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Lydia Comes To Town...

Last night, (yes, on a school night!!) I was lucky enough to get an invite to the VIP launch of the Bella Sorella UK Pop Up Tour at Cabot Circus in Bristol...

If you watch TOWIE, you'll know that the main store is based in Loughton (Essex, of course) and belongs to the lovely Lydia Rose Bright!

The event opened at 6pm and passers by were just as intrigued as I was...'Thing is, I wasn't entirely sure I'd be in to the whole 'TOWIE' style... Turns out, Lydia's style is not 'in-keeping' with my perception and actually, I loved the range in the pop up store! Obviously, there is only a capsule range on the tour which features some gorgeous jewellery,a selection of homeware and dresses, lots of beautiful dresses!!

We were greeted with champagne (which flowed generously, thank you) and (whoooo hooo), in my case, a compliment from the lady herself within seconds of stepping over the door!! Lydia loved my new skort!!

We browsed (tried on and shopped in my case), got to chat with Lydia, Georgia (her sister who is also involved with the store) and, her team!!

I was lucky enough to get 5 minutes with the lovely Lydia...Here's an insight of our conversation/my observations..;

Noted that I have a darker tan than 'TOWIE'... Lydia is tastefully, the exception and, I've just had a week in Turkey!

  • Lydia is a very friendly, confident, down to earth person who made everyone welcome..
  • She's passionate about her brand and product..
  • She has the most A.MAZING teeth... I swear I could see my own reflection in them..
  • She's summed up her style/range saying that she gets inspiration from everywhere... She keeps mood boards and adds cuttings, vintage jewellery, colour swatches, looks and styles and brings them together and adds her own identity..
  • This new drop is her third collection that contains various themes such as lace, crochet and vintage designs...Lydia loves the sophistication of 50's glamour...(this shone through in the collection!)
  • I asked her what her current favourite pieces are..Without hesitation Lydia named The Kitty Dress ! 

I've had a scout on the Bella Sorella website and one of my favourites has to be the Jasmin dress, stunning and completely timeless! Have a look on the Bella Sorella website, the price range is very reasonable!

Here's some pics from the night..;

The Cabot Circus Pop Up Store front..
Lydia rocking a dress from the new collection..
I homed straight in on the 'skort' in the top right of this pic, beautiful! 
Papped!! Shopping + Champagne = Perfection...
A sneaky changing room shot...
... I did buy the mustard shift dress from the gorgeous Georgia..

It wouldn't be a post if I didn't feature what I wore...

Blue Skort - New collection in Zara, available here. The 'new' skort is a slightly different cut to the previous (here), I still LOVE them (and so does Lydia...)

Blouse - New collection in Zara...available here. This is sooo not me..I don't think I own anything quite this 'floraly', if at all..That said, I really like it!

Sandals - (Yawns...) Zara...

Bag - The Mulberry Cecily featured here.

If you are in the UK and you can make one of the dates and venues below, I'd say it's worth a visit...(It's made me break my Zara mannequin mode for once)..;

A massive to thanks to Bella Sorella for an incredible night at Cabot Circus, the PR team for being so helpful, Harvey Nics for the goody bag (I will stop soon, I promise... I realise that this isn't the BAFTAs) and Christina for inviting me!! 



  1. I hardly have to tell u I love the new skort lady!! Zara fro. Had to toe, I am impressed. I still haven't worn my Zara sandals, can u believe it! Lydia is lovely, not typical TOWIE, hence I love her style. X

    1. I knew you'd wholly approve!! I was beyond excited when I saw it, loving the colour!

      I can't believe you haven't worn them yet?!?!

      Lydia is really lovely, it's a shame there's not stop off over your way x

  2. You looked gorgeous and I love your photos, they're fab! xx

    1. Thanks Aimee, likewise!!

      Anyone reading this comment should check Aimee's post on the event too, it's bloody brilliant!!


  3. Loved your outfit on the night!
    Also that mustard shift looks stunning on you, good purchase!

    Sophs xx


    1. Thank you, I was made up with it...a bit conscious to be wearing shorts/skort but still, loved it!

      Totally planned to wear the dress this weekend, the bloody weather decided it wasn't to be x

  4. Shutttt Upppp!!!! What a lovely event to be invited to!

    Dress you bought looks fab on you :)


    1. I KNNNNOOOOOOOOOW! Totes amaze! Lydia is so lovely too!

      Thanks, i'm gagging to wear it, bloody weather this weekend decided it wasn't meant to be though!


  5. Love your blog Karen! So well written, you always make me chuckle ;)It was a great night! Can't wait to catch up again soon x


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