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Working 9-5..

Alright, those that know me know, I work a little more than 9-5 but hey, I need to work to maintain my shopping habits after all! If that dodgy country song is now stuck in your head.. ( you are welcome ).. 

It's kind of a speedy blog post from me tonight as I do actually really have proper real work to be doing, it's silly season (end of financial year) oh and, I have a big meeting with customers tomorrow and I have an outfit to plan (priorities people, priorities).

Following on from yesterdays staggering blog results (I'm turning into a major stats nerd), I just want to share another bit of news and say hello to readers from across the globe... well actually, I can only greet you with a "hello" because the only language I could possibly have a go at is French and that is a little, how do you say ..Del Boy!

Some of you will know I have set up a Facebook page too with links to the blog (you can also comment on there) - if you haven't got a google account and can't sign up to Mission;Style updates then, like the page and I'll bombard you from there... KABOOM!!

Enough of the shameless self promotion and on with the blog in hand... 

This one is inspired by a comment left on my Facebook page yesterday - Work Clothes... how many of us actually really like what we wear to work?? I struggle with work clothes (like most of us I'm thinking)...they are always at the bottom of my shopping list because I really begrudge spending money in this department. Thinking about it, we spend more time in these clothes than most others so, we have to feel good and should invest well ( this doesn't necessarily mean £££$$$). Feeling good/comfortable in your clothes is so important as it affects your confidence and mood (in my opinion). How many times have you downgraded your "normal" clothes to work clothes because " it'll do for work.."?

My job takes me all over the UK presenting to clients on very different levels, one day it could be the Chief Financial Officer of a Global company, the next someone in a general administrative role - I tend to dress to my audience (luckily I don't have any strip clubs on my client list, sequins chaf !!) ... This goes back to my theory of " first impressions count", this can work in and out of your favour so getting it right can be tricky. Major disclaimer - I'm not the expert however, I've made enough mistakes to know whats not right.

I used to stress about finding suits that fit (you'll understand this more as you read on) and then spending a fortune on tailoring (I'll come back to that on another day)!! I've kind of relaxed things now (mainly as suits just don't work on me and, they are a bit 90's YUPPIE). You can look just as smart in a nice fitting jacket and my weakness, slim fit black trousers! If I find a pair that fit well, I buy 2-3 pairs (nothing more gutting than when they ruin, wear out or you burn them with the iron and you can't replace right?!) My faves this season are from Next and they do a petite fit too!! I have been asked where they are from a few times, winner!

The other thing I've tried to do is add some colour to my work wardrobe - I literally just used to wear grey, black and white (yawn). Again, it can be tricky to get it right without looking cheap (but still not spending a fortune). I get around this by adding accessories/belt/scarf or some kinda pattern... basically, just not being a total plain Jane.

This is what I wore to work yesterday ;

Jumper Zara, white shirt Charles Tyrwitt, black slim fit trews Next, shoes Dune, necklace Primark.

The one thing that never changes in my work wardrobe is the heel height - I'm 5ft 1" (on a big hair day) (and the reason I can't get a decent suit) and if I'm honest, need all the height assistance I can get. Oh oh oh, on the subject of heels, I snagged a beaut of a bargain in the end of the sales last weekend, these sweethearts were £70 down to £35 (at which point I was still a little undecided as the toe is fairly rounded), this was until I got to the till and the lovely assistance asked me for £22!!! Decision made, box 'em up love!!

That's me done, just time to leave you a couple of pearls of wisdom from my super stylish Nan ( yeah, that's right! )...;

1) Clothes look all lovely when they are neatly displayed in the shops inviting us to buy them (well most of them, if they look crap and creased on the hanger AVOID, they ain't gonna' get any better when you steam the life out of them when you get home!). Before buying anything do the "scrunch test" in the shop - this is just as it says on the tin, give the corner of said garment a grab and give it a squeeze, if it stays "scrunched" its got to be a no go, imagine what it'll look like after a full day at work... the homeless look isn't going to catch on this season, or any.
2) See something you like but you're not sure what to put with it - open your eyes, the clever store merchandisers place items that should work together near buy and on the mannequins . Same rules apply with on line shopping, you see something you like and they will normally recommend another item or style it with something else... go on, push the boundaries ( I added that last bit, my Nan isn't exactly Bill Gates ).

That's it from me, peace out x


  1. Hello my lovely niece,
    Well I am absolutely loving your blog. I had to comment on this particular page because you remembered Nan's tip about the scrunch test. Your Mum & I were raised on it & still do it. We leave trails of scrunched trousers, skirts, & tops behind us in shops. Markies see us coming!!
    Any tips on how to look more feminine whilst changing hundreds of nappies, wiping noses, or wiping up unsavoury "all sorts" at ones work??
    You write really well - can't wait for new installments.
    Lots of love
    Auntie Carol xxxx

  2. Hello my fabulous Auntie Carol! Thank you so much, you really made my day! On the downside, M&S are probably sending bounty hunters out now for you and my mum - The serial scrunchers! Keep reading! xxx Lots of love


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