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Feeling Peachy...

When I procured my new Zara coat on Thursday, I was gagging to wear it but I wasn't quite sure where and when I could take it for it's maiden voyage...It turns out I didn't really have to wait long.. .

Last night a group of us walked down to the newest (and most commonly used by us now) local bar/restaurant (mentioned in my "One Shop Sunday" post) for a "civilised" dinner and drinks occasion... I had planned an outfit a few days ago (because that's what I do) however, when it came to it the freezing weather meant a quick re-group and outfit change was needed... 

*new coat enters stage left*

Ready to brave the elements...Kinda'

Zip detail...Oh so versatile!

Minus the peachy number..

Alexander MQueen wrist wrap!

A very old Topshop clutch and my Mac tinted lip conditioner ..

Topshop heels - Crimbo pressie!

The Zara peachy coat available on line here - I bought the XS and it's fairly roomy, so it does appear to be generously cut. I mentioned before that I thought this coat would be a good Winter/Spring transition piece and I'm pleased to say after road testing last night, it certainly kept me toasty (likely helped with a redic amount of wine!!)

The outfit under the peachy wonder isn't ground breaking, I realise this however, you finally get to meet one of my best winter wardrobe buys, the item I refer to as my pleather pants! I picked these up as an emergency buy from Dorothy Perkins and they are wax/leather effect jegging type things (oh how my English teacher would hate that last sentence)..I wanted the jegging style at the time because the top I wanted to wear was fairly fitted and I didn't want a waistband bulge... cue the £20 (!!!) jegging... Since then, I have kicked the ass out of them and they are a favourite staple item.

The necklace was a buy I featured in one of my early posts from New Look (which, feels like ages ago!).

The Alexander MQueen wrist wrap...What can I say..It was a surprise gift from my bezzie in Oz (overwhelming gift)..Imagine arriving at work to find a Net-A-Porter package waiting for you and you can't recall smashing your credit card on something amazing from there..(I don't drink and shop, so that was out too!!). What I love about this is that I would have never have bought it myself and there is a very special meaning behind it!!

The Topshop clutch is really old, it has to be 5-6 years old and I picked it up in the sale for £10!

The MAC tinted lip conditioner is "Gentle Coral" - I don't wear it often but it makes a change to regular gloss, it's really moisturising.. Word of advice - you need to carry a tissue to wipe the access off your application finger!

Finally, the shoes...A Christmas present from Topshop. They are a fairly classic style with a D.I.S.C.O edge, dressing up what could have been a fairly standard outfit, non..?

Peachy coat verdict... WINNER?



  1. Love it mate! The coat is so flattering. I remember when you got that clutch, an oldie but a goody.
    Ahhh the MQueen looks fab! I'm so glad you like it, just a little something to say the biggest thank you to the hand that caught me when I was falling x love ya x

    1. I've had 2 Nytol and now I have tears... It's such a special gift for so many reasons!!

      Thank you, loves you more xx


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