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The White Out...

I've been planning a post for a few weeks on the 'white out' that's trending right now... I first got the whole white thing in my head when I saw this combo in Zara a couple of months ago..;

It will not surprise you to know that I'm getting right on this...Believe it or not, I am going to need to make some investment (goes without saying) to work this fully but for now, this was an outfit from the week..;

Off white (not dirty, of course) customised jeans...(more on this below)
Cream New Look cami, buy here.
The Zara statement necklace makes an appearance after a short break.
Aldo sandals, buy here. (They do them in white too!)

Just in case you've missed seeing the Zara necklace..
Back to the 'battered and ripped' jeans I wore....I turned my hand to a little bit of customising this week...I really fancied some ripped-up white jeans but, couldn't find what I was looking for...(enter an old pair stage right)...

I'm not at all adventurous when it comes to changing up my threads 'in-house' so, with a little help from Google, I decided to give it a bash and overall, I'm happy with the result!

The jeans already fit well (old Topshop ones), there was the tiniest stain on one of the legs so I couldn't wear them anymore, guess where I started??!!

The tools - a block of wood and a Stanley knife...I worked out where I wanted the rips to be, chucked the wood inside the leg and dragged the knife sideways over the denim whilst holding on to the wood! Although there was no blood shed, I did get a little carried away and went straight through a couple of parts, oh well...perfect would look wrong anyway, right..?

Here's a couple more white out's I've seen over the last couple of days..;

I saw this image on Pinterest this week, I have major neckwear envy (Mr T probably does too) especially worked with the cheeky mid-drift cut on the tank..

This is the beautiful Christina of Justsofashion blog, we met up for the Mimi Noor event in Bath last night.. (due to technical reasons, that post will follow in the next couple of days..)...I so very nearly wore white out too, combined we'd have looked like we had stepped straight out of the Persil advert!

Last up, I've shortlisted the next statement necklace purchase to one of these which, are ALL Topshop..;

It's probably obvious which one the favourite is...

So, whilst I'm going to join the white out, I will also be investing a family sized Vanish stick...I have form!



  1. You did a very good job with your jeans. Better than any I've seen in store. Not sure I'm brave enough though! A lovely outfit top to toe.

    1. Sorry, I hit reply too quick! Give it a go on an old pair!! x

  2. Great work with the jeans and love the New Look cami. Loved your work look from yesterday, where are the trousers from?

    1. Thank you! The New Look cami wears so well too!
      The trousers were from Next about 6 months ago..

    2. Thanks, must make a trip to Next xx

  3. Fab DIY-ing!!
    Love it :)

    1. Thanks Belle... Already eyeing up the next pair to get shredded!


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