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Cinders Sunday & Wardrobe OCD...

Sundays in my world are all about getting my act together for the following week. This usually involves glamorous activities such as; tackling the ironing pile (that's gonna need scaffolding should it get much higher) and trying to find the bottom of the wash basket (negative affect on the former and never-ending)!

Yesterday's Cinders Sunday had to be crammed into a smaller window than normal largely because I completely forgot a friends birthday (!!!!). I ended up whirl winding around at warp speed to get it all done however, even when I knew there was lots to be done, I still ended up starting a job I wish I hadn't... THE WARDROBE! 

The perfect wardrobe was introduced to me at an early age, yep... my Nan (she really has been a huge influence on my life)! As children, we (the 5 grand daughters) used to love sitting on the end of her (perfectly made) bed swinging our legs and admiring the perfection that was her wardrobe - everything has it's place, colour co-ordinated within an inch of it's life and full of stylish clothes (you can almost hear the angels sing when she slides the doors open)..

I am as guilty as the next for "I've got nothing to wear.." moments however, I do have a tidy out every 6 months or so! This involves getting it ALL out, sorting through, trying on and rationalising, the result usually is realising that "that goes with that" and so on. I find things I've forgotten about and re work them or, get rid. I have remained the same size for quite a while and do consider shopping as an active hobby (resulting in a lot of clothes!).

I've recently had a new wardrobe which (in theory) allows me loads more space however, since installation I haven't invested anytime into getting it "just so"... I have a system and I have to stick to it (I realise it sounds more like I need to get a life or perhaps intense therapy), it works...

Wardrobe Rules

  • Nothing gets put away unless its ironed (yep, this does create another mess but, its hidden under the stairs in the cupboard of doom!) I don't have time to iron on demand, such a faff!
  • Everything has it's place - work clothes in one section, coats and jackets in another and everything else together oh, and it's all in colour order, STRICTLY.
  • If something doesn't fit or its seasonal then it goes in vacuum bags and is shoved on the top out the way. I can't stand clothes being crammed in, you can't see what you actually have.
  • One item per hanger - this ones self explanatory.
  • Lastly, the accessories... this is an area where the psychologists would have a field day...In my defence, it's usually the last thing to get added to an outfit and I've had too many occasions of going to grab a necklace on the way out the door to find its grossly tangled to 3 others (how does this happen?!?) ...this usually ends in an unsavoury Tourettes like episode that no one needs, right?!
So, I'm putting myself out there and giving you a small insight into my wardrobe...

One cork board, pins and TaDa!

OK, two cork boards, don't hate me..

Clutch bags filed in a box...

Bangles and bracelets and yes, that is a toilet roll inner - I'm borderline Blue Peter here, I realise this!
This takes me to my love of statement necklaces, some might say obsession...they can take an outfit from "meh" to something more interesting I think. Maybe its just my personal style twist..? No matter, I'm drawn to them in shops like a magpie... My favourite haunts for statement necklaces on the High Street are Topshop, ASOS, Primark (never more than £6 and always on trend), New Look, Miss Selfridge, River Island and (shocker) Wallis! That said, I'd love to be able to splurge on Kenneth Jay Lane and Kate Spade - high end jewellery can be picked up at discounted rates on sites like The Outnet and ASOS.

In my blog on Saturday, I mentioned a new necklace I'd picked up from New Look, here it is in it's £5.99 glory! 

Here's another one I've seen in Topshop and most likely (very likely if I'm honest) will be adding to the collection soon;

This isn't me trying it on... (just in case you were wondering)
I've trawled my WIWT archives of photos from the last 5 months and here's a selection of some of my neck gear;

Enough on that, you'll be reaching for rope not jewels if that little feature goes on!

Just before I sign off I wanted to share an outfit from the weekend. The skinny cargo pants are fairly old and well worn however, I've dragged them out as I've noticed them creeping back in the shops lately. I was thinking I could really do with a new pair and boom, an email drops in my inbox from H&M...I think I'll be investing in these and possibly, the cream jumper...(you know the Topshop necklace would work..);

Out with the old...
In with the new...(with a metallic twist if I'm not mistaken)
That's it from me...the wardrobe isn't going to colour code itself.

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  1. Love this post! I'm the same for Cinders Sundays and had a wardrobe clearout last week! Love having a nose into others' organisational systems too :p toilet rolls = ingenious! Love your style, so glad you're blogging now, your writing style is so friendly and funny :) looking forward to reading xxx

    1. Thanks Sasha, love feedback (especially good stuff) from bloggers! Its all new to me and i'm trying to keep it real! I love other people wardrobes too, well being nosy full stop ;-)

      Thank you, Thank you!!!

      ( see I'm a novice, i commented and didn't reply!!)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The toilet roll idea is genius- am going to pinch it as soon as a roll comes free!

    1. Why thank you Mrs W, glad to be of service! x

  4. I thought I was the only storage geek! I keep my accessories in a draw in colour groups in clear zip lock bags! necklaces hang though, but yes still encounter tangles! Mmmm I sense a future feature coming on, I like nosing in other peoples wardrobes too!
    Keep up the good work


    1. Ohhh colour groups, zip locks bags... I like this A LOT!! Thanks Loraine x


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