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Sensible Panic Buying...

It's not secret that I'm shortly off on my holibobs...For weeks now I've been thinking about what to take with me, what I need (let's be honest, not much) etc etc...I think half the problem is, I have more than enough stuff, some would say too much (like there's such a thing...?!) 

I have been buying over the last few weeks but not really re-grouping on what I'd actually got, then, a few days ago, I went into a mini panic based around footwear...(again, I know..)..With a 22kg case limit (and just one per person), the chosen outfits have to really go with a small selection of shoes, this is where my problems start... I have the clothes, I have the shoes yet, they aren't interchangeable...much...

I always try not to over pack, I always seem to stumble across some amazing pieces whilst I'm away (this will become clearer..), where are they going to go on my return journey...This is the point where I usually empathise with the 'Cool Runnings' scene where the guy wears the entire contents of his case at the airport...(then what would I wear on my feet?!)..

The Sensible Bit..

A few weeks ago I went on a shopping trip with my mum to Birmingham (as covered in my post 'A Day Off In The Week'), I did haul somewhat and although at the time pleased with my buys, I've since made some pretty strong decisions...;

  • Peachy Coat from Zara - It's a keeper, no doubts!
  • Striped Pants from Zara - I really like them (wait for it), however, after much consideration I've returned them *gasps*...I have my fair share of patterned pants and call it buyers remorse (and absolutely nothing to do with bailiffs eyeing up my shoe collection), they didn't make the final cut..I weighed up how much I'd actually wear them and bundled them back up..
  • White jeans from Zara - I mentioned at the time I thought they were see through enough to be borderline pornographic and after trying them on with a few things, realised only tops covering my ass would be suitable, they also hit the returns pile..
  • White dress from Zara - Hmmmm, again, really liked it and a little embarrassed to say that when I was seconds from de-tagging and adding to my collection, I saw a white playsuit from last summer that was almost identical..Bad wardrobe management on my part and a near duplicate pile up swerved!
This is absolutely no reflection on Zara, I would love nothing more than to trolley dash in there...

Panic Buying...

Obviously, I've had to venture into town today to return the above...I'm just returning, I'm just returning... I'm just... OH CRAP!

Popping in to town outfits can be a minefield, Andrea (bestie in Oz now and no, I don't want to talk about it..) and I used to buy items for 'popping into town' or 'Saturdays'...Don't judge us, we just did and although she's on the other side of the world (again...really, I'm OK about it..), it still is an activity I give some thought to...Comfy, practical, easy to get in and out of, never hair up (this last point never ends well when trying on clothes).

Today's outfit ticked my parameters and I think, still casj, ish..;

I'm just returning things...

The jumper was from Zara before Christmas, the leopard print pants were also Zara, late last summer (and if I'm not mistaken, so on trend right now..?*high 5-ing myself*). The peep top shoe boots are old, practically vintage, from Steve Madden and bought whilst on holiday in Miami. The bag,'s a hooky Mulberry purchased in Thailand a couple of years ago... I realise I'm sounding a little bit 'Judith Chamlers', you can see why I like to keep some space in my suitcase now, you just don't know what you'll buy when you're away..

As promised, I returned to 'unwanted' goods...then, the panic buying twinge kicked in and before I knew it, I was a few more items up... all holiday based I might add...;

This dress was from my River Island (late night online) haul..It's jersey material and honestly feels really good on...I'm donning heels with this look but it would also work well with some strappy flats...(and it just so happens...see below).. I've chucked on a statement necklace that I picked up in Dubai airport for a FIVER 3 years ago!! The dress is different for me as it isn't fitted, in fact, it's got this kangaroo type pouch thing at the front but, I'm all inclusive on this trip so it's perfect!!

I can't find the dress online to give you the link... odd, I only bought it a few days ago..

The blouse is from Zara and although it's not clear from the pics, it's an Aztec print..It's tailored, low cut and loose in the right places..In the first two pictures, I've just added a £3.99 H&M tube skirt...I'll wear this one night and then the skirt will be downgraded to beach cover-up after that (see, packing genius!)

The third pic is just an idea I had when I was driving home (I'm surprising deep you know..), in all honesty I'm thinking the shoes aren't right as the jeans have washed out a bit since last summer, you get where I'm going with the look though..? The jeans were from Gap and I absolutely love them, they have similar in this year too and I'm resisting temptation (only because the store in town is a bit of a walk from the main shops) to invest in a load more! This top is going to work with so many things... panic buy success!!

You can buy the blouse here.

This dress is from previously noted River Island haul and although from the front shot I really love it's simplicity and class, the back shot, not so much.. Well actually, that's not entirely true, I do, it's different and kinda' sexy (it is a Rhianna for RI dress after all), the thing is, it cuts low under the arm and I'm thinking that after a Mojito or two, there could be an awkward unwelcome boob incident...I love it but, I can't do it...way too risky!

You can buy the dress here.

These, these are going to be my wear with everything at night when I'm not wearing heels...I've been trying to hunt down the perfect sandal for some weeks (realising the time of year is not on my side), I half heartily popped into Aldo and there they were.. They have them in tan and yellow too although, opted for black and gold from a versatility point of view...all 3 colours are amazing and if it looks like we are going to get a summer, I will be going back for the tan ones at least!!!

You can buy the sandals here.

On the subject of shoes, you'll see a pair featuring in my outfits above that have definitely made the holiday cut, these are the ASOS ones i bought a couple of months ago, they are fantastic (even thought shredded my feet on the first wear), they go with everything!! They don't have them online now but there are some here that are very similar and equally as fab!

There was one other purchase today, back to my love of 'Battered and Ripped' jeans...I only had one pair and I'm kicking the ass out of them to the point they are disappearing before my eyes.. Before things got to crisis point, I decided to extend their life, by investing in some of these from Topshop..;

Moto Vintage Lacey Rip Jean - Topshop buy here.

The Lacey are made from a very soft denim and are also available in petite which means I don't have to hack the bottom off with my kitchen scissors this time!

After the returns and then the panic buying, I'm still up financially, this means today's little shop was free...? 



  1. That 22kg limit is such a bitch...
    I can reach that in make-up alone!!

    Luvin' all your pieces as per x

  2. Hahaha, I'm trying to cut down on shoes to allow for statement necklaces... I hate tough decisions!

    Thank you, I feel I've been fairly sensible...

  3. Have just discovered your blog and loving it (have gone back and read from the start). Lots of lovely purchases and well done on the returns - I'm so rubbish at doing that so end up with only half loved items. I must try harder! Ant xx

    1. Hi Ant and welcome along! Thank you so much for reading, I'm glad you've enjoyed it!! I hate waste and clothes that sat unworn could be replaced with items I realllly want, it's a pain but well worth it ;-) x


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