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Turkish Delight, Part 1...

I'm baccccckkkk! 

Don't be fooled, the next few posts aren't going to be all about the weird powder covered sweet they eat in Turkey, oh no, it's all about the holiday outfits, it really won't get much deeper than that!

In summary..;

We stayed at the Cornelia Diamond Golf & Spa Resort, a stunning hotel!

It was bloody hot, every minute of every day!

We drank, we danced, we ate (the first and the last, in obscene proportions)...

I conquered and now, love water slides (even though I did still hold my nose before impact at the bottom!).

All in all, a fab week away filled with laughter, sun and of course, a whole host of outfits!! 

Over the next couple of days I'll showcase the looks (AND THE BUYS!!), including some of my friend Kirstie's too, starting today...;

What You Wearing To Travel...?

In my books, this one has to be comfort and also, adaptable for the other end too. Turkey is only a 4 hour flight and I knew it'd be warm the other side...;

I didn't have a bouffant, it was an unfortunate gust of wind!

Pants - Next sale recently - a drawstring/elasticated waist combo with tie die pattern!

Tee - Topshop oversized tee with roll sleeves.

Heels - Zara nude and white strappy - decided to wear them to save room in the case.

Bag - This is my beach bag, doubled up as my travel bag, I needed room to ram all the magazines in that I was needing to catch up on!

Necklace - Next recently. I still can't find the link for it however, they have loads in store for £10!!!

Kirstie, post flight..

I love this look - effortless and chic travel gear!

Jumpsuit - River Island, buy here. A very versatile piece that rocks with flats and heels!

Drapy sleeveless gilet (or whatever it's called!?!) - River Island. This is a fab piece that adds a gorgeous layer over so many of her outfits! Buy here.

Bag - Next, this one is a few years old, borrowed (on a long term agreement) from yours truly.

The First Night...

We landed just after midnight so (in a non hardcore way) didn't go out that night. The first night followed the first day of sunshine and in true tradition, was one of the biggest (messiest) ones of the holiday!

I love this outfit (even if I do say so myself)... I first wore it in Cancun earlier this year, featured here.

Harem Pants - These were from Zara at the end of last summer, they are a gorgeous satin effect and in hindsight, I should have saved them for the end of the holiday due to their bagginess and the fact they hide a multitude of sins (7 days of all inclusive living takes no prisoners!!)

Blouse - This is also Zara. A loose fitting cross over fit with a cheeky plunge!

Heels - The red Office heels I picked up a couple of weeks ago, featured here with link.

Bag - Topshop leather snakeskin effect clutch, purchased before Christmas and a much loved accessory in my wardrobe!

We ate in one of the A La Carte restaurants, Fish & Love (hence the table linen and knife..)

Rings - I can't remember where this ring set was from (possibly Accessorise..?) however, loved the aqua with the other blues in the outfit.

The New Bikini...

I love the 50's style bikinis trending right now but can't get my head around the high waisted bottoms, this does absolutely nothing for the tan line challenge so, I always go for a bandeau top (no strap marks above the chest basically) and just regular bottoms - Note, no tie sides either, they do nothing for me and I'm scared I'll get them caught in the sun lounger and have a 'grab and hide' moment poolside (no one needs to see that!).

I have been on the search for new bikinis for a couple of months and although there are some beautiful ones out there, non really met my (basic) criteria, until this one...;

This photo doesn't really do it justice, this is as close up as you are gonna' get from me...(baring in mind I swore I'd never show a bikini shot previously)!!

I picked this one up hours before we flew out (in a 'I needed another bikini' moment) from New Look. It's one of the Kelly Brook for New Look range (all of which are fab!).

You can buy here. Available in jade, khaki and black.

Glasses - Chanel.

Hitting The Shops...(Part 1)

I clearly live in a bubble sometimes, a bubble that wasn't aware how GOOD the shopping can be in Turkey!!! The hotel had a small mall which proved to be a taster of the delights waiting in the local town, Belek..;

Skirt - An old favourite (buy new every year though..) black tube skirt from H&M, perfect for chucking on for the day and over a bikini..Who doesn't love a £3.99 skirt!

Vest - Back basic Topshop vest (one of them 2 for £8 ones).

Lace vest - Another H&M buy last summer, it's loose fitting and hangs well over the fitted black vest and skirt.

Sandals - The trusty Aldo ones, buy here.

The Hermes bag - contains the Hermes box which, contains the Hermes belt I picked up for a 'good price'...I'll introduce you soon...

Night Two...

Another night, another restaurant in the hotel...;

Horizontal stripes on the ass, yikes!!

First up, the humidity wasn't too bad at night, hence the hair down and straight... I can't remember the last holiday I wore my hair down!

Top - This has been in my wardrobe for years and been worn maybe once..(??).. I love the colour and the buttoned feature back on it (hence the ass shot to show the detail..). This was from Topshop. 

Skirt - Again, a heavy jersey material and good enough quality for wearing at night (you know, doesn't sag at the ass after sitting down for 5 minutes). This was also from Topshop a while ago!

Necklace - 'The' Zara statement necklace featured here.

Heels - If you haven't seen them already, where have you been??! One of the best buys of the year for me so far from ASOS! They aren't online anymore however, there are loads similar on ASOS.

I guess so far my 'outfit proportion rule' is apparent... Legs out means high (ish) neckline or, vice versa (bikini not included of course)...

Do you have clothing balance rules? How did I do so far?


P.S. A very happy birthday to Kirstie today!


  1. Amazing photos - we're in N.Cyprus now and I find dressing in the heat such hard work! You make it look effortless! We gatecrashed a wedding last night:) Lots of photos on the blog xx

    1. I love a good gate crash!!
      Thank you, I was melting when I stepped out of the air con ;)
      Have a fab holiday, I'm off to look at your pics!!

  2. Some gorgeous look as usual Karen, especially love the harem one. Seen that top in the Zara sale kicking myself I didn't buy now,it's such a gorgeous shade of blue! Oh and how handy are those little Lycra skirts?! Perfect holiday wear! Xx

    1. They have quite a few of these shirts in, I love this one as its not like anything I have... It's just ended up next to the skorts in the ironing pile and I see another outfit!!

      H&M skirts rock!!

      Thank you


  3. Hiyyyyaaaaa...welcome back :)

    Ledge outfits as per....and props to you for showing us your bikini (it's a hottie...and are you!!! Smokin' bod!!)

    Squeal!! We can be belt twins now :)

    1. Coooo eeee!! Thanks lovely!!! That bod is now hidden by the all inclusive over eating body!! ; )

      SQUEAL back, I can't wait to wear it!! Yay for belt twins x

  4. Love your outfit from the first night, you hair looks gorgeous :-)

    1. Thanks Megan! It's surprising what a few pins, a bun ring and a lot of hairspray can do ; ) x


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