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Page Turning...

Definition - Turning the corner of the page over on something you like..

I'm a page turner...pages, the old school way to read for you kidz...For the record, I also screen shot too (iPhone users hit the lock button and navigate button at the same time...voila, it's on your camera roll).. Anyway, I've been page turning...

The new Next Directory landed with a thud (literally) on my doorstep a few days ago and I tore open the packaging to flick through, mainly due to the last minute holiday shopping panic that had set in..

Side note 1 - This is an activity I used to share with my bezzie (now living on Bondi Beach...) whenever it came through, we'd 'page turn', review after a couple of glasses of wine (and usually a family size Fruit and Nut), and then place a mammoth order...It wouldn't surprise you to know we ordered pretty much the same stuff and inspired each other to try different looks!

Side note 2 - Next has had a bit of a stigma in the past, being a bit 'mummsie', I think though, pick the right stuff that suits you and you are on a winner because it's priced well and good quality stuff that fits the latest trends..

Side note 3 - They stock petite, I've mentioned I'm barely 5 foot 1 on a big hair day, right?

In the past, I used to only buy one off items for work..Right now I have 2 pairs (bought one after loving the first pair) of the same black cigarette pants - I have had a ridiculous amount of compliments on them and have even had to get the label out to write the code down for some fashionista! BE GONE MYTHS!!

The new Directory is crammed full of pieces that I'd say are investment pieces...For ease, I'm gonna review (as if Andrea were here and, I'm inhaling Fruit and Nut, minus the chocolate, I have a bikini to get into ya' know!) my 'page turners' from the front working through..;

A timeless classic. Just add a colour popping jacket..Work/Occasions

I have something similar that's 2-3 years old - wear on it's own, with a blazer, add colour, add a belt, add heels/flats or throw a jumper over it in the winter, GREAT investment!

Laser cut, Check! Go with everything in the summer, Checcccckkk!

Jacquard Pants - I love all these colours..add a tee, a shirt, a vest, heels, flats...HELLO!!

Separates that rock together! The tee will look great with denim, white, patterned pants..The shorts, dress up/down, add a 60 denier right now..

Yeah, I'm partial to a patterned pant.. add bright pink, orange or bang a blazer on and get corporate..

This will modernise a look and add colour.. simply add with a LBD or with denim shorts,vest and an armful of gold bangles..
I realise I seem to have a theme BUT, orange, studs, zebra print... just add monochrome..?

I detect a colour scheme....These beauties are Capri pants - they flatter everyone I'd say..If you are challenged in the height department (small is beautiful), these are available in petite OR, get them regular length and wear them as 'full length'..?

This sheer sleeve dress is cut to finish at the knee (or just above if you are lucky). The sheer sleeves are perfect if you aren't a fan of getting your arms out, job done! I'd say this is timeless and a good investment, wear it for years and just change the accessories!

Sports Luxe Pants- available in several colours.. add sky high heels, fierce sandals, a tee/vest and a tonne of accessories.

I LOVE THIS (petite out of stock though *very sad face*). Dress up with a blazer and gladiator heels or down with a vest, a tonne of Grecian-esque bangles and flat sandals!
The studded cuff heels I'd throw on with the maxi skirt above...
If you're like me and partial to a black pant and need to add colour get involved with these gorgeous heels!

I've been known to wear flats (not often obvs..), these pointed babes are good basics!

And finally, because life is sooo much sweeter with statement necklaces!

It's all a click away...Amazingly, if you order before 10pm they can likely deliver NEXT DAY... can't be arsed to iron...order some new stuff, MAGIC ! 

My page turning bezzie...What do you think bud..?

Do you page turn, screen shot..? 


  1. OMG!!! I love love love! Man we'd have spent a fecking fortune tonight buddy! Love the polka dot and that white over the shoulder, I've saw a Ralph Lauren one like that, not prepared to pay through the nose for so that's perfect! They've got some great stuff this season! And i found out the other week they deliver to Oz, woohoo!

    Ahhh tears are starting to smudge my liner! Miss turning down the page with you so much that and posting thru your door with magazine swappsies! xxx

  2. My friends and I used to do this at boarding school! We all used to order different magazines and there was an unwritten rule that you didn't read someone's magazine before they had! Then we'd all rip the pages of luxury brand adverts out and stick them all over our walls. We'd also get clothes shop catalogue a just to pull the pages out - ahh memories and good times!

    Also I adore that polka dot dress, the laser cut bag and the cuff heels!!! Xxx


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