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The Day After The Day Before...

WOWSERS!!! In my last post I mentioned that I had a big day ahead yesterday, it was bigger than big, it was monumental!! 

I'm not gonna' bang on about it... ('course I am).. I am fit to bursting with excitement so I'm going to share with you.. (it does have a fashion relevance, I promise, humour me...)

The day was my companies Annual Sales and Marketing Conference...The entire sales force (130 ish all dressed to impress), the Board, and a huge array of my peers from across the business were all gathered together...The day started with an overview of the last financial year and exciting news on new product launches, next came the "Recognition" part..The year had been personally challenging for me (I'm not going to bore you with that, you'd all be taking your toasters in the bath!), not to mention the bloody economic climate!!

Here's a little recap of my results..;

  • Top sales performer in my division - (Kaboom).. Rewarded with a trophy and a bottle of Piper (personal favourite bubbly of choice)... 
  • Qualified as Global Elite (third year on the bounce, Double Kaboom) - The prize... A weekend in Prague, another bottle of Piper, a tailor made shirt of my choice from Finicky Shirts, tickets to the England v. France 6 Nations game at Twickenham, a magnetic globe thingy, a pair of unique cufflinks (for my new threads)
  • Top sales performance in the WHOLE company....(It was a close race, high fiving myself if I'm being honest!)
  • All of the above also secured me a holiday to Cancun at the end of March and another bottle of Piper!!
Obviously, I'm still a little giddy about it all so major apologies for some self indulgent bigging up...

My little haul...!!
The "Power Outfit" worn on the BIG day!

The day ended with a "Recognition Dinner" for the overachievers gang... The invite for the dinner defined the dress code as "smart casual"... I like to have guidance for events yet on the other hand, the smart casual thing is fairly broad and could go so horribly wrong... I decided that as it was a work do, to keep it smart ish (very little flesh) yet, not actual work clothes...Time to bust out the new ASOS shirt I mentioned in "Battered & Ripped.., you can buy the shirt here, the shoes also got a mention in that post. Again, these were from ASOS and although I love them for their versatility (and price), I feel now that wearing rusty razor blades would have been more comfortable by the end of the night!!  ;

Hotel rooms do not consider my need to take outfit photos..

The trousers are from Topshop (buy here).. I'm really pleased with them and have duly kicked the ass out of them since buying 4 weeks ago (they will be coming to Cancun with me, no doubt!)..

Although I didn't go too crazy with the free bar (lots of work to do today), I did have a couple (OK, a few) buckets of red wine...Needless to say I didn't feel as perky as one should after 4 hours sleep this morning (!!!).. When I packed on Sunday, I hadn't really thought through what I was going to wear today (gasps... I know, not great planning!!).. This was the hangover outfit (duvets are frowned upon, that would have been my first choice..)..;

Leather, denim, lace and suede boots..I'm working the textures today!

I was completely thrown together but in honesty, kinda pleased with the result...The skirt is old, there are loads around though, a good trans-seasonal buy in my mind. Leather jacket, again an old one from Zara, it's tailored so works on my frame. The denim shirt... I did a lot of research to source the perfect one for me.. it's not too stiff, no extras like feature collars or studs so will stand the test of time a bit longer. It was a purchase last year from Mango and gets A LOT of wear. Lastly, the boots are from Topshop and are available online here...I love these boots, massively comfortable (perfect for shopping and also it appears, when your toes are like radishes because your new shoes from the night before acted as a tourniquet!!)

Back to it, I have a holiday, a weekend in Prague (with some VVIP's) and a trip to the Rugby to dress for... Honestly, my shallow self was barely off the stage after accepting the awards when my mind started to drift to planning the ensembles...

Since then, my (still swollen, considering icing them) feet have not touched the ground and in reality, I haven't really thought about it (much)..that was until my best buddy in Oz smugly emailed me a copy of her Topshop online order (impressive spree) that contained a bikini based on the Chloe one I swooned over a couple of weeks ago...I say swooned, I did order it and was overly excited when it arrived however, once on, it was borderline pornographic in cut on the top...I wiggled and jiggled but nah, certainly not suitable for a work trip.. it went back..;

Left - Chloe bikini, Right - Topshop buy here.. it's a no brainer, right?

Whilst reviewing the Topshop bikini I saw they had loads more in.. I'm going to hold tight and leave it a few weeks as I'm not a fan of the tie side bottoms  (hoping they will do a "big" pants version), my "swimwear fail paranoia" foresees way too many potential "incidents" ...(catching on the side of the sun bed..standing up..yeah, there is no coming back from that!)

One thing is for sure, I have some research and shopping to do (YAY!!) so I'll be keeping you updated...

I hope you all have a good Valentines, maybe you could show yourself some love.. ASOS have 10% off all orders* with the code VALENTINE10 at the checkout..(*they have some rules where the code doesn't apply, all shown on the homepage nice and clear).

Don't forget, you can follow me on Twitter @missionstyleuk...



  1. Wow. You've been one busy lady. Massive congrats xx

    1. Thanks Nia!! The holiday will be a welcome break!! 😉X

  2. Haha! You're welcome mate! And I actually have those trousers, pleased to say they actually came out in Oz before the UK for a change! Doubt I'll be able to say that again so let me have my moment!
    Loving the hangover outfit, tis perfick! Happy Valentines buddy xxx

    p.s. Had a text from credit card comapny this morning, a stop on my card no less...I blame Topshop!

    1. HAHA, check out Lady Smuggings of Bondi!! xx

  3. OMG congratulations! Love the outfits as always :)

  4. Wow karen thats amazing, well done you!! I'm so jealous of your up and coming holidays! Very freaky as I planned on wearing a very similar outfit as the skirt and denim shirt at the weekend. oh and I've added your blog to my blogroll.

    1. Thanks Hun! I'll be checking your blog for the outfit then ;-) Thanks for the add, i'll add yours too as I enjoy reading it! x


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