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12 Months of WIWT, Today...

On the 4th August 2012 I made (what I considered) a very ballsy move, I joined WIWT and uploaded my first 'outfit'..

I appreciate that to some this probably doesn't seem like a big deal, for me, 12 months ago, it was pretty scary... The thing is, I had been through a fairly crappy patch (bare with me, this IS.NOT a sob story akin to a X Factor tear jerker) and although I've always been a confident person, I had always massively lacked self confidence...

I couldn't believe it when I got my first 'star'... Basically, you give a star to the looks you love and this meant (unless it was a sympathy star), someone actually liked what I was wearing!!! A 'star' also gets you kudos points and trust me, each any everyone of these is appreciated! 12 months on, 309 users follow ME (?!), 1.9million in kudos (if only they were quids!!) and *pinches self*, being a top trending user for the last 8-9 months!!! 

WIWT is part of my daily routine, this means uploading an outfit EVERYDAY for the world to see...It's something I do for me, which makes me focus on me, for a few minutes everyday...The upside is that you also get fash inspiration from others, AKA Style Stalking!!

Uploading to WIWT has also given me the confidence and inspiration to blog...Who'd have thought 12 months ago that I'd be sat here writing my own blog, posting outfits on Instagram, meeting fabulous new people and attending fashion events??!!

Here's a selection of the 'popular' outfits over the last 12 months, starting today's 1st Anniversary outfit;

WIW Outfit #365!

WIWT meant busting out my new H&M neck gear for the occasion...

WIW 1st anniversary detail..

WIW to the Fashion Bloodhound Showcase...

WIW to my company's Annual Sales & Marketing Conference...

WIW for the F&F Style Challenge...Prints.

WIW when I became a little obsessed with jumpsuits..

WIW to work when the temperatures went sub zero..

WIW to my first blogging event in Bristol...

WIW on my jollies in Cancun earlier this year...

WIW when it got warm enough to drop the 60 deniers...

WIW when I could get back in my floral trews...

WIW when the theme went 60's...

WIW when it was just a plain ol' Saturday hitting the shops...

WIW when I met Liberty London Girl...

WIW on holiday for posh eats...

WIW when I met Lydia Bright of TOWIE fame...

WIW for the work Crimbo party...

WIW when I fell in love with the skort
Image from when Poppy (founder of WIWT) featured this look in her looks of the week on MSNHer...

So there you have it, a year of #selfies...

A massive THANK YOU to Poppy of WIWT fame for creating the platform that brings me here today!!



  1. Hi Karen, I'm new to your site after finding it google searching the topshop neon animal tunic...I'm not a blogger, just really love your style.... In fact, I'm struggling to even work out how to add a profile pic! I now keep a keen eye on your blogs and love to see the different ways to put an outfit together. Can I ask where you bought your ripped jeans in the top pick with the black vest? Thanks, and please don't ever stop this blog...! Michelle Wheeler

    1. Hi Michelle!!

      Welcome aboard and thank you so much!! : D

      I seem to get quite a few links from that fab Topshop dress!!

      The jeans are from New Look, they are the boy for ones... I picked them up a couple of weeks ago in the sale for £8!!! They are fairly true to size too if you are looking online!!

      Thanks for reading


    2. Thanks for the quick response. Limited sizes online but I'll hunt high and low in store!

      Thanks again x

    3. You are welcome!!! Good luck, I hope you get them!!


  2. God yes! Ditto!

    Posting that first piccie was sooooo terrifying- it deffo takes a lorra lorra guts. (Sounds lame but it's true!) I just lurked for weeks at first :)

    I still can't believe anyone ever gave me a star- and now I'm too scared to come back just in case they don't ever again...eeeek!

    Same for me vis-a-vis Poppy- without her I wouldn't have become a blogger either- she's such a ledge :)

    Lovely to see all your outfits back-to-back...good work Mrs Mish :)


    1. It is!!! I have been thinking about having a bash at uploading on to LOOK...It appears that I have to do it through my own Facebook account though and I'm not up for that!!

      Pleeeeease come back!!! You'll get a tonne of stars, everyone would love to start stalking you again!

      Thanks beautiful!! x

  3. You always look amazing Karen - and I get lots of inspiration from you!! Good for you girl - keep going! xx

  4. Another fab post as always- can't believe you've only been on WIWT for a year - feels like I've been following (stalking) you forever - highlight of my day is checking out your latest outfits- you can prob tell from my pics you have defo influenced my style. I agree it was very scary uploading those first pix letting the world rate what you're wearing - but getting those stars is still such a buzz. X

    1. Hahaha!!!

      Thank you, that's really kind of you!!! You are looking fab sweet and I'm flattered but you're the one wearing it and putting it together!!


  5. Jeans ordered, woop woop! Loving the WIWT website but am I right in thinking it doesn't describe where you bought the clothes like your blog does? Just checking in case I didn't click somewhere I should have! x

    1. YYYEEEESSSSSS!!! I'm so pleased for you! That's kinda where the name Mission;Style came from, hunting down and changing myself!!

      When you upload outfits to WIWT you are meant to tag them to say where they are from... I'm bad at this as I just keep pressing next on the app and before I know it it's uploaded!!! If its any of mine, feel free to ask... Actually, if you comment on anyone's they'll usually reply, they're such a lovely bunch! If you're looking on the web, click on the outfit from the main page and it may show the tags on the right hand side...

      I'm waffling, I've had a couple of sherries..(large wines)...


  6. I'd never heard of WIWT before, thank-you so much for writing this post. I've just joined the site! After a break from blogging I really want to get back out there as much as possible.

    Love your blog, your style is flawless!

    1. Well you are very welcome Jamie and THANK YOU!!! (not sure you'd think flawless right now...think leggings and a hoody!!)

      WIWT is a great feed to your blog and you get to meet loads of lovely cash types too!!


  7. Great works Karen! LOVE your style! x


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