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Snow Day..

Yesterday it snowed, we all know that right..?! Day 1 of snow is fun, you get to play ( yeah i'm 30 something ) and if you're like me, spend the day wondering what you can wear that is still a little stylish yet, practical. 

For me, i couldn't wait to bust out my new Hunter wellies with matching fleece socks! As luck would have it, I also had a pair of jeans from Gap that kinda went too... TaDa!

Standard - I loved the snow and even ( like the excitable child I can be ), made me a Fro-Man!! 

The downside to "Snow Day" is the days after... sludge, ice and the need to walk bent legged in case you do publicly stack it! What the hell do you wear then eh?

This concerning thought was put to the test this very day when a reminder went off on my phone at 8am to tell me that it was brunch in 2 hours with the girls at a local restaurant.. TRIFFIC... A few minutes later I had the contents of ones wardrobe spewed across the floor...

So, I managed to throw this little outfit together and honestly, secretly pleased with the result... smart/cas/brunch with girls/walk 15 minutes on ice... CHECK!

The skirt was from Urban Outfitters in the summer and the biker boots Kurt Geiger ( I really wanted the Jimmy Choo ones alas, couldn't stretch too ). The jumper is my absolute favourite buy in January and although you can barely see it, i can guarantee it will feature on my blog ( ohhh check me out )..For now though, its from Topshop and new in store. 

Fro-Man - styled by me! 

Jeez, i've rambled on, used too many brackets and if i'm perfectly honest, realised my grammar is all over the place.

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