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It Started With A Sandwich....

A couple of weeks ago whilst out at meetings, I popped into Tesco to pick up some lunch...I came out with an egg mayo on brown and this...;

Spontaneous changing room shot...
Buy the dress here.
I can't find the jacket online, it is definitely in store though!

In my excitement, I tweeted this pic and got some love back from Clothing at Tesco (F&F)!! 

Then... last week, I got an amazing email to tell me they had featured me on their blog, LifeStyled (*high-fives self*), followed by a lovely email from their PR team asking if I'd like to do a little bit of shopping, ON THEM!!! (Uhhhhh, YEAH!!). I set to work (scouring their website) and got a little click happy, ending up spending over my voucher value and a few pennies more...

A couple of days later the parcel (*truck backs up*) arrives with my haul...;

60's Fit & Flare Dress..;

Buy the dress here
Clutch - Topshop
Heels - Jimmy Choo
Necklace - H&M

Paisley Skirt..;

Blue paisley skirt, buy here
Shoulder bag - Michael Kors
Top - Topshop
Heels - Kurt Geiger
Cheesy grin - Mission;Style

Black Signature Gold Trim Dress..;

Dress with gold plate detail, buy here
Clutch - H&M
Heels - Valentino

Horizontal Stripe Skirt...;

Horizontal striped skirt, buy here
Blouse - see below
Heels - Rupert Sanderson

Sleeveless Blouse..;

Blouse with brooch, buy here

What do you think? How was my haul? 

PS.There's a maaahoosive sale online right NOW too!


Avenue 32 Competition...

I have been invited to share my ideal holiday destination with readers for a chance to win a pair of sunglasses from Avenue 32!!

In all honesty, this feels like it was bought to me by the sunglasses Gods as my Wayfarers met an untimely end last weekend...*sobs*

The Challenge;

  • Choose my ideal holiday destination..
  • Three specific locations/activities whilst I'm there..
  • (*the best bit*) The 3 outfits of choice for the above!!
The Holiday...

Well, this year I have had a couple of beach holidays so, my dream holiday of choice has to be NEW YORK!!

The Activities...

1) Whilst in New York..., SHOPPING!!;

Sunglasses - Prism Pink New York Sunglasses, buy here
Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim Cobolt leather Pashli Satchel, buy here
Jeans - Current/Elliot Destroyed Stiletto Jeans, buy here
Top - Carven Orange Bamboo Top, buy here
Shoes - 3.1 Phillip Lim Gold Quinn Loafers, buy here
Bracelet - Bex Rox Friendship Bracelet, buy here

2) Attending and sitting comfortably on the F.R.O.W. at NY Fashion Week...(C'mon, this is my dream, right..)..;

Sunglasses - Oliver Peoples Black Jacey Cat-Eye, buy here
Blouse - Giles White Polka Dot Silk Blouse, buy here
Skirt - Etienne Deroeux Red Plisse Leather Skirt, buy here
Bag - Nina Peter Neon Orange Python Box Bag, buy here
Sandals - Bionda Castana, buy here
Necklace - Sarah Chloe Gold Mini Mia Pendant with choice engraving, buy here

3) Rooftop pool bar...sipping cocktails..;

Sunglasses - Mosley Tribes Yellow Bryson Sun, buy here
Swimsuit - Marianna G White bandeau Seychelles Swimsuit, buy here
Shopper - A.P.C Natural Leather Tote Bag, buy here
Sandals - Ancient Greek Sandals, buy here
Trousers - Samuji Printed Cotton Penguin Trousers, buy here
Necklace - Anndra Neen Tone Tone Triangle Necklace, buy here

Soooo, what do you think of my outfit pics?! 

I've really enjoyed doing this, the thing is... I now want to go to New York... with these outfits!!! 


Festival Season...

The lack of posts over the last few days has been because I've been doing the 'festival' thing... I know, even writing this I still question that I really did do it...In fact, it was my second festival, the first being the same one last year!!

The festival was Rewind, an 80's themed affair that hosted 40,000 of us in Henley On Thames.

Maaaarssshmalllloooow Man!

The line up featured acts such as The Pointer Sisters, Billy Ocean, Belinda Carlise, The Sugar Hill Gang (my favourite) and loads more!

I'm known (like most I'm guessing) for reallllly appreciating my home comforts...A bed that doesn't deflate over night, a toilet that doesn't look like it was the sole source of the plague, shelter from the elements and access to my wardrobe should the weather change the style plans!! Typically the weather looked shocking on the day we travelled but, cleared up and apart from a couple of hours on the Saturday, it stayed dry. That said, I still packed for every eventuality...I packed footwear from Hunters to flip flops but, figured denim shorts were going to be the staple item!!

As the whole festival thing isn't regular for me and (let's be honest), a little out of my everyday style comfort zone, I packed utilising old faithfuls from the wardrobe..;

Day 1..

Arriving, queueing, hauling the contents of the car to the middle of a field, putting the tent (think 6 berth with carpets) up etc etc...

Tents up, suns out!

An outfit change for the 1st night!!

There aren't any stage acts on on the first night of Rewind however, the Silent Disco and Karaoke Stages (with your own live band) are a must!!

Day 2...

Saturday started sunny and luckily for us as we (in a none hard core festival go-ers way) had a 2 hour outdoor spa session booked!!! Hot tubs, sauna and clean/hot showers!!

In another pair of trusty denim shorts (prior to the dramatic temperature drop!)

Another outfit change and just hanging with a Storm Trooper...

Getting our dance ON!!
 Day 3...

The 3rd pair of denim shorts...

Of course I shopped...Flower halo from one of the many stalls!

My 'festival style' was all about layering and keeping it basic however, there were so many others who rose to the occasion and worked fancy dress for the weekend... I queued for drinks with Zippy and Bungle, sat next to BA from the A-Team, saw no end of the Top Gun crew, knocked into a Rubik cube or 10 and lost count of the leg warmers and neon clad outfits!! Here's two of my favourite group fancy dress efforts..;

Hi-De-Hi Campers!

These girls were a riot not to mention, rocked a variety of neon patterned leggings!

There were TWO purchases I made months before the event...1) Worth EVERY penny, my 'posh toilet' wristband!!! There is NO WAY I could face the 'regular' facilities, £25 bought me the use of 'When Nature Calls' for the whole weekend and is basically, the only reason I can festival..; 30 odd luxury toilets, cleaned after every use, fully equipped with sink, hand wash, mirror and the other essentials!! 

When Nature Calls - Posh Lavs!

...2) A TurboCharger from Proporta...Last year I paid a ridiculous amount to get my phone charged which, also meant I didn't have my phone for a few hours...(*feels faint*)..This year I invested in the TurboCharger, I charged it up via my Mac the night before and it supported my phone all weekend!! (Middle Class Problems., Solved!). You can buy one here and if you put MISSIONSTYLE in at the checkout you can get 20% off!!! You.Are.Welcome.

A massive thanks to Jay who puts the fabulous 5* tent over our heads and helps keep us in food and then to the rest of the amazing group for such an amazing weekend!!

Do you festival? What are your style rules?


Valentino Rockstuds...Oh Yes I Did...

Saturday morning started like most others; Dragged my lazy ass out of bed, hit the road for a run, went shopping...'Thing is, I didn't leave the house for this little bit of retail therapy...

Following my last post featuring my Accessories Lust List (which had been growing for some time), I couldn't shake one (OK, maybe more) particular item from my head...I had been hunting the usual outlets for a while and after some serious trawling, finally found my size in an upmarket department store and 'checked out'!!! I literally danced around the kitchen!!

That was until Sunday when I got an email to say "Due to popular demand this item was now OUT OF STOCK!!!" 

As my bottom lip quivered, I resolved not to be beaten and Taaa Daaaaa, MISSION;STYLE complete!!!

Skip forward a day and..;

It was LOVE at first sight!

A quick 'after work' style...They literally go with EVERYTHING!


I realise that the Valentino Rockstuds are a serious splurge, I really do so, if anyone is interested in a kidney/any major organ/limb just drop me a note...

These shoes are sold out in most colours in the UK, I bought these from Luisaviaroma. The delivery was 24 hours and FREE! 

Please promise you'll never get bored of seeing these, they will feature here regularly! 


Accessories Lust List...

Just in case anyone thinks all I do is shop, lunch, shop, go to fash events, shop..*repeat to fade*,  I need to put a few things into perspective...It's Friday night, for the last 2 hours I've been tackling the ironing pile that would give Mount Everest a run for it's money... It explains why I couldn't find stuff...It gets better, I'm painting my garden fence tomorrow...*sighs*...

I've made a break for freedom from the endless chores to bring my accessories lust list which, has NOTHING to do with the fact that it's my birthday next month...

For the neck..;

Another AMAZING statement necklace from Zara - buy here.

Dress up, dress down - River Island, buy here.

Heavy weight in AW tones - Topshop, buy here.

Opaque colour burst - Warehouse, buy here.

Johnnie Loves Rosie neon - ASOS, buy here.

Put a ring on it..;

Sphere ring - & other Stories, buy here.

Sphere ring - & other Stories...for when I'm wearing here.

Oscar De La Renta - Net-a-Porter, buy here.
Bag it...;

This Michael Kors clutch would get sooo much use - Net-a-Porter, buy here.

The perfect everyday Marc Jacobs shoulder bag - The Outnet, buy here.

In keeping with my obsession with messenger bags (worn on the shoulder) - Zara, buy here.

Belt up...;

I've lived in my ASOS metal belt, this smacks the perfect replacement metal waist belt - Warehouse, buy here.

For the wrist...;

What more could you need...Valentino cuff from Net-a-Porter, buy here.

I love the colour and how different this Isabel Marant bangle is - Net-a-Porter, buy here.

Fierce feet...;

If these shoes were food, they'd be fattening!!! Valentino Rockstud Pumps - Harrods, buy here.

I've had these on (kinda') already...they come very small but I realllllly like them - Zara, buy here.

Soooo, whaddya' think, any of these on your lust list? Have you beat me to it and got any of them?!


12 Months of WIWT, Today...

On the 4th August 2012 I made (what I considered) a very ballsy move, I joined WIWT and uploaded my first 'outfit'..

I appreciate that to some this probably doesn't seem like a big deal, for me, 12 months ago, it was pretty scary... The thing is, I had been through a fairly crappy patch (bare with me, this IS.NOT a sob story akin to a X Factor tear jerker) and although I've always been a confident person, I had always massively lacked self confidence...

I couldn't believe it when I got my first 'star'... Basically, you give a star to the looks you love and this meant (unless it was a sympathy star), someone actually liked what I was wearing!!! A 'star' also gets you kudos points and trust me, each any everyone of these is appreciated! 12 months on, 309 users follow ME (?!), 1.9million in kudos (if only they were quids!!) and *pinches self*, being a top trending user for the last 8-9 months!!! 

WIWT is part of my daily routine, this means uploading an outfit EVERYDAY for the world to see...It's something I do for me, which makes me focus on me, for a few minutes everyday...The upside is that you also get fash inspiration from others, AKA Style Stalking!!

Uploading to WIWT has also given me the confidence and inspiration to blog...Who'd have thought 12 months ago that I'd be sat here writing my own blog, posting outfits on Instagram, meeting fabulous new people and attending fashion events??!!

Here's a selection of the 'popular' outfits over the last 12 months, starting today's 1st Anniversary outfit;

WIW Outfit #365!

WIWT meant busting out my new H&M neck gear for the occasion...

WIW 1st anniversary detail..

WIW to the Fashion Bloodhound Showcase...

WIW to my company's Annual Sales & Marketing Conference...

WIW for the F&F Style Challenge...Prints.

WIW when I became a little obsessed with jumpsuits..

WIW to work when the temperatures went sub zero..

WIW to my first blogging event in Bristol...

WIW on my jollies in Cancun earlier this year...

WIW when it got warm enough to drop the 60 deniers...

WIW when I could get back in my floral trews...

WIW when the theme went 60's...

WIW when it was just a plain ol' Saturday hitting the shops...

WIW when I met Liberty London Girl...

WIW on holiday for posh eats...

WIW when I met Lydia Bright of TOWIE fame...

WIW for the work Crimbo party...

WIW when I fell in love with the skort
Image from when Poppy (founder of WIWT) featured this look in her looks of the week on MSNHer...

So there you have it, a year of #selfies...

A massive THANK YOU to Poppy of WIWT fame for creating the platform that brings me here today!!


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