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Hola - Part One...

After 10 amazing days, I'm home, the heating is cranked up and I'm bringing you my first post holibobs post..

I didn't planned on blogging whilst being away... This trip was a break from the world, to mentally press pause on life (not on shopping though or thoughts of adding to my never ending wish list of course..) ...This was until Tuesday last week when it decided to rain in an 'end of the world' style down pour and although I'm not one to give up, I threw in the (wet beach) towel and pulled up a chair at one of the many Internet stations in the hotel...It was all going well until I realised I was prohibited to upload photos...I tried...It's OK, I spent the rest of the afternoon in the ENORMOUS mall across the road from the hotel!!!

The first four days were 'el scorchio', I sought entertainment from my favourite holiday past time, people watching whilst keeping hydrated courtesy of the incredible cocktail menu, pretty much all day. 

Over the next couple of days, I'm going to showcase my holiday outfits and an introduction to my Mexican purchases (not a sombrero in sight)...;

Day 1...

An early doors flight out of Gatwick, a flight time 11 and a half hours means comfort dressing...;

Travelling in heels to save valuable space in the case..

I dropped a bit of a wardrobe/landing in immense heat clanger, I didn't pack a change of clothes to throw on just prior to landing..BUGGER! This would usually be an easy travel (scrunches up in bag and doesn't look like rag at the other end) type of skirt/vest combo...I just stood at the carousel admiring those who had thought ahead and looked effortlessly cool having made a smooth transition from UK winter to Mexican heat whilst I was combusting from the inside out and my hair was growing rapidly with the humidity..

After a half hour transfer we arrive at LIVE AQUA..The hotel is A.MAZING, I'm fortunate to have stayed in some of the Best Hotels in The World (not just my opinion, they have this actual award) and although this one doesn't have the fancy plaque telling me this the immense reception (maybe because it's so new), it is right up there with those, full on top class luxury!! In 2012, they won the award for Top Mexican Resort in Travel & Leisure's World's Best Awards, are currently number 2 on Trip Advisor and named one of the worlds best hotels by Expedia...

A link to the hotel... LIVE AQUA..

Once in the room it was a speedy unpack, shower and get the hell out for a drink...;

The accessories all laid out and ready for wear...

On the first night I just chucked on a Topshop midi dress I bought late last summer (which is pretty much maxi on me..), a statement necklace from Republic and my new Aldo sandals (as shown in Sensible Panic Buying)...;

Just add a large bucket of wine...

The midi/maxi was a tactical wear as it hid the fact I was one of the only ones there without a fresh holiday tan! The dress is still available in Topshop here.

Day 2...

We woke to this incredible sunrise...

I love the watching and listening to the Ocean (I put this down to growing up in the Midlands). When I'm away, if the height of the balcony (security first people) and the lack of flying/crawling objects (bugs,lizards etc) allows, I leave the curtains and doors open to lap up as much of this view as possible..

The outfit for this evening was a maxi skirt from Warehouse, a bandeau top from Primark, the Aldo sandals and my travel documents wallet from M&S that doubled up as my clutch!!  
The skirt has a loose pleat in it and has to be 18 months or so old and been worn rain and shine, leather jacket and biker boots, blazer and heels and now this...;

Day 3...

For dinner this evening we booked into one of the fabulous restaurants at the hotel, MB...As with every meal there, it was superb and tonight, then some...I ordered the Lobster Tail... As the waiter walked towards our table, I thought they'd messed up and bought a souffle...No, this was THREE tails..

I could only show the scale of the tails against my wine glass...
After finishing this off, I was half Karen, half lobster!

It turns out my chosen outfit this evening was perfect, I'd opted for a sports luxe, basically loose fitting harem pants and an even looser vest top...These pants are a few years old from New Look, the shoes (and my old faithfuls) are a couple of years old from River Island, then the Primark dip hem vest was over one of those bandeau bra tops from New Look too..

One step away from wearing my PJ's..

After consuming half my body weight in Lobster, they offered coffee which seemed a good idea at the time, I'd hoped it would drag me out of the pending food coma... Like anything at this hotel, they don't do it by halves, the coffee was called a Spanish Coffee. I was blissfully unaware that a) they made it at the table b) it involved A LOT of brandy c) a few scoops of ice cream and finally d) FLAMES!!! It was like a 10 minute floor show.. the whole restaurant seemed to stop mid-chew and turn to see the spectacular before us...

Day 4...

Another tough day on the beach, starting on the Mojito's at 10.30am, because I could...

Dinner was in the Asian influenced restaurant at the hotel, The Hidden Garden... Again, another incredible meal all under the cover of intertwined trees where the breeze kept us cool and the wine, suitably warm...

The outfit of choice tonight has been my most favourite yet for a couple of reasons...

1) I bought these satin (feel, not really) harem pants from Zara last year for about £30 and been gagging to get some wear out of them..
2) I get to wear my new Zara shirt as featured in Sensible Panic Buying..

Happy Easter!

Buenas Noches for now


Be Back Soon...

I'm packed and ready for some sunshine..

Whilst I'm gone you can catch up on posts and take advantage of the offers below that are currently running through Mission;Style..;

  • 20% off at Proporta using code MISSIONSTYLE at the checkout.
  • 10% off at Finicky Shirts when you order a bespoke tailored shirt with David (contact details on the Finicky Shirts post) quoting MISSIONSTYLE and, the chance to win your order*!! (*max of 6 shirts apply)
Last up before I leave on a jet plane...A huge thank you to everyone who has nominated so far, if you haven't and you're enjoying my blog, I'd appreciate your nomination (bloggers you can register yourselves too).. Click here... I'm going in under the Fashion Blogger - Newcomer...If you are kind enough to click away you'll be needing my URL which is

I'm sure I'll be able to hunt down some Wifi (hopefully located near the pool bar..) so, I'll be on twitter @missionstyleuk and also uploading a daily outfit on WIWT.

Stay stylish

Page Turning...

Definition - Turning the corner of the page over on something you like..

I'm a page turner...pages, the old school way to read for you kidz...For the record, I also screen shot too (iPhone users hit the lock button and navigate button at the same time...voila, it's on your camera roll).. Anyway, I've been page turning...

The new Next Directory landed with a thud (literally) on my doorstep a few days ago and I tore open the packaging to flick through, mainly due to the last minute holiday shopping panic that had set in..

Side note 1 - This is an activity I used to share with my bezzie (now living on Bondi Beach...) whenever it came through, we'd 'page turn', review after a couple of glasses of wine (and usually a family size Fruit and Nut), and then place a mammoth order...It wouldn't surprise you to know we ordered pretty much the same stuff and inspired each other to try different looks!

Side note 2 - Next has had a bit of a stigma in the past, being a bit 'mummsie', I think though, pick the right stuff that suits you and you are on a winner because it's priced well and good quality stuff that fits the latest trends..

Side note 3 - They stock petite, I've mentioned I'm barely 5 foot 1 on a big hair day, right?

In the past, I used to only buy one off items for work..Right now I have 2 pairs (bought one after loving the first pair) of the same black cigarette pants - I have had a ridiculous amount of compliments on them and have even had to get the label out to write the code down for some fashionista! BE GONE MYTHS!!

The new Directory is crammed full of pieces that I'd say are investment pieces...For ease, I'm gonna review (as if Andrea were here and, I'm inhaling Fruit and Nut, minus the chocolate, I have a bikini to get into ya' know!) my 'page turners' from the front working through..;

A timeless classic. Just add a colour popping jacket..Work/Occasions

I have something similar that's 2-3 years old - wear on it's own, with a blazer, add colour, add a belt, add heels/flats or throw a jumper over it in the winter, GREAT investment!

Laser cut, Check! Go with everything in the summer, Checcccckkk!

Jacquard Pants - I love all these colours..add a tee, a shirt, a vest, heels, flats...HELLO!!

Separates that rock together! The tee will look great with denim, white, patterned pants..The shorts, dress up/down, add a 60 denier right now..

Yeah, I'm partial to a patterned pant.. add bright pink, orange or bang a blazer on and get corporate..

This will modernise a look and add colour.. simply add with a LBD or with denim shorts,vest and an armful of gold bangles..
I realise I seem to have a theme BUT, orange, studs, zebra print... just add monochrome..?

I detect a colour scheme....These beauties are Capri pants - they flatter everyone I'd say..If you are challenged in the height department (small is beautiful), these are available in petite OR, get them regular length and wear them as 'full length'..?

This sheer sleeve dress is cut to finish at the knee (or just above if you are lucky). The sheer sleeves are perfect if you aren't a fan of getting your arms out, job done! I'd say this is timeless and a good investment, wear it for years and just change the accessories!

Sports Luxe Pants- available in several colours.. add sky high heels, fierce sandals, a tee/vest and a tonne of accessories.

I LOVE THIS (petite out of stock though *very sad face*). Dress up with a blazer and gladiator heels or down with a vest, a tonne of Grecian-esque bangles and flat sandals!
The studded cuff heels I'd throw on with the maxi skirt above...
If you're like me and partial to a black pant and need to add colour get involved with these gorgeous heels!

I've been known to wear flats (not often obvs..), these pointed babes are good basics!

And finally, because life is sooo much sweeter with statement necklaces!

It's all a click away...Amazingly, if you order before 10pm they can likely deliver NEXT DAY... can't be arsed to iron...order some new stuff, MAGIC ! 

My page turning bezzie...What do you think bud..?

Do you page turn, screen shot..? 

Finicky Shirts...

You may recall back in February I had a pretty amazing day at my company's Annual Sales and Marketing conference (catch up here) where I scooped up some pretty incredible prizes, one of which was a bespoke tailored shirt! This is a major win for me as high street 'fitted' shirts do not 'fit' me, ever...The arms are too long, it bags around the shoulders and middle back, so what's the point in buying them if you look like you've been in the dressing up box..?!

On the day of the conference I was measured within an inch of my life, I chose the cut, the fabric, the cuffs, the colour, the bloomin' lot - this shirt is completely unique to me!

As this was a treat, I decided to go down the investment piece route - a crisp white herringbone shirt, you can't go wrong with this and everyone should have one decent white shirt in their wardrobe..(like I do now...), fact!

Well this week a fab little tailored parcel arrived (they won me over with the packaging to be perfectly honest) and I'm giving high props to my bespoke shirt, it is truly gorgeous..;

Created with care, packaged with love..
How cute is the little red button at the bottom..!

The fabric is incredibly soft, it fits perfectly and is going to compliment my work wardrobe beautifully!!

Finicky Shirts have until recently concentrated on men's shirts, for which I can also vouch for as Mr Mission;Style also had a bespoke shirt delivered this week.. He loves his shirts and spends time finding the right fit, style and cut. His Finicky Shirts verdict.."The best fitting shirt I have ever had.." That's a big statement from him and kudos to the quality and tailoring! Their website is currently more male orientated however, they are more than geared up to tailor for the ladies too (proof is in my shirt)...

Here comes the exciting bit.. Finicky Shirts have kindly agreed that Mission;Style readers can get 10% off all orders placed before 30th April 2013 if you quote MISSIONSTYLE!! (You.Are.Welcome!)

The even more exiting bit... They have also kindly offered to run a prize draw...(exciting), basically any order placed using the MISSIONSTYLE code before 30th April 2013 will be put in to the draw and then if you are the lucky winner, you will either get 1) A refund for your shirt order (maximum of 6 per person) or 2) A credit for another bespoke shirt...And, they will already have your measurements! 
The winner will be chosen at random and announced on here after 30th April 2013.

How to order - You can contact David at Finicky Shirts who will welcome your call and talk you through the next steps either at or, you can call him direct on 07900 828193.

Disclaimer (just in case)...for the sake of clarity, I won this shirt, I'm not getting any kick back..I will only recommend a company and service based on my good experiences...That's all..


The Start of Something Special...

The last few days have been exciting from a blogging point of view...It started in the week when I discovered a whole new community of Bloggers, South West Bloggers on Twitter, since then it's been tweet-tastic peaking with my first event last night..This weekend is all about pop up fashion previews at Cabot Circus (my local shopping Mecca), unfortunately (or fortunately if you are my Bank Manager), I just haven't the time to squeeze it in...*sad face*, last nights meet was a must though!

I had no idea what to expect, I was excited yet, a touch nervous too...I figured I would be one of the oldest there (this was true, although I didn't ID anyone for actual proof..)..I decided to drag along my lovely friend Kirstie, she loves her clothes and is very personable..(she can talk to anyone about anything..the perfect guest).. 

We exchanged texts during the day, I mean, what the hell does one wear to such an event..!?! Kirstie and I have very different styles, I love her style, I couldn't pull it off, she rocks it. This is what we opted for ..;

For me..;

FYI - I've not had a dip dye...not sure what happened with my hair here..

  • Skirt - Topshop trusty skirt that featured in 'The Submarine and The Topshop Skirt''s still in store and has been a great buy (it's currently in the washing machine getting ready for a trip to Cancun!)
  • Shoe Boots - Topshop, as featured previously too... again, a great buy.
  • Jacket - Topshop (again...I'm not under a sponsorship deal here, proof that a '30 something' can wear Topshop for the doubters out there), this is an old one, there are loads about and every girl should have at least one!
  • Belt - This was a Christmas present from Our Kid from ASOS. I have a lot of love for this belt, metal features, jewelled and spikes, it totally changes the look of an outfit and goes with so much (featured with a frock too here)..The only warning is the spikes, waist level, sharp ...after a few glasses of wine it can look like I've been self harming..All in the name of style, right..?
  • Envelope Clutch - This was from ASOS too last year.. It turns out this is now an on trend colour and it lifts an outfit - Oh yeah, I got several compliments for it last night too, the fash pack approve!

ASOS investments get an outing..

For my guest..;

She was considering a smash and grab at H&M..

  • Shoe boots - peep toe with a high back around the ankle from River Island.. they are recent but I can't find online, there are some very similar here
  • Shirt - This was a Christmas present from Zara, loads of this kinda thing around.. You don't have to dress it up, it would look good with denim shorts in the summer too..
  • Biker Jacket - New Look recently.
  • Wet Look Leggings - these are everywhere and if you don't have a pair, I highly recommend investing, I say investing, Primark do them for about £7 and honesty they can be a great fall back item and go with anything..These are from new Look..(It won't surprise you to know I have 2 pairs from Topshop..)
  • Lips and Nails - Kirstie has a trademark, she always has perfectly painted nails and colour popping lip colour..

Back to the event.. We had drinks, took photos and got to meet some great bloggers and as a 'novice' to it all, I absorbed like a sponge! I've popped my 'meet' cherry now and armed with more confidence, next time (yeah, I'm all over this now), I'm going to get to talk to more people, share thoughts and ideas! There has to be one very notable mention from those met last night, The Pulse Of Fashion blogger, Jennaay (she's Welsh, I'm not committing a typo)!

Moi, Sion & Jennaay at SWBloggers meet..

This is Jennaay's gorgeous new coat up close..;

New from Primark and self styled with the collar accessories, also from Primark!

Jennaay has been blogging for nearly a year and not only has a great style, also makes and re-works her own clothes (totally jel of this, I can barely sew a button on)! We shared ideas and I introduced her to WIWT..(which she's now joined and obsessed with). Those who missed this in previous posts, WIWT is a style sharing website where you can upload your daily look for others to see! I've been uploading since August last year and have met loads of fabulous people, I feel like I've known them for years (surprising what your clothes say about you and how a love for all things fashion unite!). You can follow me on WIWT here...You don't have to upload, you can just style stalk others, I did at first..Give it go!

Sion is Jennaays boyf who came along for the ride, he's one hella' cool guy, turns out he's a singer/songer writer and VERY talented, he has a new EP out on 15th April..check him out here.

'Fess up time, I did take photos of the models last night who were styled up wearing items from the stores at Cabot Circus however, they came out fairly crap...BLOGGER FAIL!! I promise I will get this right next time, it's all a learning curve for me...

The diary is filling up with Blogger meets already! 

Today, I'm mostly packing..yep, it's a big task for me that is consuming my weekend, lists about lists, trying to create the best outfit for each event on the itinerary...My usually neat (OCD) wardrobe looks like there's been a clothing explosion..That said, I'm already working on my next post which only features an amazing offer and GIVEAWAY!!

Until later..

Sensible Panic Buying...

It's not secret that I'm shortly off on my holibobs...For weeks now I've been thinking about what to take with me, what I need (let's be honest, not much) etc etc...I think half the problem is, I have more than enough stuff, some would say too much (like there's such a thing...?!) 

I have been buying over the last few weeks but not really re-grouping on what I'd actually got, then, a few days ago, I went into a mini panic based around footwear...(again, I know..)..With a 22kg case limit (and just one per person), the chosen outfits have to really go with a small selection of shoes, this is where my problems start... I have the clothes, I have the shoes yet, they aren't interchangeable...much...

I always try not to over pack, I always seem to stumble across some amazing pieces whilst I'm away (this will become clearer..), where are they going to go on my return journey...This is the point where I usually empathise with the 'Cool Runnings' scene where the guy wears the entire contents of his case at the airport...(then what would I wear on my feet?!)..

The Sensible Bit..

A few weeks ago I went on a shopping trip with my mum to Birmingham (as covered in my post 'A Day Off In The Week'), I did haul somewhat and although at the time pleased with my buys, I've since made some pretty strong decisions...;

  • Peachy Coat from Zara - It's a keeper, no doubts!
  • Striped Pants from Zara - I really like them (wait for it), however, after much consideration I've returned them *gasps*...I have my fair share of patterned pants and call it buyers remorse (and absolutely nothing to do with bailiffs eyeing up my shoe collection), they didn't make the final cut..I weighed up how much I'd actually wear them and bundled them back up..
  • White jeans from Zara - I mentioned at the time I thought they were see through enough to be borderline pornographic and after trying them on with a few things, realised only tops covering my ass would be suitable, they also hit the returns pile..
  • White dress from Zara - Hmmmm, again, really liked it and a little embarrassed to say that when I was seconds from de-tagging and adding to my collection, I saw a white playsuit from last summer that was almost identical..Bad wardrobe management on my part and a near duplicate pile up swerved!
This is absolutely no reflection on Zara, I would love nothing more than to trolley dash in there...

Panic Buying...

Obviously, I've had to venture into town today to return the above...I'm just returning, I'm just returning... I'm just... OH CRAP!

Popping in to town outfits can be a minefield, Andrea (bestie in Oz now and no, I don't want to talk about it..) and I used to buy items for 'popping into town' or 'Saturdays'...Don't judge us, we just did and although she's on the other side of the world (again...really, I'm OK about it..), it still is an activity I give some thought to...Comfy, practical, easy to get in and out of, never hair up (this last point never ends well when trying on clothes).

Today's outfit ticked my parameters and I think, still casj, ish..;

I'm just returning things...

The jumper was from Zara before Christmas, the leopard print pants were also Zara, late last summer (and if I'm not mistaken, so on trend right now..?*high 5-ing myself*). The peep top shoe boots are old, practically vintage, from Steve Madden and bought whilst on holiday in Miami. The bag,'s a hooky Mulberry purchased in Thailand a couple of years ago... I realise I'm sounding a little bit 'Judith Chamlers', you can see why I like to keep some space in my suitcase now, you just don't know what you'll buy when you're away..

As promised, I returned to 'unwanted' goods...then, the panic buying twinge kicked in and before I knew it, I was a few more items up... all holiday based I might add...;

This dress was from my River Island (late night online) haul..It's jersey material and honestly feels really good on...I'm donning heels with this look but it would also work well with some strappy flats...(and it just so happens...see below).. I've chucked on a statement necklace that I picked up in Dubai airport for a FIVER 3 years ago!! The dress is different for me as it isn't fitted, in fact, it's got this kangaroo type pouch thing at the front but, I'm all inclusive on this trip so it's perfect!!

I can't find the dress online to give you the link... odd, I only bought it a few days ago..

The blouse is from Zara and although it's not clear from the pics, it's an Aztec print..It's tailored, low cut and loose in the right places..In the first two pictures, I've just added a £3.99 H&M tube skirt...I'll wear this one night and then the skirt will be downgraded to beach cover-up after that (see, packing genius!)

The third pic is just an idea I had when I was driving home (I'm surprising deep you know..), in all honesty I'm thinking the shoes aren't right as the jeans have washed out a bit since last summer, you get where I'm going with the look though..? The jeans were from Gap and I absolutely love them, they have similar in this year too and I'm resisting temptation (only because the store in town is a bit of a walk from the main shops) to invest in a load more! This top is going to work with so many things... panic buy success!!

You can buy the blouse here.

This dress is from previously noted River Island haul and although from the front shot I really love it's simplicity and class, the back shot, not so much.. Well actually, that's not entirely true, I do, it's different and kinda' sexy (it is a Rhianna for RI dress after all), the thing is, it cuts low under the arm and I'm thinking that after a Mojito or two, there could be an awkward unwelcome boob incident...I love it but, I can't do it...way too risky!

You can buy the dress here.

These, these are going to be my wear with everything at night when I'm not wearing heels...I've been trying to hunt down the perfect sandal for some weeks (realising the time of year is not on my side), I half heartily popped into Aldo and there they were.. They have them in tan and yellow too although, opted for black and gold from a versatility point of view...all 3 colours are amazing and if it looks like we are going to get a summer, I will be going back for the tan ones at least!!!

You can buy the sandals here.

On the subject of shoes, you'll see a pair featuring in my outfits above that have definitely made the holiday cut, these are the ASOS ones i bought a couple of months ago, they are fantastic (even thought shredded my feet on the first wear), they go with everything!! They don't have them online now but there are some here that are very similar and equally as fab!

There was one other purchase today, back to my love of 'Battered and Ripped' jeans...I only had one pair and I'm kicking the ass out of them to the point they are disappearing before my eyes.. Before things got to crisis point, I decided to extend their life, by investing in some of these from Topshop..;

Moto Vintage Lacey Rip Jean - Topshop buy here.

The Lacey are made from a very soft denim and are also available in petite which means I don't have to hack the bottom off with my kitchen scissors this time!

After the returns and then the panic buying, I'm still up financially, this means today's little shop was free...? 


High Tops in Weston...

I appreciate it seems like a regular recurrence (OK, twice in 3 weeks), it really isn't buuuut, I had another day off in the week today...The reason, Our Kid's birthday (my kid sister) and we planned a day together, the parents even gatecrashed when they got wind of our old school plans! 

Our Kid had a beautiful boy 5 months ago and she's just at the point she wants to get back into exercise which, I totally support however, I took one look at her "running" shoes and called time on them...I'm a runner, don't get me wrong, I'm no Paul Radcliffe but, do like to pound the streets/treadmill (fair weather road runner of course..). I'm a believer that you have to have the right shoe ('course I am) to support and fit your running style as it prevents injuries and the dodgy bruised toe nails (not good in the run up to open toe footwear season). Nothing pains me more (with the exception of men in jeans too short for them) than seeing runners out in hard soled/'fashion' shoes, this will lead to injury and impact related issues...So, first stop on our day out was my fave haunt and 'go to' place for my running shoes, Easy Runner in Bristol...(Side note - running shoes should be replaced every 500 miles)..

There are lots of specialist running shops around, Easy Runner has the best choice of styles with regards to shoes but also, loads of proper funky running/gym gear!! The staff are fantastic and really know their shizzle! Our Kid spent 45 minutes trying various brands with different levels of support on, hopping on and off the treadmill (which in itself was comedy) and having her running technique recorded for a slo-mo playback and critique... There is A LOT of science behind getting the right running shoe! 

Just look how fast her new shoes run!!

This was just the start of our day...Oh yeah, we had biiiig things planned..strap yourselves in folks, we went for a day at the seaside, Weston Super Mare!!! I've lived down in the South West for 6 years or so and only been there once...The dress code for the day was definitely casj, my Achilles heel (or lack of heels) when it comes to dress code! As I was drifting off to sleep in the early hours of this morning I was plagued by the "what to sodding wear" thoughts, mentally flicking through my wardrobe trying to base an outfit around my Cons when I had a magical moment, THE HIDDEN WEDGE HIGH TOPS!!! 

I'd totally forgot about these pups when I confessed to having just two pairs of flats in my last post, in my defence they were well 'hidden' in my shoe stack(s), I'm not totally out of sync with my wardrobe! I first eyeballed these last summer in a magazine and after talking myself into at least going to try some on (obvious what it lead to..), I decided to invest, even though there were doubts...;

1) Looks like I'm wearing flats
2) Helps with the whole casj look
3) Look good with denim shorts in festival season - leg lengtheners (result)
4) I gained a couple of inches in height overall (HUGE selling point)

1) Am I a little "mature" for the whole high tops trend...?
2) They weren't particularly flexible to walk in, it was kinda' heel-thud, heel-thud - this has improved dramatically with wear..
3) I did go to the shops straight from work and tried them on with a work dress - "corporate meets street", this required imagination..

Mine were from Topshop and cost me about £40, not a fat lot of cash to blow on a footwear trend and to be honest, they've had some wear (and will again now I've errrm, rediscovered them)..;

Kicking it with the Kidz..
The hidden wedge high tops were the basis of the outfit, the rest was very casj functional and warm (ish), I mean, one doesn't really want to be overdressed on Weston Pier...;

Shadows = Spring Sunshine!!

Jeans - A Topshop buy late last summer - perfect colour for now!
Scarf - This beaut was from Zara, I get a lot of love for it, mainly because it is very Louis Vuitton esque and goes with everything..
Khaki coat - River Island last Spring - Fear not if you haven't joined the Khaki massive, there are loads around, just about everywhere stocks them.
Striped Top - No secret I own a few more than probably ever needed, they are just too easy and go with everything! This one was from H&M just before Crimbo.

I've had a rare and amazing day with my family celebrating Our Kid's birthday, a day to treasure, full of laughs, chips and cake...;

The all new Grand Pier following the fire that destroyed the last one...

I love chips and stripes...

Oh oh oh, I absolutely nearly forgot to mention this bit of fabulous news... During my insomnia episode in the wee small hours last night/this morning, I found myself doing some "bloggers networking" research (as you do). I found South West Bloggers on twitter (@SWBloggers) which led me to Bath In Fashion (@BathinFashion).. In short, they appear to be very proactive with events and gatherings which is fab because most events seemed to be London based..(1st bit of exciting news and I will be getting involved)...

I then noticed that Bath In Fashion are running a blogger competition and I thought "In for a penny...", I've entered... throwing myself out there twice in a week.. (2nd bit of exciting news)..

Just as my eyes started to tire I spotted 'it' ...An event being ran by Bath In Fashion in April with "Liberty London Girl" (3rd bit of exciting news)!!! This, in my area...?!!! I can only imagine my excitement matched that of a 12 year old getting to meet 1D face to face!! The event is an evening in conversation with one of the most talented/famous blogger, journalist, media bod, business woman and all 'round fash experts of this century ..I'm overly excited and CANNOT wait to meet her!! Que outfit planning... You can find Liberty London Girl on twitter (@LibertyLndnGirl) and Instagram...I.Want.To.Be.Her. (in a none stalker/don't get an injunction way)..

In the whirlwind that followed, I tweeted about my excitement and then this morning, there it was... A REPLY FROM @LibertyLndnGirl...(4th and final bit of exciting news), I confess, I did a little dance and maybe even, a squeal ...

What an exciting 24 hours...What with all this and my online, last minute holiday panic River Island shop...(you didn't think I'd not shopped for a few days..?!)... Consider this a teaser, I'll be showcasing as soon as the goods arrive..

In the meantime, come join me on twitter @missionstyleuk
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