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Lydia Comes To Town...

Last night, (yes, on a school night!!) I was lucky enough to get an invite to the VIP launch of the Bella Sorella UK Pop Up Tour at Cabot Circus in Bristol...

If you watch TOWIE, you'll know that the main store is based in Loughton (Essex, of course) and belongs to the lovely Lydia Rose Bright!

The event opened at 6pm and passers by were just as intrigued as I was...'Thing is, I wasn't entirely sure I'd be in to the whole 'TOWIE' style... Turns out, Lydia's style is not 'in-keeping' with my perception and actually, I loved the range in the pop up store! Obviously, there is only a capsule range on the tour which features some gorgeous jewellery,a selection of homeware and dresses, lots of beautiful dresses!!

We were greeted with champagne (which flowed generously, thank you) and (whoooo hooo), in my case, a compliment from the lady herself within seconds of stepping over the door!! Lydia loved my new skort!!

We browsed (tried on and shopped in my case), got to chat with Lydia, Georgia (her sister who is also involved with the store) and, her team!!

I was lucky enough to get 5 minutes with the lovely Lydia...Here's an insight of our conversation/my observations..;

Noted that I have a darker tan than 'TOWIE'... Lydia is tastefully, the exception and, I've just had a week in Turkey!

  • Lydia is a very friendly, confident, down to earth person who made everyone welcome..
  • She's passionate about her brand and product..
  • She has the most A.MAZING teeth... I swear I could see my own reflection in them..
  • She's summed up her style/range saying that she gets inspiration from everywhere... She keeps mood boards and adds cuttings, vintage jewellery, colour swatches, looks and styles and brings them together and adds her own identity..
  • This new drop is her third collection that contains various themes such as lace, crochet and vintage designs...Lydia loves the sophistication of 50's glamour...(this shone through in the collection!)
  • I asked her what her current favourite pieces are..Without hesitation Lydia named The Kitty Dress ! 

I've had a scout on the Bella Sorella website and one of my favourites has to be the Jasmin dress, stunning and completely timeless! Have a look on the Bella Sorella website, the price range is very reasonable!

Here's some pics from the night..;

The Cabot Circus Pop Up Store front..
Lydia rocking a dress from the new collection..
I homed straight in on the 'skort' in the top right of this pic, beautiful! 
Papped!! Shopping + Champagne = Perfection...
A sneaky changing room shot...
... I did buy the mustard shift dress from the gorgeous Georgia..

It wouldn't be a post if I didn't feature what I wore...

Blue Skort - New collection in Zara, available here. The 'new' skort is a slightly different cut to the previous (here), I still LOVE them (and so does Lydia...)

Blouse - New collection in Zara...available here. This is sooo not me..I don't think I own anything quite this 'floraly', if at all..That said, I really like it!

Sandals - (Yawns...) Zara...

Bag - The Mulberry Cecily featured here.

If you are in the UK and you can make one of the dates and venues below, I'd say it's worth a visit...(It's made me break my Zara mannequin mode for once)..;

A massive to thanks to Bella Sorella for an incredible night at Cabot Circus, the PR team for being so helpful, Harvey Nics for the goody bag (I will stop soon, I promise... I realise that this isn't the BAFTAs) and Christina for inviting me!! 


New Favourite Dress...

We all love a bargain, especially when you can wear it right..? 

The double bonus is when it it's for work, wears well, doesn't feel like a naked flame would finish it off and that, it looks way more expensive that what you paid for it!!


*rustle of a Primark bag*

Having spotted one of these dresses draped on the end of a rail, I sought the help of an assistant to ask where and if, they had any more...(always check behind you before asking that desperate question...)...There they were, a stacked rail with every size! This dress is true to size on me, even if the 'casual' pockets are fairly high up...

I realise it's mono but for work, I love that it can be re-styled and even layered come the winter!! 

Belt - Reiss last season..

Heels - Kurt Geiger a while ago.

The £17 dress is proof that it's not always where it's from, it's how you wear it!


Meanwhile, Over On Instagram...

Whilst on my holibobs, I got into the habit of uploading my #OOTD (that means outfit of the day, mum) onto Instagram...Since being back, I've tried to keep it up, probably because this weather makes me feel like I'm still away!

The continued sunshine has been a good excuse to dig into the back of the wardrobe and pull out some old favourites! 

Here's some of my recent pics (in not so recent clothes..) from Instagram...;

Tee - Zara a few months ago, they still have them in..It's one of those £15 linen mix ones usually on the round rails...

Shorts - H&M...These are a fairly recent purchase but, not showing on their website...

Sandals - 'THE' Aldo ones...I've had my money's worth out of these beauties!

Bag - Michael Kors in the Selfridges sale a few weeks ago!!

Black bandeau bra top - New Look.

Later that day, taking the Michael Kors for a cider...

I love where we live..(especially when it's sunny!)

I'm pretty sure the combined age of this outfit is 8 years +...

Dress - Zara...Purchased in my MOST FAVOURITE Zara location, the Barcelona flagship store, 4/5 years ago!

Heels - River Island a couple of summers ago... I first bought them in the in the April, by the May I had bought a second pair...Yep, I thank my obsessive foresight!

My FIRST "skorts"....These were from Reiss a couple of summers ago..

Bag - Oasis...I picked this up a couple of months ago...I can't find it online, there is this one that's similar and in the sale though! (You.Are.Welcome.)

Denim shorts - H&M...These are new!

Black cami - Topshop, also new!! Buy here!

Sunglasses - Chanel.

My new favourite drink...Blackberry & Elderflower Pimms! Wine glass stands, John Lewis/Waitrose.

Blouse - New Look. This was a recent purchase however, the cream isn't available online although, is in store!...That said, I've seen an identical one today in Primark!!

Shorts - Very old denim shorts from Zara.

Bag - Ted Baker, last summer.

Sandals - Nine West...These were in the darkest depths of the shoe cupboard, not even in a box, that's how old they are...

Cami - River Island this summer. They have some great colours online and in store too! Buy here.

Patterned Pants - These little treasures were £5 in the Primark sale last summer!

Necklace - Oasis...3/4 years ago, eassssy!

Playsuit - Topshop...quite possibly 2-3 years old..

Bun - essential in this weather!

Last up, today's outfit...

This skirt is quite possibly 4-5 years old... It's fit, not fit, split (thanks to Our Kid for 1) Pointing it out just before this photo and 2) Mending it there and then) and been worn in all seasons!

Tee - Zara linen mix tee.

Necklace - Next, this summer.

Sandals - Zara...Purchased pre summer sale..I understand that these have sold out!!


Don't forget, you can follow me on Instagram here!


The Next Haul...

Apologies for the radio silence over the last week...Busy ass week, half year end at work and to be honest, the weather has be totally AM.AZING that the last 10 days has been filled with BBQ's, cider, eating out, cider, BBQ's, cider...*repeat to fade*

Following on from new Next Directory drop last week, the first (ahem...) order arrived as pronto as promised! 

Due to time constraints this week...the pics are a bit naff but here goes..;

Minus make-up!! Did I really?? YES!

The matchy suits are launching all over the place right now...If you are ordering this, the top has a generous cut and I'll probably go down a size...the trousers fit perfect! I've also seen a sneak peak on instagram that this two piece is coming out in a dark red..

Heels - Rupert Sanderson (remember them from this post?)
Bracelets - Banana Republic

The timing of this dress arriving was greatly appreciated!! Anyone else struggling with what to wear for work in this weather?! I ordered this in the navy and red too, it's light weight, doesn't crease and can be dressed up or down...I predict this will be a beach bar dress in a couple of years...

For now, the belt was from Zara last year, the bag River Island and the heels, the faithful ASOS pair! 

The leopard patterned light weight wool skirt is a winner...dressed down with some (very old) Nine West gladiator sandals and a River Island coral tee and for work, just add heels and a swing blouse...TaDa!

Have you made any purchases yet from the new Directory? Have you turned page corners for your shortlist?


Page Turning Returns for AW...

I pulled up on my drive yesterday, the air con was blasting out, the temperature showed as just over 30 (!!!) and before the keys were even out the ignition, I saw it... the big cardboard package up against the front door...The new Next Directory was right there!!

It's surreal flicking through the AW style when you're melting from the inside out but still, it's NEW!!!

So, just like my summer post on 'Page Turning', I bring you my initial finds on the first page turning pass (and an insight to what I've gone and ordered already!!)...

Just as before, I'm working from the front...;

Fluted dress - The black and red versions both look like great 'work' dresses. Wear now and in the winter. Buy here.

I love this whoooole ensemble!! Navy check top and matching trousers, HELLO!!  Perfect for the office as a 'suit' and also as separates...Buy here. Oh yeah, they also do a dress in the same fabric, loving that too!

Basic tops in black, red and cream... these would work both in and out of work...Jeans, PU skirt, skinny trousers...£22 well spent! Buy here. (Oh and how gorge is this girl!!)

This skirt also looks like a winner, it's part of a suit...I'm not sure I'd do the whole suit in a oner...For work with a blouse and courts, play with a tee and strappy heels! Buy here.

This is a fine knit skirt available in various colours... For me, wear the animal print now with heels or flats and a bright cami, come the winter just add tights, biker boots and a fitted biker jacket...Buy here.

I have so much love for this metallic long line blazer! Great colour, love how it's been styled here...The downside for me (ohhh, it's all about me) doesn't come in petite and would drown me...A great buy, get it here.

I have some very similar to this from Dotty P's last year and I can't recommend these enough... I have worn them to death, a great lazy 'what to wear' pair of pants that you can dress up with a blouse/dressy top or rock with a battered tee! They are also featured in the blazer outfit above... Buy here.

Another red dress...Also available in green and black...Looks like a good cut and very versatile, again! Buy here.

Both of these are going 'in the basket'!! Buy here.

This lace top comes in several colours and I reckon a good piece to have in the new wardrobe...I likey how they have styled it too with the PU skirt. Buy the top here and skirt here.

On first glance, a great looking denim shirt (which are hard to come by)...This would rock with the PU skirt! Buy here.

YES!! This is very similar to my dress (worn here) and to be honest, a theme of things to come this season (ok next season, I'm not throwing the summer away yet!). Buy here and where with PU skirt, the coated jeans, red, yellow... Get.Involved!

Told you you'd see this again (so sooooon?!!)... OK, this is a light weight version of the one above! Buy here. This absolutely needs a huge statement necklace adding!

Sorry for the bad pic, the best I could get...

This will see you through for years... A classic! Buy here.

I have a belt similar and it gets a lot of wear...Styled here with the red shift dress above! Buy here.

I realise my colour scheme is fairly 'capsule' shall we say...Why am I drawn to these colours already?! 

I'm really impressed how much more choice there is in the petite range too, nice one Next!

What have you 'page turned'? Any of these? Something with more colour?


Liebster Award...

I hope you are all enjoying the A.MAZING weather here in the UK?! (For those of you overseas, we aren't used to this and are all smiley and dressing like we are on our jollies!!)

As I was sat in the office today, my phone piped up to let me know I'd had a tweet...It was from the lovely Sophie at La Vie Sophie..she'd only gone and nominated me for the Liebster Award!! 

The award aims to promote up and coming bloggers (only those with under 200 Google followers can be nominated) so we all get a chance to find some new reading material and promote the lesser known blogs too!

So here are the rules:
  1. Nominees must answer 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated them.
  2. You need to choose 11 blogs with under 200 followers to pass the award onto and let them know you've nominated them by commenting on their blog.
  3. Come up with 11 new questions for them to answer.
('fessing up... I'd been nominated previously and didn't really understand it so did nowt with it...I'm sorry!)

Here's the questions that Sophie has given me, along with my answers..;

Q1. What TV advert annoys you the most?
A1. That's easy...GO COMPARE although, favour it more now since they took a cannon to the guy!

Q2. When you were younger, did you always insist on having the cereal that had a toy in it?
A2. Errrr, YEAH!!! Frostie's used to do plastic things that went on the spokes of your bike and made clicking noises...There was a whole range to collect!!

Q3. What's your earliest memory?
A3. I'm lucky enough to have loads of incredible childhood memories, I'm not sure which is the earliest... One that feels like yesterday is being about 3/4 years old, having to go with my dad whilst he was driving the 'bingo coach' one night (I can't remember why I wasn't at home with my mum). I remember being all wrapped up in my duffle coat (the one with toggles to fasten) and I sat behind my dad as he drove around and collected the 'old ladies'... One lovely lady offered me a sweet which, I took because I didn't want to be rude but (in the smoothest move ever) hid it up my sleeve until she'd gone as I'd always been told not to except sweets off strangers!! 

Q4. If you were a man for the day, what would you do?
A4. I'd do all the DIY in my house...(I'm guessing that sitting on the sofa and scratching my bits is not an appropriate answer...?)

Q5. Have you ever done an extreme sport?
A5. I did a para sail in Mauritius, I screamed for the entire duration and then when I touched down proclaimed how much I loved it! Apart from that, my personal trainer has me throwing kettlebells around, that feels fairly extreme!!

Q6. If you could be another blogger, who would you be?
A6. Without wanting to sound/be arrogant, I am really happy with my blog as it's fun and true to me buuuuut, my fave (massive) crush at the moment is Aimee Song of Songs Of Style

Q7. If you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A7. Hmmmm, until recently I'd have said Champagne but it gives me one hell of a hangover!! That takes me to my two remaining drinks of choice; Cider and vodka, lime and lemonade...Yep, I'll go with the vodka combo, less calories!!

Q8. Do you like ice cream with hot desserts or not?
A8. Yes, warm sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice-cream, it was the desert at my wedding!...(glad I went with the vodka now based no the calories associated with this!..)

Q9. Would you ever go to a restaurant or the cinema on your own?
A9. I do restaurants on my own quite often when I stay away with work... But yeah, I'd do both.

Q10. If I gave you £1000 and 24 hours to spend it, how would you spend it?
A10. I'm torn...Honestly, if I'd got £1,000 right now I'd take my sister shopping for a whole new wardrobe. She recently had a (most gorgeous) little boy and needs some serious pamper! My second choice (not because it's any less important) would be to buy a return flight to Oz and give my best friend a rib cracking hug and then go shopping with the leftover money together!!

Q11. Do you prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
A11. Smooth, I love (and only eat) Skippy smooth peanut butter!

I have really enjoyed this and I hope it's given you more of an insight to me...(shopping habits aside!)..

So, here's my 11 questions for the bloggers below (make sure you check them out too!);

Q1. What's been your best sale buy this season?
Q2. Flats or heels?
Q3. Why did you start blogging?
Q4. What's on your wish list for the AW season?
Q5. If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Q6. Where do you get your style inspiration?
Q7. Who would you most like to meet in the fashion world and why?
Q8. Sweet or savoury?
Q9. Cocktails and dancing or, quiet meal and a DVD?
Q10. If you could choose a fashion era to style and wear, what would it be?
Q11. Do you have any weird talents?

I nominate;

Belle of Honeybelle
Christina of Just So Fashion
Joanna of Poppys Style
Nia of Fashfoodista
Paulina of Petite Paulina


Turkish Delight, The Final Part...

So here we are, the final part of the holiday outfit posts... I'm browner, rounder and have a few new buys to show for it too...

Night 6...

I'm massively grateful for packing this dress, it's loose, forgiving and lightweight..perfect for dinner at the incredible Chinese restaurant in the resort..;

Fairly bad photos, the humidity and my camera did not get on...

Dress - Zara, featured here and in the sale HERE.

Heels - Zara, featured here. No longer available online, you may find some in store though in the sale.

Clutch - I love this envelope clutch, I picked it up from ASOS for around £18 last year, it's a good colour burst. Similar here in nude.

Statement Necklace - (which there have been a lack of recently) This was from Republic last summer.

The last night...

Just because we were being collected from the hotel at 10pm, didn't mean that I got to miss out on an outfit... OHHH Noooo, I crammed 2 in to the last night..;

Skirt - One of my favourite buys this year from Topshop, featured here.

Top - Black basic top from Zara with a low back.

Bangles - Banana Republic, featured here.

Heels - The old faithful ASOS strappy back heels.

Clutch - ASOS envelope clutch.

Again, the humidity played silly buggers with my camera hence, the variety of shots!

Ahemmmm, guess 'the new buy' here...!!!

Jeans - Zara battered jeans.

Tee - The same Zara basic one worn earlier in the evening ...(oh yeah I wore it allll night...)

Sandals - The fab Aldo ones that I've lived in this summer. Buy here.

Hat - Dotty P's last summer in the sale for about £3!!

Bag - *Celine Phantom*....for a 'verrry good price'...

Kirst also picked up a 'good buy' with this *Prada* bag - it's absolutely beautiful!!

Shirt - Zara A/W12.

Trousers - Primark.

Heels - New Look, they are a stunning pair of nude peep toes that go with everything!

Last up, I have to share my fave food art from the hotel main restaurant...;

Pumpkin Man...

Incredible watermelon designs...

I've really enjoyed dressing up every night and being able to showcase the looks on my blog, I hope you have enjoyed the Turkish Delight series..?

You can also find me on...;

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