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Get It Or, Regret It....

I see these rails but, just like sale rails, I have to be in the mood to browse... Last weekend during my 'I'm taking some stuff back' trip to the shops, I confessed to making a 'couple' of purchases (justification, I was still 'up' after the returns so it was totally free?!?)....

Anyway, I was in Topshop trying to find the 'white statement necklaces' (as featured here) when out of the corner of my eye I saw 'IT'... The dress I blogged about, then saw on someone and then, when it was too late, REALLY wanted!! I walked over to the rail thinking that the lone dress would never be my size and HAL.LE.U.JAH, it only bloody was!!! This joy was followed by a quick try on, a Whatsapp pic to bestie in Oz and then, a very jubilant purchase!

The dress is the same cut as the Topshop Neon Animal Print one which caused split opinions due to the shape... It's loose fitting and yes, on my petite frame, doesn't flatter the curves I have... Balls, I love the dress, I can bang a belt on it (just as I did with the previously mentioned) and change it up ORRRRR, wear with 80 deniers, biker boots and a biker jacket!

Last night, I dressed the dress for the occasion, my (does not look anywhere near 40 at all) friends birthday bash at fab boutique hotel...;

Getting a photo to show the low dip hem at the back proved tricky...

Some lucky shellac and clutch matching magic...

The neck gear that has left bruising after throwing a 'running man' move into the Motown set last night!

Dress - Topshop (Get It Or, Regret It Rail)...Absolutely no link.. I've been looking for months, trust me!

Heels - Primark

Statement Necklace - Topshop...(It distracted me from the 'white' I was looking for last week, buy here and don't do the running man in it!)

Clutch - M&S...that's not actually a 'clutch'...Meet my 'travel documents file' in heavy disguise that doubled as the perfect colour pop...

The birthday girl...;

Simply stunning!

The moral of the story... Get It, Or Regret It!!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I love getting comments and feedback on here... Especially the lovely ones!! 😉X

    2. you have a great eye for simplicity and colour!

    3. That's a great compliment I'll take! Thank you x

  2. Gorgeous dress once again! I need to stop reading here, I want it! We have exactly the same taste! Your friend is never 40, I recon someone made a boob on the birth cert or something!! T x

    1. Thank you! I'm gonna' style it with a belt next time I think, I'm struggling with the bagginess... We definitely do have the same taste, I love your skirt on WIWT, I've tried a couple on like that!
      My friend has also got 2 kids!!! I hope I look that good x

  3. Well played on landing this beaut...looks ace :)

    Can't quite picture you doing the 'Running Man' though !?!?!?!


    PS The birthday girl is a hottie!!


      The running man is one of my signature moves!!!!

      Isn't she!!!


  4. Thank you!!!
    I've just checked out your blog, I'm loving your style x


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