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Meanwhile, Over On Instagram...

Whilst on my holibobs, I got into the habit of uploading my #OOTD (that means outfit of the day, mum) onto Instagram...Since being back, I've tried to keep it up, probably because this weather makes me feel like I'm still away!

The continued sunshine has been a good excuse to dig into the back of the wardrobe and pull out some old favourites! 

Here's some of my recent pics (in not so recent clothes..) from Instagram...;

Tee - Zara a few months ago, they still have them in..It's one of those £15 linen mix ones usually on the round rails...

Shorts - H&M...These are a fairly recent purchase but, not showing on their website...

Sandals - 'THE' Aldo ones...I've had my money's worth out of these beauties!

Bag - Michael Kors in the Selfridges sale a few weeks ago!!

Black bandeau bra top - New Look.

Later that day, taking the Michael Kors for a cider...

I love where we live..(especially when it's sunny!)

I'm pretty sure the combined age of this outfit is 8 years +...

Dress - Zara...Purchased in my MOST FAVOURITE Zara location, the Barcelona flagship store, 4/5 years ago!

Heels - River Island a couple of summers ago... I first bought them in the in the April, by the May I had bought a second pair...Yep, I thank my obsessive foresight!

My FIRST "skorts"....These were from Reiss a couple of summers ago..

Bag - Oasis...I picked this up a couple of months ago...I can't find it online, there is this one that's similar and in the sale though! (You.Are.Welcome.)

Denim shorts - H&M...These are new!

Black cami - Topshop, also new!! Buy here!

Sunglasses - Chanel.

My new favourite drink...Blackberry & Elderflower Pimms! Wine glass stands, John Lewis/Waitrose.

Blouse - New Look. This was a recent purchase however, the cream isn't available online although, is in store!...That said, I've seen an identical one today in Primark!!

Shorts - Very old denim shorts from Zara.

Bag - Ted Baker, last summer.

Sandals - Nine West...These were in the darkest depths of the shoe cupboard, not even in a box, that's how old they are...

Cami - River Island this summer. They have some great colours online and in store too! Buy here.

Patterned Pants - These little treasures were £5 in the Primark sale last summer!

Necklace - Oasis...3/4 years ago, eassssy!

Playsuit - Topshop...quite possibly 2-3 years old..

Bun - essential in this weather!

Last up, today's outfit...

This skirt is quite possibly 4-5 years old... It's fit, not fit, split (thanks to Our Kid for 1) Pointing it out just before this photo and 2) Mending it there and then) and been worn in all seasons!

Tee - Zara linen mix tee.

Necklace - Next, this summer.

Sandals - Zara...Purchased pre summer sale..I understand that these have sold out!!


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  1. Ace selection as per! (That Zara oldie dress is in Spanish Zaras is doubly-exciting innit!)

    And those wine glass stands are too good...Pimms is so heaven...with...anything...slurp :)

    1. Thanks as per!!!

      My mum hit back with some comedy genius on the MS facebook page under this post...

      "GYTMT. (glad you told me that) Karen xxxxx"



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