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A Day Off In The Week...

The last few weeks have been fairly full on and like I mentioned in my last post, I desperately needed my roots doing (looked like I'd got a reverse dip dye!) so, today was the day...It just so happened my mum was also booked in the same salon with the appointment before mine, RESULT!!! ... 1) The perfect excuse to meet up beforehand, 2) A possible hair dye drought is imminent now we're done!!

We both go to Nicky Clarke in Birmingham..It's a half hour train ride for my mum and a hour and a half drive for me, crazy yeah, worth it, DEFINITELY!!

We met in The Bull Ring early doors, breakfasted and then hit the shops..I absolutely love shopping with my mum, she has great taste, a good eye for things and is the funniest person I know (not always intentionally either) so, always muchos fun..;

She know's what she likes and it's not this in Topshop!

I really like Topshop at The Bull Ring and although I tried on several things actually, didn't make a purchase (one didn't want to peak too soon, it was the first shop)... I very nearly bought this jacket, it got the thumbs up from my mum too..;

Crepe Notch Jacket

I think my hesitation came from it not being a "fitted" jacket (see, I stick to my "safe" items too sometimes) however, I loved the colour and cut none the less...kinda' already thinking I may get it. You can buy here for £55.

Next stop, ZARA!! WOW, I wanted everything in there and then some!!! This is what I purchased (mainly because of my mum!) ..;

Soz about the picture quality..

The coat, lightweight wool (feel) coat perfect for the Winter/Spring transition and chosen by you know who (I will be forwarding my credit card bill to her!).. I wasn't 100% sure at first but, after getting it home and realising I can create a "tonal" outfit with last years Topshop trousers, it's a keeper..Obvs, it's not a one outfit wonder coat...I'm thinking patterned pants, jeans and all my standard black work clothes!! You can buy the coat on line here. I appreciate it's a super crappy shot of the shoes, they were from Next (!!) last year, about £30 and are snake skin with orange shades in the heel - love them!

I also bought some white skinny jeans that, now home and tried on in another light, I'm not so sure about for reasons of a pornographic nature...length wise great as they finish just above the ankle (probably 3/4 length on most people).., fabric wise, I'm thinking they are see-through..that, or they have used very thick fabric for the front pockets..the jury is out on those. 

Back to it, I also bought the following..;

Beetlejuice Pants!!

I have had a phobia about the whole striped pants look, mainly due to the Beetlejuice mindset in my head.. I saw them, tried on and actually really rather liked...They are loose fitting, slightly tailored and also have a feature elasticated waist..I really want to get an orange/bright pink crop top (who'd have thought I'd say that in my 30's).. or even a high neck cut away top but ran out of time...I feel they do scream out for colour..

Picture 1 - I picked this jacket up in the H&M sale at Christmas for about £15 and yeah, that's the over featured ASOS shoes ( what an amazing buy they've been!!)
Picture 2 - This is the fitted French Connection blazer a picked up a couple of weeks ago (buy here) and the River Island lime green bag (buy here).

What do you think...? 

This dress was bought with my pending holiday in mind..I did take a photo of me in it when I got home however, either I've shrunk on the way home (doubtful as I had 2 Malteser bunnies on the drive back) or, I was a size bigger in the changing rooms!! It's too big, going back and will be replaced with a smaller, better fitting one..;

It'd absolutely look better with a tan!

You can buy the dress here..I'm going to add aqua bold accessories and strappy heels!

The last outfit (I know, I was a girl on a mission..) was this from H&M...;

Again, the photo doesn't do it any favours..

The top is a heavy fabric peplum cut which feels really good (the fabric weight is restricting in a good way), I really like the arm length too...quite flattering by all accounts! The skirt is a boucle finish in shades of green with a silver sheen to it. It's high waisted and perfectly fitted! This is a work outfit...this is me pushing the black trouser boundaries!! I've tried to find both on line but, no joy my lovelies..

If the Chancellor wants to get in touch, tweet me sweet cheeks, I know I've done my bit today and there's more where that's coming from based on all the gorgeous stuff around...perhaps we could also talk about my tax code too, just a thought..@missionstyleuk 

I hope you've enjoyed my "day off"...


A Big Weekend...

Since starting blogging 5 weeks ago (what an incredible 5 weeks by the way), I have tried to get a "posting schedule" in place..loosely, but still, I've tried... 

Today's post isn't as heavily fashion based as usual, but a little for now, to be honest, this past weekend threw any chance of planning/blog writing out the window completely, mainly because it's been pretty full on...I always knew that this was going to be the case and as I've said before, planning the outfit has to happen because I don't have the time (or the patience) to be arsing around 5 minutes before I go out...actually on top of this, I have A LOT of clothes and it can be overwhelming/confusing and you end up wearing the same old stuff (which will never do! *jokes*) If you haven't read it, click here for an introduction on how I plan my clothes for occasions...There's a whole lot more to tell you too, I'll "schedule" it, I promise!

Weekend Re-Cap..;

Friday night.. 
Those that know me know I don't EVER commit to plans on a Friday night, I'm usually wiped out from the week and just wanna' bang my PJ's on and stare at the TV (reconfirming I'm comfortably in my 30's)....This Friday was an absolute one off as it was a leaving do.. thing is, I didn't really know anyone and it was in a "social hall"...My friend's boyf knocked my door and as I answered, quaffed and ready with a new layer of YSL red lips, he delivered his opening statement.."You are overdressed.." OUCH!!! A few years ago, this type of line would have shocked me to panic status but now, I figured I'd go, hold my head high (as you can at my height) and let those who felt under dressed regret their choice..(reverse psychology...?!)

OK, I took this a couple of weeks ago (yeah, I've worn it twice!!) so this shot is minus the YSL lips! 

The suit jacket (you must be getting bored of by now) was from Topshop last year, the leopard print shoes from Dune (possibly a couple of years old in fact and very similar to the latest Gucci ones, RESULT!!). The jeans were bought late last year from Zara and finally the shirt, new a couple of weeks ago from ASOS. On the's ASOS own label and amazing fabric.. it's got a double collar and gathered detail at the back. You can buy it here for just £25!

To summarise on the evening, the large bucket(s) of the only red wine they sold at the bar took the edge off it feeling like I was sat in The Phoenix Club...(those not appreciating the reference.. It was baaaad!)

6 Nations Rugby Day at Twickenham, I was awarded this for a kick ass performance at work (go me, read here!!!) It was up and out early doors to get to Richmond to meet colleagues for a couple of warm-up drinks at lunchtime ...What I hadn't planned for was the sub zero bloody temperatures that struck us again... (and the fact that when I did put my "well prepared" outfit together, I had expanded and couldn't get the jeans done up..???) 

The emergency outfit of choice...;

Comfort and warmth...I barely recognise myself sometimes..

The pants, they will be the new Primark ones from last weekends little trip (read here)..The coat, very old (borderline vintage!) from Topshop, the boots are my trusty Topshop ones (buy here) and the jumper is one of my favourite buys, also from Topshop but I can't find on line now...Soz!

There was a theme to the day...Drinks, cab to the stadium, warmly welcomed by Corporate Hospitality (with drinks), ate a fab 4 course meal (washed down with a drink or two..), watched the game, half time drinks, watched the rest of the game, WON the game (sorry French readers..), after games drinks..back to Richmond, a few drinks to finish the day off..(there would be no chance of getting them jeans done up by this point anyway!)

I think I may have had a bad steak or maybe the bread was off...I definitely felt a little unwell when I woke up on Sunday..Typically, the hotel room was hotter than the sun and my bottle of water was out of reach..(pathetic, I know)...After getting home, I pushed my sorry ass out the door to hit the road for a 5k run...usually this wouldn't be my first choice based on the previous days activities however, I had lovely friends birthday to go to celebrate and had to get my shizzle together...*signs*..Why do all social events happen at the same time??!!

Anyhoo, I had every intention of posting my outfit (maybe not the face though)  and then the birthday girl walked in looking gorgeous and after I'd asked her where EVERY item she was wearing was from, I begged her to let me post her outfit..;

Love this!!!

  • Denim shirt - Zara, available here
  • Quilted Leather jacket - Zara, last year (gutted, it's exactly what I want right now!)
  • Full skirt with black pleather feature waistband - Zara, available here
  • Mulberry Bayswater and inside the new matching purse!
  • Shoeboots - New Look, last year

The weekend round up has worn me out...I have so many amazing finds to showcase and I'm nearly out of time..I'm hoping tomorrow's hotel has WiFi, I have a huge update coming... To keep your stylish hearts racing, here's a couple of bit's I'm eyeing up for my DAY OFF on Thursday...

Yeah, a random day off in the week mainly to get my roots done..I look like I've had a reverse dip dye right now and it needs fixing! My hairdressers is conveniently located by The Bullring in Birmingham so I will make good use of the trip up there to visit the shops!

On my list..;

It's no secret how much I love a statement necklace.. £24.99 H&M - totally transforms this plain black dress..just add heels or flat sandals..

My bestie's WIWT outfit yesterday.. all new, all Topshop!

There is nothing I don't love about this whole outfit my best bud, Andrea, is wearing..The whole lot is from Topshop.. the lace top is so wearable and now, just add battered jeans/leather skirt/maxi skirt/shorts..I WANT ONE! I love everything about what my girl has done here...Massive fan of the shoes too, they'd get some serious wear!!

What's on your hit list...?

Until next time..

Flashback Fashion...

It's been a crazy week and although I can't believe it's really truly Friday, I have got to say I'm glad to see it! Fear not, I've still managed to squeeze time into researching and reviewing what's new and some super styling that's been going on at New York and London Fashion Weeks..

You've gotta' love it when a trend rears its head again and you can potentially furnish it from your wardrobe archives...(this means the vacuum packed bags I hide away at the top). This does come with it's frustrations when you know you have something, exactly the item and even the feel and you can't sodding find this case, some amazing wide legged jeans from Banana Republic which are still missing in action!

The look I'm keen to work on, the 70's vibe!! From the family vault, I bring you this beauty..;

Late 70's family pic..That'll be me, babes in arm..

Seriously though, there are a couple of trends that I'm loving right now..;

  • Block colour - even if you do swerve towards black and white, all you need to do is invest in some colour blocks and voila, fashionista!
  • Flares - OK, not for everyone and need to be worn in the right way to pull off the look.. this doesn't mean with Timberlands and a hoody, this is elegance and femininity..
These are some of the images from said NY and LFW that have given me some inspiration for my next shopping trip..;

I'd wear all of this.. given the budget and the leg length!

All three of the pictures above I heart more than the fact it's Friday (honestly) ..I'm not sure I could pull off the "Yetty" in the middle picture but, I'd give it a good go!! I love the use of colour in these images and although I'd stand out in the queue at Waitrose, I'm prepared to give it a bash!

I want to be her...

Major crush on this whole ensemble..(obvs including the handsome chap too)..Yeah it's all black but, it's perfect..the floppy hat (I need to get me one), the bag (understated yet, just so), the cuff (why don't I have one?), the glasses that scream elegance oh and the clothes themselves... 

I'm not entirely sure at my height (5 foot 1" on a big hair day), that I can pull off the whole wide leg trouser look, maybe if they are properly balanced with the right jacket and it's minimal then maybe. I fear I'll get my heel caught in the power turn ups resulting in a hop, stumble and STACK IT..not so elegant..

Sooo, back to rooting through my vacuum packed bags of clothes from yesteryear... maybe I can call them vintage.. (when can you class clothes as vintage?? Sounds way cooler than saying it's five years old..).

Today I wore this in preparation for tonight's post...;

Recycling Fashion - Would the masses think I'm wearing "bootcut"..?!?

The jeans are definitely flares..I have decided this because they pretty much cover my feet (not hard being a size 3) and, they go out from just below the knee...They are 5+ years old (vintage?!) so feeling pretty smug they still fit, that said, it's going to take some getting used to as I'm a skinny jeans kinda' gal..
The top, again newly classed as vintage was from French Connection.. it's cape like swing effect gives it the 70's vibe I think..

I have thrown together (literally due to time constraints) a couple of other looks for your perusal..;

Everyday and dressed up a bit...The stance not intentionally matching, the best of the ones I took.

I realise I'm not hitting the full on wide leg look I'm swooning over or even, popping the colour... It's a start without any investment..

What do you think...? Have you made the leap from skinny to flare? Have you been bold enough to go colourful and wide legged..?

Enjoy your Friday.

Patterned Pants...

A few years ago, if someone would have said to me I'd be wearing anything a part from my trusty blue/black/white jeans for normal "everyday" wear I'd have thought they had a recreational drug habit.. Of course, I dressed the jeans up and down but looking back on it, there was little (practically none) variation... maybe a different pair of earrings or if I was feeling practically crazy, an arm full of bangles..

Following on from my "One Shop Sunday", I was smugly/neatly putting my new Primark patterned pants away (in colour order of course) when it dawned on me that I have SEVERAL pairs of said patterned pants and that in fact, I'm completely drawn to them and already thinking about the next pair and what for...

Again, I have dug deep into the WIWT today archives and am bringing you a selection of said pants..(be clear here people, pants=trousers, not my underwear...I'm not a sicko and it is not that sort of blog..) ;

The £5 Primark trousers - even just these 4 wears above make them £1.25 a wear (I have more than that down the back of the sofa)..!!

My first pair... It's fair to say I'm attached to them in a big way... 
1) Because they were £5...
2) I have had numerous wears out of them (and no end of compliments which always helps) ...and 
3) Because I had to actually sew myself in to them when the seam on the thigh separated itself from the other half of the leg as I was getting out of the car at a friends house...I sewed myself in, got on with my night and went back and got another pair the next day! Oh and credit where credit is due, I first saw these on a girl on WIWT... I knew they had to be mine the moment I saw them..(see, we all get style inspiration from others..)

They are all soooo different ...see...variation, not an obsession, right..?

Picture on the left - these were from Zara last summer and definitely a casj pair, although worked with a peep toe heeled shoe boot. They were way too long (of course), nothing a few strips of wonder web couldn't handle.. 

Picture in the middle - I have featured these before in a previous post, they were from Reiss and after double checking they aren't showing on their website now however, there may be some in store, they are called "Smith".. I know they are around as a friend managed to pick some up just a couple of days ago!

Picture on the right - These were from Topshop last summer...I broke boundaries with these (in my world)..Mainly due to the colour... Like I said, only a few years ago, I was in a blue/black/white jeans rut!!

Spot the "re-style" of a previous pair...

Picture on the left - Yep, these are the Topshop ones from last summer..I wore them in the winter with boots, a black jumper and (standard) blazer..

Picture in the middle - These were also Zara last year.. it isn't clear from the picture but they have sequin print all over them...I wore this outfit at the weekend... These ones have an elasticated waist (thank God they are on trend right now) and will likely end up as a beach cover-up this year... SIDE NOTE - Does anyone else "downgrade" older stuff to beach clothes..?

Picture on the right - I've featured these ones in previous posts too (here and heeeerrre), they are from Topshop and you can get them on line here, oh and, they also do them with a yellow base colour as opposed to the navy I have..(hmmm, I do want something yellow, so much so, I have typed yellow in the ASOS search engine...)

The dodge camera angle purely to show the patterned work pants..

So as I took the steps to stretch my wardrobe from various colour jeans and then patterned pants for playtime, I have (kinda) pushed the trend into my work threads..(well kinda, one pair for now, it's still got to resemble corporate wear)..These were from Next before Christmas and not available now however, I have found these on their website, which I LOVE! ;

£38...these would work with heels, flats and bold colours..available in petite (result) and long..

Prints were fairly huge at LFW this year..(along with so many other beautiful trends that have sent my AMEX into meltdown..).. I've done a little bit of on line trawling today based on patterned pants and so far, these are my favourites on the High Street..;

All 3 pairs are from Topshop, the pair on the right are down to £25 and would work for summer and winter! Buy here and here..

Both of these are Topshop too..I love the ones on the left and at first was not at all convinced with the ones on the right..(It could be a childhood flashback) However, I saw someone wearing them at LFW and styled with a 70's vibe they looked A.MAZING!! Buy here..

These lovely 3 are from Zara... the fact that they are tailored and cropped works in my petite framed favour! The striped ones on the right could even tempt me into that trend...all other pairs I've seen are a little bit too "Beetlejuice" for me..Buy here..

Finally (and because I love them and had great feedback on them, I can not neglect a pair I featured in this post), don't you be forgetting these..; 

I predict a stampede people, sharpen your elbows and get to Primark!

On LFW - I'm not ignoring it, far from it...I have spent every spare minute stalking the cool kidz and their torrent of fashion feeds...I've seen so many beautiful pieces on the catwalks and through various street style pictures it's insane..To be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure around the legalities of using photos from there so I'm playing it safe and I'll just be featuring looks based on the wearable stuff...(as in, we don't wear wire tray hats to work... very unpractical and surely would be "hand wash only" so a real ball ache all told..) 

Have you got a similar obsession with "patterned pants"...Do you wear them..? 

Get involved! 


One Shop Sunday...

I fully intended on blogging yesterday... the plan was; Bootcamp, home, shower, breakfast, shops, home, blog about a successful shopping trip, get ready, drive to Newbury, celebrate friends significant birthday etc etc... That absolutely didn't happen.. it went more like..; Bootcamp, home, take an hour to muster up energy to get into shower, half hearted brekkie, 3 hour power nap, feel mentally and physically exhausted, stay on sofa watching The Good Wife (season 1, highly recommend if you haven't..), Chinese for tea, bed...LIV.ING THE DREEEAMMM.

After Friday's post, I had got myself a little excited about a trip to Primark...(I usually go twice a year, just because that's as much as I can handle..).I clocked 9 hours sleep last night and decided I was ready to hit the store today..I went armed with Our Kid (my sister) and my beautiful nephew, Thomas (4 months old and the most precious, gorgeous man, EVER!!).. Thomas totally nailed shopping etique, he was a beauty throughout!

As per my previous advice, we entered Primark just after opening (so much easier to navigate with a buggy too..), the store layout was neat and we had the opportunity to eyeball pretty much everything I showcased in Friday's post...

The outfit of choice for a trip to Primark ;

Dressing for a sunny Sunday..

Wet look leggings from Topshop (last year but lots similar in store here)
Converse - I bought these a few weeks ago, they are a size 2 (!!!) and fit perfectly..£20 cheaper than the size 3..(not why I bought them, I really hope I'm not shrinking)..
Tee - a dip back cut, coral colour (perfect for a sunny day), purchased last year from Miss Selfridge
Scarf.. Alexandra McQueen last year (LOVE it)
Parker - River Island from ASOS last year..(similar in Dotty P's here) ALSO - DP's have 25% off online until next Sunday 24th Feb using code DPFWD

I can't believe I bought my new Chanel aviators when I could have bought these for £2!!!

What I did procure..;

1 - Quite possibly my most favourite purchase today, black and white pants..showing below a few "wear with" options (throw together in 30 seconds prior to hitting the pub)..;

£10 and versatile..(gonna' kick the ass out of them)

Picture on the left - beachwear..(obvs there would be a bikini underneath this and a lot more warmth coming from the sun)

Picture in the middle - casual, not sure the tee is right with them but, you get the idea..? I like the Cons teamed with them if nowt else..

Picture on the right - just add ASOS heels, a tee and a £3 Primark neon statement necklace (also purchased today)..

These pants will be worn to shreds I'm guessing.. having had more time since taking the pics, I have put together more options in my head and they may be the basis of my "Twickenham" outfit..

2 - I would never have said I'd buy gym gear from Primark, I'm a Nike girl all the way...until now.. this windbreaker/waterproof jacket is perfect for road running and Bootcamp..They had the matching leggings etc but a) not in my size and b) bit too matchy for my liking.. (ok, it's more that they were far too long but i'm going with point "b" because it sounds soooo much cooler..)

£10 windbreaker top..

3 - The £3 statement necklace..; 

My "thirty something" acknowledgement to the neon trend..

Obviously, I didn't JUST buy these three items.. on top of patterned pants, statement necklace and windbreaker jacket (practical, nothing else), I also stocked up on a new (£4!!) bikini, PJ's (super soft and £6) and then this little outfit for the nephew and the one below for my friend's 2 day old little girl (hoping she doesn't read this until a least Tuesday as it's parcelled up for her and her new bundle of cuteness!)..;

Thomas is going to rock this little ensemble..'goes without saying..

Just beautiful and less than a tenner!!!

Primark was the only store we went to, all the way into town and just ONE shop... practically unheard of..(well, it is actually)..I did have a good browse to check the items I showcased in my last post and in all honesty, I was fairly impressed with most of them... You know what it's like, they look great in a mag or online, you get to the shop and they feel/look like crap and you leave feeling cheated (because you've set your heart on them)...well anyway.. the ones that were in store, were surprisingly good (fabric and cut).. The one item I reeaaallly wanted was the colbolt blue patterned pants..Unfortunately, they weren't in yet however, I think the ones I have bought are the same style..If so, there's another £10 I'm throwing at Primark as soon as they are in stock!!

The shopping trip was followed by a couple of afternoon "wind down" drinks at the new local, Hall and Woodhouse...The sun was out, a drop of alcohol hadn't passed my lips all weekend and I'd got my cider head on for the first time since last summer (a true sign I have converted to South West living)..;

Why do two drinks in daylight feel like one a night..?

The new local of choice is quite "eclectic"..mix match furniture, visible pipes and fittings, rustic yet, cosy.. It has brought together a wide range of local folk varying in age and social circles. The atmosphere is very laid back oh and, they have a great menu too!! H&W (already recognised like this by predictive text on my iPhone) is situated right on the marina and although I didn't grab any pics of this today, I do randomly happen to have a pic of the view from the lav (weird but, true), in the meantime, this is Hall and Woodhouse from the outside.. It's construction is made up of shipping containers, the orange one is one of their private dining rooms...;

Hall & Woodhouse...

Entrance to the loo @ H&W...Love this and the full cartoon feature wall inside..

The "view from the loo"...

I should probably sign off as my newly glasses laden eyes are getting heavy (likely down to afternoon drinks)..I bid you all a fabulous week, until the next time..


Bag A Bargain...

Like most, I get overly excited and pleased with myself when I buy something I reaaalllly wanted for a snippet of the original price or, when I pick up an item on the cheap that I'm not too sure about and justify it with ; "What the hell, it's only £(insert your own boundaries..)" and it turns into your most treasured item!

The jumpsuit below was one of those where I really wasn't too sure.. I've wanted one for ages and have ordered/tried on my fair share, they are always too long in the body or look like I should be flying for the RAF.. neither particularly flattering and both not happening... That was until this little peach arrived from ASOS... as i said, i wasn't sure.. i sent the "trying on" pics to my best bud in Oz and she came back with a "nahhh" (in my defence, I wasn't probably selling it with a withered pose ..if you know what I mean..?) ...I packaged it up and it's been sat by the front door waiting to sent back..UNTIL LAST NIGHT! I needed something for Valentine's, albeit I didn't make it out in the end (for the record, I wasn't stood up and subsequently sat at home crying surrounded by cats...I don't own a cat for starters..).. This was the end result..;

Pleased with the result, keeping it!

The jumpsuit was £20 from ASOS (buy here, they also do it in black, that one is £50) was about an inch too long in the leg (no surprises there people) so I kinda did the rough turn up and it worked due to the cut of the created a good "peg leg" effect. I love the "sweetheart" neckline, ultra feminine.. meaning I could bang on a chunky (chav-esque) gold chain to toughen the look up..

The shoes are the new ASOS ones (feet shredders on the first wear as mentioned in my last can buy here)..The belt is an old elasticated one from Reiss and the blazer is an old Topshop one...(you've realised I live in this by now..cost per wear now in the pence threshold, as opposed to ££'s)..

I guess the moral of the story is, I now have a bargain jumpsuit that will work for a birthday party I have this weekend (hand washing now), holidays, with heels or open flats.. I can't believe I nearly returned it!

On that, I have been shopping a fair bit of late, mainly due to the pending holiday and wanting to freshen up my wardrobe and dive into SS13 (massively over the winter)..I'm a savvy shopper and although don't mind spending where appropriate, I love me a bargain or two. I'm not a snob (well not completely) when it comes to the cheaper shops on the High Street - as long as the cut/fit is right, the fabric is good and you wear it well then, who is to know where it is from.. mix it up!

Primark... love it or hate it, it has to be worth a rifle through from time to time...My advice is to get there for when the doors open and before the carnage kicks in.. the rails will be neat and you can actually see/hunt down what you are looking for..

To kick off, here's one of my favourite EVER Primark buys, patterned trousers £5 (cheaper than the parking in town!)...;

£5 trousers paired with Jimmy Choo heels!

Why Primark, why today...? Oh it's not by chance..I got an email showcasing the latest Spring drop landing in Primark... As part of my blogger service (yep, you are welcome), I've picked out the pieces definitely worth a look (or feel, gotta' test this too)..Just to be sure (and in case the Internet Police are reading, these aren't my photos and I don't claim any rights to them whatsoever, Amen)..;

Patterned Pants..

I have everything else similar that they have teamed it to be worth trying on..Also they could be dressed down for beachwear, perfect for apres beach cocktails..(have I mentioned I'm going on holiday..?)

Great colour and what looks like cut too..Just add red (or animal print) heels and stripy top OR leather jacket and white shirt right now...?

All Kinds of Dresses..

Work or play..just add killer heels and a tonne of accessories (Gold based).. 

Very slimming style and similar to dresses in Warehouse, New Look and loads more...Red lips, a must and this is a "hair up" dress if you can.. will lengthen you to the MAX!

The "garden party" dress..orrrr, wedding, Ascot.. just add huge headgear and the cream version of my black ASOS heels above (available on the same link I posted above too)..Again, a pretty hair up do and soft makeup..

I'm not sure I could wear this however, I like it..the colour and the heart shape cut out back..

Because I love a stripy dress.. Left for work, right for the beach or summer days..


If this (feels and) looks like it should when on, I'm HAVING it.. likely for work but also, with my battered jeans and a heel..

Coloured jackets can change the usual "popping to the shops" outfit..jeans/skirt/baggy pants...I wouldn't match it with the dress above... bit too much of a red overload and matchy for my style..

Trans-seasonal coat...CHECK!!! If it works with a big waist belt it's a winner..

Another good boucle jacket.. the cut looks good and flattering as it sits on the hip..

Throwing this one in for the "kids".. I love this style of jacket for chucking on with jeans or shiny leggings, hair up, converse pumps on however, I fear it will bury me..Still, a good buy if it is right!

A very flattering design overall... possibly could work with it's matching dress above too..depends on the occasion.. if not, good for a night out although, the colour isn't practical..maybe not..


Well, one pair of them anyway..

For the beach... that's all..

Honestly, I've got a bit excited about this little much so, thinking about ANOTHER trip to the shops tomorrow to go and check them out..(at least my Bank Manager would be a little more comfortable with these purchases...)

What do you think of these items..? Am I going to have to race you there..? What's your best ever bargain? 

Last bit of news from me...on WIWT (featured in previous posts of mine and where you can see what yours truly and lots of amazing people wear everyday), I'm only bloody "trending" at NUMBER 1.. joking aside, it doesn't actually mean I am the "trendiest", most "stylish" etc etc but, everyday/normal people have voted for my daily outfits... The top ten changes regularly and definitely worth checking it out if you haven't, great for style inspiration!

Happy Friday!!


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