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Turkish Delight, Part 3...

Yep, part 3 of the holiday outfits...As the week went on, the clothes got tighter... This wasn't by choice, I didn't pack clothes that got smaller, I was getting bloody bigger!!

The food was just so amazing in the restaurants in the resort...This brings me to the best restaurant of the whole trip, the Teppanyaki!

Night 5...

Starting with what I wore..;

Shorts - These were from Mango a couple of years ago, they have a fine grey/silver animal print and are a soft satin (ish) finish...

Belt - My favourite fierce ASOS belt with spikes and jewels.

Top - This again was from Mango earlier in the year - I failed to get a pic of the low back on this. An easy to wear wardrobe staple.

Heels - I picked these up in Cyprus last year from Stradivarius (I told you I shop EVERYWHERE!)...I've barely worn them...I went against my packing rules with these as they only went with one outfit...needs must...! 

I love my food however, I'm not a #foodie as such, that said the delights in the Tai Pen restaurant were just sooo good...The chef was an artist in his own right, chucking eggs in the air and cracking them on the blade mid flight so that they split perfectly on to the hot plate leaving just the shell balancing on the blade...(I can barely crack an egg on a bowl without having to fish out half the fragmented shell!)... There was food flying all over the place, he sliced lemons and caught them in his hat whilst cooking up a storm! 

Just the veg!

I usually chuck my rice in a pan of boiling water...
After he created the rice heart he gave it a heart beat....truly spectacular!!!

Back at the shops...

After surveying the shops a few days before, we returned to make some purchases at 'good prices'...You can barter in Turkey and we did just that! It is worth shopping around as they stock low, mid and high quality items... get up close and check them out first!

Skirt - I picked this up in Zara in Cancun in March, I hadn't see it over here however, there's a load in store now!

Vest - A Zara racer back loose fitting vest with a gold zip at the back = the perfect chuck on.

Bangles - My favourite selection from H&M.

Flip Flops - These are my 'pool' flip flops, I bought these from Banana Republic a few weeks ago. They are a neutral colour so go with everything!

The second purchase...

Meet the new "Prada" purse... it's made from the softest buttery leather, ever!

I'm back to work tomorrow (something has to pay for shoes, bags, purses, fabulous holidays..) and I'll be posting the last instalment of Turkish Delight tomorrow night...Until then..



  1. Yet more fabulous outfits, and that purse is Devine!! Love the food on holidays, I must have consumed my own body weight in food everyday on honeymoon in the Maldives, it was the best part of the holiday (don't tell the hubs that lol!)

    1. HAHA, I totally get your love for holiday food, I love it (maybe a little too much!)..You aren't going to believe this (maybe you will) will honeymooned in Dubai and then the Maldives...

      Thank you!!

      The purse is beautiful, it really is!


  2. Found your blog from Love the pics, especially the tepanyaki Heart! I eat tepanyaki a lot but I've never seen that!

    1. Hi Jenna,

      Welcome along ;-)

      Thank you, I can honestly say the best Teppanyaki I have EVER had!!

      I managed a quick look at your blog earlier... I'll be back on later


  3. Hi,you're so lovely! If you want to take a look at my blog :)

    1. Thanks Sara! I have had a look over at yours, good luck with the blog! ;-) x

  4. I just went through all your holiday posts! You've made me wish for a vacation!! Love ALL your outfits, wish I was that chic when I'm holidaying. xxx

    1. Ahhh thank you QE, that's lovely of you to say!!

      Thank you x


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