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Style Stalking...

My name's Karen and I stalk style, there I said it!! This obsession is not just confined to the streets, oh no i got it baaad... (*hangs head*)

In my defence, it's more research based than anything else - I'm really interested in what people wear and why but mainly, I love getting new ideas and inspiration from others. I swoon over the latest trends yet, if i know it isn't "me" then I'll take the look and make it more my own style. I'd interpret my look as classic with modern edge... One has to consider ones age you know!  

For example; I'm loving the leather look pleated skater skirts right now and don't get me wrong, I have tried a few ( 10+ = a few ) on in different stores yet, no matter how I look at it, its a NO!!! I can't help feeling like i'm in my old school gym skirt and thats a feeling I don't want to bring back to my life! I finally settled on a straight fitted one from Zara because, I NEEDED a leather skirt in my life!

One recent style stalk bought me to this outfit - basically I saw this girl who I thought looked great in simple denim and black, I instantly took to my wardrobe to see how I could do something similar with what I had in my own style... the result below... (Don't be running off to go and check your wardrobes, there's a bit more to go yet)..

Denim shirt and Boots Mango, Skirt from Zara, Belt ASOS, Sunglass Chanel

As I said, the stalking isn't a case of running up the road to have a closer look at the latest Celine bag i've been eyeballing for a while or hiding behind bushes to see what necklace they have put with that shirt...there are many forms (please don't be scared), its just that I like to spend my money wisely (like that would stand up in court)...;

Internet - What the hell did we do without it?? I regularly check out the "new in store" section in my favourite shops from the comfort of my sofa, its a good way to see the new stuff before it actually does hit the shops. You can also see online exclusives etc.. (I refer you to "that" dress featured in The Progress and The Frock in Monday's post). If I see a look I like online I always screen shot it on my phone (screen shot with an iPhone is pressing the top button and navigate button at the same time, I have no idea with other phones, soz) to save the look or idea...Below is a screen shot of some black boots (that I am now the proud owner of), my trusty pair came to an abrupt end (zip bust) and I needed a replacement pair A-SAP, I didn't have time to trawl the shops so I did my research online..found these, added to basket, arrived 2 days later, barely taken them off... Genius.
Boots, Topshop

I have a whole folder dedicated to fashion on my phone (I'm sane, I do have a life, honest)...

Too much...?

Then there's the blogs and style sharing websites...I have noted below a couple for now that i have subscribed to and in fact, need in my life (too much?)..; - The creation of Poppy Dinsey who started off blogging what she wore everyday. I mentioned WIWT in a previous post and if I'm honest, having posted a daily outfit on the website for the last 5 months, it has given me the confidence to do this now - Cheers Poppy! Oh and just so you know, you don't have to be wearing the latest fashion and be a super model to have a go! It's great for having fun with what you wear and obviously, checking out what everyone else is wearing! Stalking potential 10/10! - I love her style, I say "her", her name is Laura and when talking to other friends that follow her, we mention "Laura" like we actually know her (I realise how this sounds).

Magazines - Top of my Christmas list every year is the Grazia subscription, it arrives every Tuesday without fail (and usually why I don't make my spln class), I often find myself taking a photo of a look I plan to rip off or buy...They even do a weekly "Style Hunter" section (they get me).

I guess the reason for the (extensive) research (which will probably land me a restraining order) is that I've dropped plenty of shopping clangers in my time and now, older, wiser and with the time I put into research before shopping, I tend to take less back and make as many mistakes (there are still a few, i'm not perfect). I'm proud to say there is nothing in the wardrobe thats still got a label on and if I change my mind, it goes back, END OF! 

This takes me to another pearl of wisdom from my fabulous Nan - If you see it, like it, buy it, you can always take it back because you know when you go back to get it, it won't be there... She's right, i've fallen into the "i'll wait 'til I get paid/hmmm i'm not sure/i'll think about it hell hole and trust me, all I could hear were her words ringing around my sorry head! She's featured in my last two posts so, its only fair you get to meet her...(she knows her shizzle). DISCLAIMER ON BEHALF OF MY NAN - Just check you can actually return and get a full refund, there's a couple of cheeky shops out there who won't and only give exchange or credit!!!

Nan, Everybody, Everbody, my Nan...

That's it from me today, be back soon.. x


  1. Ha ha love your Nan!
    I love Grazia too, though I'm out of subscription at the mo, must hint for my birthday!
    Your blog is great, I'm finding mine quite addictive now, its like having your own mini magazine!

    1. Ahhh thank you - I didn't realise she'd feature so much! It does appear to be mildly addictive x

  2. I don't need to buy Grazia now I have your blog. It makes awesome reading and I am taking on board all your ideas. Thank you x

    1. Well you totally made my day, thank you, i'm glad you are enjoying it! x

  3. Your nan's lovely! I look forward to your posts!! And nan's 'pearls of wisdom' are soo correct!!

  4. My Nan is never wrong... that i've learnt over the years ;-)
    I'm glad you're enjoying Mission;Style x

  5. Me encanta tu look!! los botines son geniales!

    1. ¡Gracias! Ellos son mi bota nuevo favorito! Gracias por visitar mi blog, espero que lo disfruten! x


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