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Packing, My Rules...

In just a few hours I'll be 'up up and away' heading to sunnier shores and I gotta' be honest (as the rain trickles down the window), I can.not.wait!

I've been asked a few times about my holiday prep/packing rules (it's clear I'm a little OCD about it, right?!) so, here goes... ;

The Prep...

I'm always looking for outfit inspiration so in my usual organised fashion, I started a board on Pinterest for just this...This coupled with recent purchases are the basis of where I started the prep...

Last weekend (in-between hangover hell and the constant eating), I pulled out the items I wanted to take, piled them all on the bed and started a mass try on sesh! I experimented with mixing up new and old stuff and then added accessories etc...I realise this was a whole week before my travels but, I just can't cope with the thought of last minute panic packing, I will forget stuff and lie on the beach wishing I'd packed something that's now thousands of miles away!

Depending on the type of holiday/break I'm going on does depend how I pack...At least one trip a year is an 'organised' trip with work (I refer you back to Cancun in March). This always has an itinerary/dress codes so I pack to that...Literally writing the outfits of choice next to each event on the list!!! 

That said, whether it's 'the work trip' or 'my' holiday, I still plan every outfit, a different one for each night...This isn't because I can't bare to be seen in the same thing twice, I don't trust myself not to spill a drink or drop food down my front...(maybe a statement bib is more appropriate?!).

The day outfits are easy, lightweight, easy, throw over bikini items that are suitable for pool bar lunches then, a couple of outfits for popping out of the resort to sight see...(SHOP!)...

Obviously, without doubt, I find it easier to pack when you know you're going to good weather, I find it tough packing for unpredictable weather!

The Packing...

I pack in 'outfits' (after I have noted what is going in and being worn with what... I realise how bad this sounds..)...This includes the shoes, the bag and any accessories! Then, in a glass half empty state, I also split my things across the two cases (You.Never.Know) obviously, keeping the 'outfits' together.

I don't over pack, I have just enough and then a couple of 'basics' that mix and match with most things, just in case...

Shoes are kept to a minimum, I try and have no more than 3 pairs for evening outfits which, proves tricky sometimes when one outfit only works with one pair of shoes (middle class problems, I know..)...Needs must! Oh and on top of this, one neutral pair of flip flops that are for the day... That's ONE pair!

Accessories are packed into handbags to save space and all toiletries are treble wrapped in a mass of carrier bags to avoid unfortunate spillages/explosions in the hold.

Lastly, I always leave room for some 'souvenir' shopping...I love shopping (surprise) abroad, you can pick up unique pieces that are usually reasonably priced and if not, not available on our shores so worth picking up anyway!

What are your packing tricks? Are you OCD about packing? Do you prep like me or, are you a last minute 'chuck stuff in a case' kinda' person?


Primark AW13 Preview...

Two days ago (yep, on the ball), Primark hosted a press day to showcase their picks of their Autumn Winter range and honestly, it looks fairly tasty!!

We've barely broken into summer and knits are starting to appear, I actually find it quite exciting, what's next, what are we gonna' be lusting after?!!

Here are a few cheeky little pictures from the showcase, some stolen from 'Poppy D' (who gave me permission I might add) to use ;

First up and, my fave item of clothing by a mile, this lightweight knit!! I see it rocking with battered denim and some strappy heels on the dry days and severe points on the feet when the temperature plummets again!

(The blue stickers are 'the nod' by the fash journalists - like it, stick it)

I love the cut and colour of this coat, it looks very similar to my Zara one featured here. A versatile piece that would work for the smart work look just over black trousers and a crisp white shirt or more casj, over jeans.

And then the shoes...My new found love for Primark shoes this year came with the £12 pair that go with everything (featured here) and not having to worry if they get wet, scuffed etc...plastic soles = all weather treads!

On first glance they all look like statement buys! Apparently, they will all be priced under £20 too!

Up close with middle row, far left...I want them NOOOOOWWW!!

This necklace looks very promising, I love an accessories haul in Primark, the best way to update your wardrobe!

Now, the next two are undeniably tartan... As it stands right now, I'm guessing I won't be buying in to this look (fast forward a few months and let's see shall we), a bit 'punky' for me maybe and also, it's too close to a skirt (hybrid dress thing with built in vest) I had when I was about 5 that, quite clearly, I have never gotten over....

I see this jacket with khaki skinnies and some fierce boots!

There's also this, already in store and an update of the khaki jacket that flooded the rails last season...Lightweight, long, versatile and about £20!! Also available in a light tan colour.
I had to include this pretty little number...This has summer wedding, garden party, lunch with the girls written alllllll over it, especially for £17! I love the back detail. This could be worn girlie or toughened up with a biker jacket, some sharp toes and chunky gold!

What do you think? Have you seen any other pieces that have you itching for in the new drop? Would you choose these items and how would you style them up?


P.S. Big up to Poppy D for letting include some of her images!

Simple Basics...

I for one can sometimes over think or, try too hard when putting an outfit together...Sometimes though, simple is good!

This weekend I 1) Had a major sleep deficit/hangover 2) Didn't have the time/energy to work with my wardrobe or, have an ounce of inspiration for that matter... Times like these usually involve banging on the slacks and going off the fashion radar...That said, there were TWO lunches in so, I had to get dressed...*simple basics enter stage left*...;

Saturday Lunch

Top - A jersey (flock effect) bat winged, dip hem top from Topshop. Similar here.

Jeans - The Lacey Topshop jeans I LOVE! They fit and wear really well (and are available in petite too!!). Buy here.

Sandals - My new fave go-to shoe, tan and white... GO.WITH.EVERYTHING!! These are the Zara ones I picked up a few weeks ago and featured here. They went into the sale so, go stalk them out if you want some... look high and low in Zara, they'll be there!

Bag - My beautiful Mulberry Cecily bag, featured here.

Bangles - A new purchase from the Banana Republic sale.

My theory with this outfit was to go basic and add the bag and bangles to finish the look...Understated lunch look, done.

Sunday Lunch

Yeah, I know...Not massively different, it was the best I could do based on points 1 & 2 in my opener to this post!

Top - Again, another Topshop jersey bat winged, dip hem top...This one is not so recent but again, they always have these in the jersey section and very similar in the link above for the white top.

Jeans - Diesel, about 3 years old and as comfy as my PJ's, a winner when going out for a Sunday Roast with the family!!

Sandals - Told you they go with EVERYTHING!

Bag - The Ted Baker one I have featured a few times! I picked this up last summer, cost per wear is now in negative figures I reckon! 

Bangles - New fave. arm wear from Banana Republic!

Hand/hip pose for the full bat wing benefit!

Banana Republic bangles, very Michael Kors...

Heels up close accompanied with the new Shellac, 'Hollywood'

I realise that this isn't groundbreaking style, I guess this is me on a 'day off'...

There's nothing wrong with dressing the basics, I have just added my twist to the looks...heels, bag and bangles. What do you add? Lipstick? Killer heels? Statement necklace?

Holiday packing update - TWO cases are being used, my outfits are shortlisted and neatly piled on the spare bed...Operation pack, 95% complete.

I will be posting here whilst I'm away so make sure you keep in touch!! 

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Leather & Lace...

I've said before that Friday nights are my 'want to stay on the sofa and close the curtains' nights...I avoid plans at all costs (mainly due to the inconsolable dark bags under my eyes!) however, a surprise 4.0. has been in the diary for some time and last night, was the night! 

From the second I stepped in the front door after work the pressure was on...It felt like one whirlwind movement; Shower/make-up/hair/try not to get too hot in the ridiculous humidity that creates unwanted face sweats/hair frizz khaos whilst, still looking fresh as a daisy, all in 50 minutes! The fact that the arrival at our beautiful birthday girls house was strictly timed meant, there was absolutely NO room for slippage!

Of course, I had my outfit planned (you know by now I could never leave that to even a minimum of 2 days before!)...

As we left home I squeezed in 30 seconds to get some blog shots...Although there was some gorgeous early evening sunshine for my pics, I hadn't banked on the hurricane like 'breeze' that picked up as the camera was poised to go...TRIFFIC!

The Outfit...;

This is not a back-combed unfortunate gust of wind created the 90's raise!
The detail up close...

(P)Leather peplum top - Zara. I picked this up in January and took the tag off yesterday!! There just hadn't been the 'right' occasion...

Lace Skirt - Zara... Again, an old faithful that also works dressed down.

Belt - ASOS. I picked this up at Christmas and although I spotted it in a 'sale email', it's gone... buy similar here.

Heels - ASOS... You know these well, right? 

Clutch - Topshop. A verrrry old snakeskin print clutch I picked up in the sale!

Blazer - (SPOT THE ERROR) I did have a white blazer with me and, even on at points (not the cropped white tux Mango one featured here, I have two*...) however, in the previously mentioned 'get out the door' whirlwind, didn't get a picture!

*They are soooo different!

Back to the surprise...The beautiful Sandy turned 40 in the week, a cunning and perfectly executed plan saw us all descending on her at the same time last night..SUUUURRRPPPRRRIIISSSSEEE..;

Left to right;

Claire - 8 and a half months preggers (!!!) Wearing ASOS Maternity, killer heels and a statement necklace. Claire seriously sets standards for looking awesome when pregnant!

Sandy - THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! Rocking a River Island dress (featured a few months ago here that I missed out on when I decided to invest!!)...MAJOR OUTFIT ENVY! Shoes from Next.

Mel - Warehouse jumpsuit, Warehouse gold cuff, Warehouse Gold statement necklace and 'the' Office red shoes! (I know everything about this outfit as we shopped together for it, more below...).

Kirstie - Dress from Next (incidentally, her hubby picked it up as a surprise for her in the week!). Shoes are nude peep toes from New Look.

Me - (You know this).

Kat - White blazer, heels and patterned pants, ALL from Primark!! Cami from New Look.

A special mention to Ad who patiently took our pics!

Mel's details up close..;

The perfectly matched nail varnish is Max Factor 'Red Carpet Glam'

Dinner was at one of the best restaurants in Bristol, San Carlos! If you ever find yourself in Bristol, it's a MUST!! The menu is extensive and the food is IN.CRED.IB.LE!!

All in all, a fantastic night that went on until the early hours this morning!!...Apologies for the pretty poor (and lack of) pictures... Less time necking bubbles, more time taking great photos would have resulted in me feeling considerably better than I do today! 


Red Shoes...

I've been on the 'Mission;Style' hunt for a pair of colour popping heels... Closed toe, pointed heels and a string colour for, what feels like FOREVER...It was during an outfit shopping trip for a friend last week that I saw them in the window of Office... I literally halted as I saw them there (almost waving at me).. bright red and cobalt blue both in the window!

I tried on both and bagged up the red within a few minutes...(so did my friend so I didn't feel too bad for crashing 'her' shopping trip!). Since then, they have had THREE outings...

1 - Tonight... Dinner out;

Shoes - Office, buy here.
Shirt - ASOS, buy here.
Jumpsuit - River Island, buy here.
Bag - Topshop, still not online but similar here.
Lipstick - Mac Ruby Woo.
Neckgear - Zara, no longer online but featured in my post here (and in loads more as I live in it!)
Hair - My trusty bun ring with hair twisted and pinned around said ring instead of parted around the donut.

2 - In the week..;

Khaki pants - River Island... they are as old as the hills..
Shirt - Zara a few months ago.
Cuff - Warehouse (sale) last week!

3 - Sunday (straight after the purchase)...;

Yeah, I was overly excited to get these on!!

Jeans - New Look...(probably older than the khaki pants!!)
Top - H&M
Neckgear - Next.. I can't find online however, featured here last week.

Here are some other looks I've posted on Pinterest involving red heels that I love ;

Have you invested in any colour popping heels? How are you styling them?

In other news, the husband has just suggested that we take ONE suitcase on holiday next week.... NEVER.HAPPENING.


Get It Or, Regret It....

I see these rails but, just like sale rails, I have to be in the mood to browse... Last weekend during my 'I'm taking some stuff back' trip to the shops, I confessed to making a 'couple' of purchases (justification, I was still 'up' after the returns so it was totally free?!?)....

Anyway, I was in Topshop trying to find the 'white statement necklaces' (as featured here) when out of the corner of my eye I saw 'IT'... The dress I blogged about, then saw on someone and then, when it was too late, REALLY wanted!! I walked over to the rail thinking that the lone dress would never be my size and HAL.LE.U.JAH, it only bloody was!!! This joy was followed by a quick try on, a Whatsapp pic to bestie in Oz and then, a very jubilant purchase!

The dress is the same cut as the Topshop Neon Animal Print one which caused split opinions due to the shape... It's loose fitting and yes, on my petite frame, doesn't flatter the curves I have... Balls, I love the dress, I can bang a belt on it (just as I did with the previously mentioned) and change it up ORRRRR, wear with 80 deniers, biker boots and a biker jacket!

Last night, I dressed the dress for the occasion, my (does not look anywhere near 40 at all) friends birthday bash at fab boutique hotel...;

Getting a photo to show the low dip hem at the back proved tricky...

Some lucky shellac and clutch matching magic...

The neck gear that has left bruising after throwing a 'running man' move into the Motown set last night!

Dress - Topshop (Get It Or, Regret It Rail)...Absolutely no link.. I've been looking for months, trust me!

Heels - Primark

Statement Necklace - Topshop...(It distracted me from the 'white' I was looking for last week, buy here and don't do the running man in it!)

Clutch - M&S...that's not actually a 'clutch'...Meet my 'travel documents file' in heavy disguise that doubled as the perfect colour pop...

The birthday girl...;

Simply stunning!

The moral of the story... Get It, Or Regret It!!


Selfridges Sale Result...

FAO The Chancellor,

With regards to the spending issues and concerns about the UK economy...I've got your back!

I thought I'd share with you how I invested in 'your' economy...To be honest, although I have had the greatest sale success of alllll time, I appreciate that half price items don't help in the grand scheme of things however, when I buy two like that!

It must have been January when I first laid my eyes on the Cecily Flower Bag (Mulberry sweet cheeks, in case you didn't know)...Anyway, I only went and picked it up for half the price (major result) in the first day of the Selfridges sale... I know that this probably isn't good for you on paper however, the amazing news is that I also invested my hard earned cash on a further bag too...(spending is definitely on the up!)

The Mulberry...

And, Michael Kors... 

I'm sure you really appreciate my contribution, maybe a re-tweet wouldn't hurt...Oh and you can follow me here...;


Just to finish up, I took Cecily out for welcome drinks and some food earlier, any chance you could have a word and drop the tax on champagne (the drink of choice) and cider (sunny day garden drink), I'm thinking this could mean more cash for future investments in your economy...

Much Love,


Working It....

Ok, not in the 'finger clicking/girl-frrrrriiiiend' sense more, what I really wear to work.

My job involves a fair amount of travelling, I'm customer facing, seeing clients from office managers to board level yet, I also work out of an office and can be home based too... 

Home based is easy... 'Nuff said really (not in a onesie wearing way), talking to a procurement director whilst rocking a cartoon based ensemble doesn't bode well for a 'high level' conversation, smart casj really..

When it comes to work wear my style is fairly conservative (because it has to be), clean lines, tailored/fitted (in a non whore manner), minimal flesh and good quality! That said, I'm also prone to a work wear bargain and will mix designer with High Street quite happily, especially if I'm wearing a suit.

I sometimes struggle for work clothes inspiration as I'm limited by the above. My quest lately, to add a little more colour and my own twist to a look... I spend more time in work clothes than anything else so, really need to step it up!

Today I bring you a selection of my latest work wear outfits that are ALL from the High Street...

The dresses..;

The dress - Warehouse last summer. (Occasionally I'll add a skinny belt with a bow detail at the front of it too..craaaazy eh?!)

Boucle jacket - New Look last year (maybe longer).

Dress - Warehouse (again) last summer (again)

Boucle jacket - New Look (again)... (Stay with me...)

Dress - Oasis. You may recall this dress from a post here recently. Buy the dress here. Major result, this dress is machine washable too! (Nothing worse than spending the value of the dress 10 times over in dry cleaning in a few months!!)

Bag - Oasis, also featured in this post.

Shoes - These old things??! They are probably my most fave shoes, I picked them up in a Kurt Geiger sale a couple of years ago.

Dress - Oasis (again)... This time with an ASOS gold belt.

Shoes - Aldo. Featured in this post here. Buy here, I've just ordered another pair as I copied the link!!!

Poor pic quality, sorry!

Dress - French Connection in January.. I love this dress but it's a '60-80 denier only' dress.. The hem is waaaay too short to wear without them for work!

Peplum jacket - French Connection in January

Bag - Prada

Heels - Aldo, my previous favourite pair for work that have since been laid to rest!

Belt - Primark.

Dress - Next. I picked this one up in their sale a couple of weeks ago. The fabric gathers at one side (very flattering) and is almost identical in cut to a Whistles dress I have.

The Trousers...;

I'm afraid I tend to stick to simple trousers for work... Black, grey, ones with a slight polka dot (that's me pushing the boundaries, honestly!)

Trousers - Next, slim fit petite. I found these last year and immediately bought a second pair! They wash and wear really well and are still going strong!

Blouse - French Connection about 12 months ago however, they have some in  now (AND IN THE SALE) here.

(Awful photo, granted but it was a pre-5am shot!) 

The Trousers - These are the polka dot ones I was on about, purchased from Next 6 months ago.

Jacket - Topshop, again it's 12 months old and originally I wore it with jeans, it now sits in the 'workwear' section of my wardrobe.

Belt - Next... it just added something to it I think..

Trousers - The trusty Next slim fit ones

Blouse - Warehouse... This is older than my car, my house and most things in my wardrobe combined!!

Fitted cardy (because the weather took a plunge a few weeks ago!) - Topshop last year.

Shoes - Dune a couple of years ago...I was in the office this day, I couldn't 
possibly wear these to see customers!!

The Jumpsuits that aren't...;

After posting both of these looks on WIWT recently I was asked if they were jumpsuits.. Nah, just some peg leg trousers, a black top (same black of course!) and a waist belt to hide the join..

Trousers - Miss Selfridge peg leg trousers.

Top - H&M. I picked this up last week for about £8!!

Belt - I can't remember where it was from.. It's slighted studded and fastens at the back.

Heels - The ASOS ones (it's been a while since you've seen them, surely...?!)

(It's becoming increasingly clear I mix and match stuff up..)

Trousers - Miss Selfridge peg leg...

Jacket - Topshop

Belt - ASOS 

Bag - Mulberry

Top - Wallis - a shear top with a fitted cami underneath, very easy to chuck on!

Trousers - Next slim fit *yawns at self*

Top - Topshop sale buy recently (they still have some!)

Jacket - H&M, this one was a sale buy at Christmas and set me back a staggering £15!!

Does your work environment limit the clothes you can wear? 

Do you struggle with feeling like you live in the same things? 

Do you have a go-to place that I need to know about!?

PS. My bestie also posts on 'workwear dilemmas' on her blog here.

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