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Page Turning Returns for AW...

I pulled up on my drive yesterday, the air con was blasting out, the temperature showed as just over 30 (!!!) and before the keys were even out the ignition, I saw it... the big cardboard package up against the front door...The new Next Directory was right there!!

It's surreal flicking through the AW style when you're melting from the inside out but still, it's NEW!!!

So, just like my summer post on 'Page Turning', I bring you my initial finds on the first page turning pass (and an insight to what I've gone and ordered already!!)...

Just as before, I'm working from the front...;

Fluted dress - The black and red versions both look like great 'work' dresses. Wear now and in the winter. Buy here.

I love this whoooole ensemble!! Navy check top and matching trousers, HELLO!!  Perfect for the office as a 'suit' and also as separates...Buy here. Oh yeah, they also do a dress in the same fabric, loving that too!

Basic tops in black, red and cream... these would work both in and out of work...Jeans, PU skirt, skinny trousers...£22 well spent! Buy here. (Oh and how gorge is this girl!!)

This skirt also looks like a winner, it's part of a suit...I'm not sure I'd do the whole suit in a oner...For work with a blouse and courts, play with a tee and strappy heels! Buy here.

This is a fine knit skirt available in various colours... For me, wear the animal print now with heels or flats and a bright cami, come the winter just add tights, biker boots and a fitted biker jacket...Buy here.

I have so much love for this metallic long line blazer! Great colour, love how it's been styled here...The downside for me (ohhh, it's all about me) doesn't come in petite and would drown me...A great buy, get it here.

I have some very similar to this from Dotty P's last year and I can't recommend these enough... I have worn them to death, a great lazy 'what to wear' pair of pants that you can dress up with a blouse/dressy top or rock with a battered tee! They are also featured in the blazer outfit above... Buy here.

Another red dress...Also available in green and black...Looks like a good cut and very versatile, again! Buy here.

Both of these are going 'in the basket'!! Buy here.

This lace top comes in several colours and I reckon a good piece to have in the new wardrobe...I likey how they have styled it too with the PU skirt. Buy the top here and skirt here.

On first glance, a great looking denim shirt (which are hard to come by)...This would rock with the PU skirt! Buy here.

YES!! This is very similar to my dress (worn here) and to be honest, a theme of things to come this season (ok next season, I'm not throwing the summer away yet!). Buy here and where with PU skirt, the coated jeans, red, yellow... Get.Involved!

Told you you'd see this again (so sooooon?!!)... OK, this is a light weight version of the one above! Buy here. This absolutely needs a huge statement necklace adding!

Sorry for the bad pic, the best I could get...

This will see you through for years... A classic! Buy here.

I have a belt similar and it gets a lot of wear...Styled here with the red shift dress above! Buy here.

I realise my colour scheme is fairly 'capsule' shall we say...Why am I drawn to these colours already?! 

I'm really impressed how much more choice there is in the petite range too, nice one Next!

What have you 'page turned'? Any of these? Something with more colour?



  1. awesome stuff,the bag is my fav! :)

    1. Thanks!! I love page turning!! The bag is gorgeous!! x

  2. I love the navy check pants and top!! Do they fit well? I might have to single white female you and get these as they'll be perfect for the office x

    1. SWF away, be my guest ; ) They've arrived today and are quite generous... I may have to go down a size as I like fitted clothes for work..x


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