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No Pain, No Gain & TWO Shopping Trips...

Not sure how many of you were up at 6am this morning stuffing a protein bar and half a litre of water prior to hitting up a bootcamp...Honest feeling when the alarm went off was uggghhh (for one second thinking "I'd rather wear a baggy t-shirt over a bikini"..clearly this was the sleep deprivation talking, that is not the goal!).

Luckily that feeling passed quicker than 30 sits ups on a muddy bank (this did happen, 4 TIMES by the way!). At 6.50am (sharp, wouldn't dare rock up late) 20 or so of us from The Fitness Hub gathered in the dark on the Bristol Estuary coast and trained insane. We sprinted up hills, did press ups in the mud, burpees on the pavement (much to the dog walkers surprise), repeat ran the steps and generally got down and diiirrty (mud/gravel, nothing a 60* wash wouldn't sort..) During this time the sun rose and put his hat on, a beautiful day was beginning...(even though there was snot from nose to knee and now writing this, EVERY muscle in my body is screaming).

The day was now rolling so after a quick "fix up, look sharp" turnaround , it was out to JayGees salon for a hydrating facial (this weather messes with your skin - mine felt vile, likely caused by my need to have the heating on full whack and then running around in sub zero degrees) ... I took a decision a couple of years ago that it was time to step up the facial treatments. (Mainly psychological due to celebrating another birthday the wrong side of 30!) I ramped up the (lack of) intensity from once every 6 month facials to a more regular regime and bust out the big guns with Dermaquest facial treatments. There's a lot of good stuff to report on this product range and although I planned on covering it today, I've been shopping (twice), so guess what has taken priority on this blog...?! 

A Shopoholic's Saturday wouldn't be complete without a trip to the shops and after all, the sun still had his hat on... I'm all over building my spring/summer wardrobe, swooning over new stock in stores, trying not to peak too soon, my pulse practically doubled with the excitement... On arrival at Cabot Circus i already knew that new sunglasses were in order...(fessing up, I knew that this was the day no matter what, I was procuring them, sun or not)!! 

This took me direct to the David Clulow department in House of Fraser (with a couple of head turns as I passed the Mulberry concession) and it did not fail me, there they were, the beautiful Chanel new season aviators I'd lusted after since a cheeky try on at Christmas (I realise I'm not following the "Nan rules" here..). In my defence I didn't take the plunge lightly, I shopped around and my new glasses were £60(!!!!) cheaper here than other High Street establishments, the other reason for the stalled purchase was waiting for some vouchers I'd won to come through - with the vouchers and shopping about, the glasses cost me £27 (you do the math,not a tough decision to make)!

It'd be rude not to have a try on whilst waiting for them to bag up your new sunnies..;

2013 Tom Ford, Candice

2013 Tom Ford, Lana
These were a close second - 2013 Chanel 6038 with cultivated pearls no less oh and, the cat-eye shape of the season..!!!

Two apologies are owed at this point 1) Due to the facial, today has had to be a makeup free day and you've got numerous face pics, soz! 2) In all the excitement of choosing the case of my choice and signing the warranty, I ummm, didn't ahem, TAKE A PHOTO - HUGE BLOGGER FAIL!!! I have tried a couple of attempts since getting home but alas, the lighting doesn't do them any favours... you'll just have to check back soon when I guarantee they will make an appearance, until then, here is the beautiful box (just me that gets excited by this...?) and one of the glasses courtesy of Google images;

Thinking this was the days purchase done and dusted, I left town just £27 lighter and suitably smug! A quick catch up with a fab friend turned into a wardrobe review (hers) and a spontaneous shopping trip! The challenge, add colour into her grey/white/beige/black wardrobe... she wants the colour, its just taking the plunge to wear something different and fill the gaps - by the time we left she had a fab little capsule wardrobe and a load of inspiration to wear and rework what she had - Mission;Style, COMPLETE.

(Side note - high props to her beautiful 18 month old son who perfected 
shopping etiquette and responded well to a steady flow of attention and healthy treats)

How cute?! Hat from Next

Clearly, I still had a pulse so picked up a couple of little bits too from a super sized New Look..;

Loving the New Look changing rooms - Definitely, Maybe  hangers

The "Definitely" selection....Statement necklace and red shopper, £20 well spent!

All in all a long, yet fabulous day with some great buys for the start of the trans-seasonal wardrobe (so excited by the new lines landing in store)!

To sign off, I need to mention two wall posts on the Mission;Style Facebook page;
1) A reader who had been keeping up with my blog this week (week 1, it's only week 1 people) said that she had a "blog" inspired shopping trip and was braver than her usual shopping habits - RESULT!
2) A readers boyf thanking me for him having to spend his Saturday afternoon in Primark whilst she power shopped new buys!

What an impact, what a week. I'm overwhelmed.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend x


  1. So I am said 'fab friend' with the grey wardrobe and beautiful 18 month old son, I'll question the fab bit but take the compliment for my boy! As a mum that is still (emarassingly and lazily) carrying baby weight i have fallen out of love with shopping/clothes - enter Mission style stage left.... I am re energized after just a couple of hours with the powerhouse that is Karen, i am actually looking forward to getting dressed today (yes its 9.45 but it is a SUnday so perfectly acceptable right?) So in essence, this girly knows her shingle and is awesome in so many more ways than just shopping, but that's right up there!! Massive high five and big Mwah to my friend Missionstyle!!! Xx

    1. HAHAHA - Ceri, you are fab ( and a pleasure to shop with)!! Let me know which of the ensembles you go for! I'm gagging to get the New Look statement necklace on and currently reviewing wardrobe and building an outfit around it!
      Thank you so much for your very kind comments! Mwah back at ya' x

  2. **shizzle** not shingle...Damn predictive!!


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