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Oh Cripes...

Well, I have stalked fashion and lifestyle blogs for as long as I can remember and now, finally, in 2013, I've decided to have a little go at it myself.

When I say stalked, I really do mean it ( clicking "older posts" when I find a blogger I reaaaaaalllly like )... I love getting inspiration from others and adding my own twist. I don't think I'm a trend setter however, I wear a mix of High Street and Designer ( mainly the former due to budgetary constraints ) and try to add a modern edge in some form..

I hope you enjoy, bare with me whilst I get the hang of it.

Karen x


  1. Please help a hopeless case, aged 41, and no style what so ever. Budget is low and I have totally lost my way with it all. Trying to lose weight but feel a little chunky round the middle at the moment. An tips? x x x

    1. Hey! I'm sorry for the delay in responding to you - i saw your post notice on my email and have given it some thought ;-)
      I'm no guru honestly but what i'd do is gather together looks i like on others similar to you - for example i take photos of looks i like on my phone or screen print if i'm trawling the web. I then see a theme coming together and it allows me to be more focused when shopping so i don't waste money on stuff that i'm never going to wear. If i'm honest i'd spend money on the staple items like jeans, black trousers, shirts - stuff you'd wear everyday, the basics. I bargain shop more high fashion items - New Look, Primark, H&M - just make sure its a good quality ( as per my blog post last night and my Nan's scrunch test! )
      If you don't feel comfy with your middle, wear items that would draw the eye away from it - leopard print scarves are now/big chunky necklaces ( Primark necklaces are fab... ;-)
      The only thing i'd say is, make sure your clothes fit - ill fitting clothes can make you look bigger than you actually are and you might be thinking you are "chunky" when its just the bigger size thats not flattering your figure...I"m not sure of your figure, height etc but maybe don't wear colours that cut you in half, wear tones like navy trousers and blue tee a few tones lighter? Also, a good fitting blazer that sites on the hips as it will show off what you have.
      I really hope that this has helped a little, please let me know how you get on or drop me an email too! Go forth and own it ;-D x

  2. Love this blog... great minds starting a blog for the same reasons at the same point in our lives, we are like cyber twins! Debsx

    1. Thanks Debs/Cyber Twin! I love yours too! I am going to do a post about blogs and i'm gonna shout yours although, was also thinning of covering TBC too...Karen x


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