovely chap at MAC advised to put the lip liner on first on the top lip only for a fuller look and then apply the lippy.. The finished result..;

MAC pout!

As we got to the top of Selfridges' we were in need of an afternoon pick-me-up...;

Advice - If you do want to eat here you need to book!

The final buy (I bet you can't guess...) was this aqua and gold statement necklace from Butterfly by Matthew Williamson at Debenhams...;

The necklace has a magnet clasp (shown in pic 1 and 3 at the front) and can be worn twisted, straight and any which way. I'm thinking this would look great with the new River Island jumpsuit, black, navy and crisp exciting!!

I'm off out to show the shoppers at Waitrose my new jeggings...;

What do you think? Did the girl do good...?


An Evening With Liberty London Girl...

Last night was a long time coming, you may recall the excitement when I read that Liberty London Girl was coming to Bath to 'speak' at one of the Bath In Fashion events...In brief, it's a week full of events from fashion showcases and art to talks from some amazing names in the industry... 

Sasha Wilkins (AKA LLG) is one of the most engaging and inspiring people I have EVER met...She went on stage just after 8pm and talked (without scripts/notes) for just over an hour...Sasha spoke passionately (with perfectly placed injections of humour) about how she started out, the pitfalls, the achievements, the lows (and there were plenty!), the highs, the sausage dog, her travels, the names and now, where her life is today.... Honestly, I barely blinked throughout!

The truly incredible lady herself (taken from the most perfect front row seat I bagged)...;

Dress Whistles, Shoes ASOS.

There is sooo much to share, my head has been spinning with ideas, her words and generous advice... So much so that on the way home last night I zoned out on Lady SatNav (the posh bitch who tells me which way home is), sat at a green light, got beeped and then missed two exits off a roundabout...I'd hate to think I was doing her an injustice by not filling this post with her exact words but let's face it, an hour and a half listening and then in conversation is hard to sum up in 300 words (read on, you'll see why 300, damn it, lost 6 words with my overuse of bloody brackets!!)

LLG, in brief..;

Her first job was very much Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wear Prada...(she joked that this is where she learnt to make the perfect cuppa')...Really though, her time grafting earned her the next job and so on... Conde Nast was her initial platform and since then she's made courageous decisions that most would shy away from, taken risks that find me reaching for a brown paper bag and dropping my head between my knees, clocked up Air Miles that a 747 pilot would be jealous of and all of this whilst working her talents as a journalist, stylist, editor, media consultant and of course, a blogger... One thing was clear, Sasha is not afraid of hard work! 

She's resilient and very switched on (and not afraid to drop the 'F BOMB' in conversation, not in a Chubby Brown way of course)...Now, after an all-time  low watching her home burn down and actually being homeless with NO money (love that as she fled the burning building, she grabbed a red lippy and her passport and tweeted a live feed!!), she owns her own businesses in media consultancy and film production annnnnd, was named in The Telegraphs Top 100 Bloggers in 2012... Don't be fooled, there were so many incredible achievements mentioned, I just couldn't write fast enough!!

My head is still spinning so for now, here's some words of wisdom I picked up in relation to blogging, in no particular order..;

  • Maintain and keep your blog design appealing to readers and also, brands who might potentially want to work with you... 
  • Keep a post to around 300 words to keep your readers engaged...(ahhh, about that...)
  • Write a editorial diary...(this is on my things to do list..)
  • Don't give up, when LLG launched fully in 2006 she had 30,000 page views in 12 months, now she gets this in 2 days (!!!)
  • Everyone gets writers block...(encouraging to know)
  • Use social media platforms in line with your blog...Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter..
  • Bounce backs (when someone looks at your page and goes again without actually reading) are unavoidable, these should be under 65% of your views..
  • Posting every other day is a good way to keep readers coming back...(yeah, sorry about that... 2-3 times per week needs to improve, I clearly have enough to say..)
  • You can't predict what people want to read, a post about a family member is still her biggest post to date!
  • RSS email feed...(OK, I got lost here... I'm all over Google to learn more)
  • Keywords are vital.. I have snuck one in here that she mentioned last night.. (hoping it's not copyrighted...I'd have to sell my shoes..)
  • Affiliate schemes were mentioned...I'm a novice and apart from the comments made last night, this is a new one on me...(Google is my friend)
  • Don't be afraid to say NO to an opportunity...(it worked for LLG and I get it)

When it came to dressing for the evening it was all about what the buggering weather was gonna' do...(shoe related, of course..). The outfit of choice...;

Prada came out to play!

The Zara Necklace from here made it's third appearance accompanied by the ASOS double collared shirt.

Maiden Voyage of my Rupert Sanderson Seville Burgundy Python pumps (squeals with excitement!!)

How big are my cheeks, squirrel at feeding time? 

Sasha answered questions from the crowd like she had all night, each response was full and informative and once done, she came to meet the enchanted audience and spent time with everyone!

This image is from LLG's Instagram page, I stole it because I believe it..

You can follow the LLG blog here.

LLG responded to my tweet...Mum, get the scrapbook!

Oh oh, I also walked away with this goodie bag..;

I've (smashed) through my '300 words' but, I hope you have enjoyed it..

Coming tomorrow...What I bought at The Bull Ring today and the contents of the goodie bag!

Happy Saturday
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