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Festival Season...

The lack of posts over the last few days has been because I've been doing the 'festival' thing... I know, even writing this I still question that I really did do it...In fact, it was my second festival, the first being the same one last year!!

The festival was Rewind, an 80's themed affair that hosted 40,000 of us in Henley On Thames.

Maaaarssshmalllloooow Man!

The line up featured acts such as The Pointer Sisters, Billy Ocean, Belinda Carlise, The Sugar Hill Gang (my favourite) and loads more!

I'm known (like most I'm guessing) for reallllly appreciating my home comforts...A bed that doesn't deflate over night, a toilet that doesn't look like it was the sole source of the plague, shelter from the elements and access to my wardrobe should the weather change the style plans!! Typically the weather looked shocking on the day we travelled but, cleared up and apart from a couple of hours on the Saturday, it stayed dry. That said, I still packed for every eventuality...I packed footwear from Hunters to flip flops but, figured denim shorts were going to be the staple item!!

As the whole festival thing isn't regular for me and (let's be honest), a little out of my everyday style comfort zone, I packed utilising old faithfuls from the wardrobe..;

Day 1..

Arriving, queueing, hauling the contents of the car to the middle of a field, putting the tent (think 6 berth with carpets) up etc etc...

Tents up, suns out!

An outfit change for the 1st night!!

There aren't any stage acts on on the first night of Rewind however, the Silent Disco and Karaoke Stages (with your own live band) are a must!!

Day 2...

Saturday started sunny and luckily for us as we (in a none hard core festival go-ers way) had a 2 hour outdoor spa session booked!!! Hot tubs, sauna and clean/hot showers!!

In another pair of trusty denim shorts (prior to the dramatic temperature drop!)

Another outfit change and just hanging with a Storm Trooper...

Getting our dance ON!!
 Day 3...

The 3rd pair of denim shorts...

Of course I shopped...Flower halo from one of the many stalls!

My 'festival style' was all about layering and keeping it basic however, there were so many others who rose to the occasion and worked fancy dress for the weekend... I queued for drinks with Zippy and Bungle, sat next to BA from the A-Team, saw no end of the Top Gun crew, knocked into a Rubik cube or 10 and lost count of the leg warmers and neon clad outfits!! Here's two of my favourite group fancy dress efforts..;

Hi-De-Hi Campers!

These girls were a riot not to mention, rocked a variety of neon patterned leggings!

There were TWO purchases I made months before the event...1) Worth EVERY penny, my 'posh toilet' wristband!!! There is NO WAY I could face the 'regular' facilities, £25 bought me the use of 'When Nature Calls' for the whole weekend and is basically, the only reason I can festival..; 30 odd luxury toilets, cleaned after every use, fully equipped with sink, hand wash, mirror and the other essentials!! 

When Nature Calls - Posh Lavs!

...2) A TurboCharger from Proporta...Last year I paid a ridiculous amount to get my phone charged which, also meant I didn't have my phone for a few hours...(*feels faint*)..This year I invested in the TurboCharger, I charged it up via my Mac the night before and it supported my phone all weekend!! (Middle Class Problems., Solved!). You can buy one here and if you put MISSIONSTYLE in at the checkout you can get 20% off!!! You.Are.Welcome.

A massive thanks to Jay who puts the fabulous 5* tent over our heads and helps keep us in food and then to the rest of the amazing group for such an amazing weekend!!

Do you festival? What are your style rules?



  1. I'm a bit like u Karen, and have only starting doing festivals recently, I'm not a clean freak or anything but love my comforts. That toilet pass thing is amazing I would prob pay £100 for it!! Great choices on the outfits, I get so stressed in these situations as I hate being cold and or wet!

    1. Oh no, we are so the same!!! If it'd rained all weekend I'd have been ruined!! Thank you x


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