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One Shop Sunday...

I fully intended on blogging yesterday... the plan was; Bootcamp, home, shower, breakfast, shops, home, blog about a successful shopping trip, get ready, drive to Newbury, celebrate friends significant birthday etc etc... That absolutely didn't happen.. it went more like..; Bootcamp, home, take an hour to muster up energy to get into shower, half hearted brekkie, 3 hour power nap, feel mentally and physically exhausted, stay on sofa watching The Good Wife (season 1, highly recommend if you haven't..), Chinese for tea, bed...LIV.ING THE DREEEAMMM.

After Friday's post, I had got myself a little excited about a trip to Primark...(I usually go twice a year, just because that's as much as I can handle..).I clocked 9 hours sleep last night and decided I was ready to hit the store today..I went armed with Our Kid (my sister) and my beautiful nephew, Thomas (4 months old and the most precious, gorgeous man, EVER!!).. Thomas totally nailed shopping etique, he was a beauty throughout!

As per my previous advice, we entered Primark just after opening (so much easier to navigate with a buggy too..), the store layout was neat and we had the opportunity to eyeball pretty much everything I showcased in Friday's post...

The outfit of choice for a trip to Primark ;

Dressing for a sunny Sunday..

Wet look leggings from Topshop (last year but lots similar in store here)
Converse - I bought these a few weeks ago, they are a size 2 (!!!) and fit perfectly..£20 cheaper than the size 3..(not why I bought them, I really hope I'm not shrinking)..
Tee - a dip back cut, coral colour (perfect for a sunny day), purchased last year from Miss Selfridge
Scarf.. Alexandra McQueen last year (LOVE it)
Parker - River Island from ASOS last year..(similar in Dotty P's here) ALSO - DP's have 25% off online until next Sunday 24th Feb using code DPFWD

I can't believe I bought my new Chanel aviators when I could have bought these for £2!!!

What I did procure..;

1 - Quite possibly my most favourite purchase today, black and white pants..showing below a few "wear with" options (throw together in 30 seconds prior to hitting the pub)..;

£10 and versatile..(gonna' kick the ass out of them)

Picture on the left - beachwear..(obvs there would be a bikini underneath this and a lot more warmth coming from the sun)

Picture in the middle - casual, not sure the tee is right with them but, you get the idea..? I like the Cons teamed with them if nowt else..

Picture on the right - just add ASOS heels, a tee and a £3 Primark neon statement necklace (also purchased today)..

These pants will be worn to shreds I'm guessing.. having had more time since taking the pics, I have put together more options in my head and they may be the basis of my "Twickenham" outfit..

2 - I would never have said I'd buy gym gear from Primark, I'm a Nike girl all the way...until now.. this windbreaker/waterproof jacket is perfect for road running and Bootcamp..They had the matching leggings etc but a) not in my size and b) bit too matchy for my liking.. (ok, it's more that they were far too long but i'm going with point "b" because it sounds soooo much cooler..)

£10 windbreaker top..

3 - The £3 statement necklace..; 

My "thirty something" acknowledgement to the neon trend..

Obviously, I didn't JUST buy these three items.. on top of patterned pants, statement necklace and windbreaker jacket (practical, nothing else), I also stocked up on a new (£4!!) bikini, PJ's (super soft and £6) and then this little outfit for the nephew and the one below for my friend's 2 day old little girl (hoping she doesn't read this until a least Tuesday as it's parcelled up for her and her new bundle of cuteness!)..;

Thomas is going to rock this little ensemble..'goes without saying..

Just beautiful and less than a tenner!!!

Primark was the only store we went to, all the way into town and just ONE shop... practically unheard of..(well, it is actually)..I did have a good browse to check the items I showcased in my last post and in all honesty, I was fairly impressed with most of them... You know what it's like, they look great in a mag or online, you get to the shop and they feel/look like crap and you leave feeling cheated (because you've set your heart on them)...well anyway.. the ones that were in store, were surprisingly good (fabric and cut).. The one item I reeaaallly wanted was the colbolt blue patterned pants..Unfortunately, they weren't in yet however, I think the ones I have bought are the same style..If so, there's another £10 I'm throwing at Primark as soon as they are in stock!!

The shopping trip was followed by a couple of afternoon "wind down" drinks at the new local, Hall and Woodhouse...The sun was out, a drop of alcohol hadn't passed my lips all weekend and I'd got my cider head on for the first time since last summer (a true sign I have converted to South West living)..;

Why do two drinks in daylight feel like one a night..?

The new local of choice is quite "eclectic"..mix match furniture, visible pipes and fittings, rustic yet, cosy.. It has brought together a wide range of local folk varying in age and social circles. The atmosphere is very laid back oh and, they have a great menu too!! H&W (already recognised like this by predictive text on my iPhone) is situated right on the marina and although I didn't grab any pics of this today, I do randomly happen to have a pic of the view from the lav (weird but, true), in the meantime, this is Hall and Woodhouse from the outside.. It's construction is made up of shipping containers, the orange one is one of their private dining rooms...;

Hall & Woodhouse...

Entrance to the loo @ H&W...Love this and the full cartoon feature wall inside..

The "view from the loo"...

I should probably sign off as my newly glasses laden eyes are getting heavy (likely down to afternoon drinks)..I bid you all a fabulous week, until the next time..



  1. Rebecca Potter17/02/2013, 22:00

    If you're ever up north then you must check out the new Primark in Selfridges at The Trafford Centre. There's very limited ranges, no where near as much choice as the store in the city centre, but it's perfectly merchandised and far easier to shop. You even get a Selfridges carrier bag with your purchase!

    1. I totally forgot about that!!! Nice reminder and actually laughed at the added bonus Selfridges bag...!! ; ) x

  2. Love the dressy trousers outfit option (no.3) I bought a pair of similar black and white printed trews end of last year from George at Asda of all places (cheap way to trail the trend) and could never seem to style them right and they are as yet unworn! I am now inspired!


    Give me a follow if you can

    Loraine x

    1. Hi Loraine! It doesn't matter where the gear comes from, it's how you dress it right? ;-) Looking forward to seeing that styled up!

      I will follow now, I am in need of blogger admin x


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