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The Mother of All...


Yesterday was a spontaneous "lunch" with the girls which actually drifted right through dinner and into the night! Needless to say, one is feeling a touch fragile today...Why do drinks in the hours of daylight seem to be double the strength to those after nightfall..?!!

The arrangements to meet caused a wave of wardrobe uncertainty, what do you wear for smart casual lunching...?! I don't think I do smart casj well, mainly because I always want to wear heels...Don't get me wrong, I have flats...leopard prints and my Cons (and of course, lots of sandals) however, they weren't really fitting for lunch out and I reaalllly wanted to wear my new Rupert Sanderson shoes!!

After a few attempts, this was the finished article..;

Smart Casj and totally sober in Rupert Sanderson..

I managed to work the new shoes in and still feel dressed for "lunching"..
  • The jeans are the old River Island flares I featured in my post, Flashback Fashion. For the record, the difference between boot cut and flare is that the flare comes out from the knee and is more flattering...well, in my opinion...
  • The shoes as featured in my post, Kid In A Sweet Shop
  • The top, a standard jersey navy striped buy from Mango last year (if you don't have something similar in your wardrobe you need to invest, I promise).
  • The statement necklace is old, I have no idea where it was from...nonetheless, it married up nicely with the colour of the shoes..*smugness*
  • The bag is Ted Baker last year...This was a great little investment buy, wore it all summer last year and I'm guessing it will be dragged out this year too!
The Ted Baker bag up close and personal...

The girls...

Giggly girls...

What they wore, left to right..;

  • Sandy - Jumper from Next last year, you can't see clearly but it's a kinda crotchet effect and gorgeous. Her boots were a bargain sale buy from Heavenly Feet last year.
  • Grace - Shirt and statement necklace are both fairly new from Topshop, I can't find them on line though... The very wearable pants are also new from Zara, buy here. Grace was also wearing the most amazing clip in hair extensions... Real hair, perfectly matched to her own colour. They were from Clip Hair Online, she cut a little bit of her own hair, sent it off to them and voila, the perfect locks for £30 arrive in the post!! 
  • Mel - A versatile long top recently bought from H&M and wedge tan boots from Next last year and an armful of gold bangles.
  • Me - Clearly the most vertically challenged of all..
  • Kirstie - New black bodycon dress from River Island, buy here. Scarf and leopard print shoes from New Look last year. On the dress, I love it and am considering ripping her right off, it was a bargain £22 and worked for lunch and then, into the evening too, perfect!

I had every intention of posting all of the above last night...You've figured why this didn't happen, right..?

Today, as much as I just wanted to spend quality time with my duvet, I'd got some pre-holiday errands to run (who minds those?!)...The suntan lotion isn't going to buy itself is it...? This meant a quick trip to The Mall, a huge shopping centre near me, it was all about the comfort clothing yet, knowing leaving the house in my PJ's was socially unacceptable, this was the outfit of choice...;

Layers, flats and crazy untamed hair = HANGOVER

Flats from Daniel Footwear last year..A wardrobe staple..

My first ever Mulberry bag..A very classic buy!

It may have been the hangover, it could have been the tiredness however, once parting with a ridiculous amount of money for sun lotions (how much!!!), I only actually bought ONE item of clothing...*gasps*..;

River Island blouse for here

I did try this on whilst in River Island too but, couldn't make a decision..;

River Island changing room shot..purposefully cropped my face out!

I really liked the pants, they are a heavyish jersey print jogger...They'd work with heels or simple flat sandals. The top is just a simple white top with a stripe running through, to be honest, you can't have too many of these.. it's lightweight enough to be good for summer (optimistic) evenings or now, with a blazer/cardy.. You can buy the pants here, I'm afraid I can't find the top on line though..Soz, I've really tried today and the link Gods have been against me!

I saw this too in H&M, how good would it look with the River Island outfit above?..;

H&M Colour pop jacket...Again, I can't find this on line right now either!!

Do you a have smart casj go-to outfit? What are you thoughts on the jogger pants?

I'll be mostly spending my evening feeling sorry for myself whilst snuggled on the sofa drinking copious amounts of tea...Just time to wish all the fabulous mums out there a very Happy Mothers Day! Unfortunately I'm not seeing my mum today, but will be seeing her over the next few days, all's good, my Mum knows how much I love her everyday, not just today..



  1. Love the Daniel leopard print flats :) I have that yellow H&M jacket - roll on summer so I can get my wear out of it! I love the River Island 70's style flared jeans!

    Elizabeth Daisy x

    1. Thank you Elizabeth ;-) I really like the yellow jacket, I need it in my life! I'm so excited about the summer coming to us, the clothes are so much more fun!

      I've been reading your blog, great read! x

  2. Hi Love,

    U look fabulous!

    I would like to invite you to join

    where u can share your beautiful looks and get more visitors for your blog.

    Have a great evening,


    1. Hi Nicole,

      Thank you and thank you for the invite, I have only gone and joined!! I've created a profile and now having technical challenges with uploading my first outfit... I love clothes, not technology..


  3. Love those trousers u need to go back for them ASAP! I have that H&M jacket and I love it soooo much I'm always trying to create outfits around it, it would slot into your wardrobe no probs. oh and I sympathise with the hangover I was the same last Sunday!

    1. Haha!! They are gorgeous aren't they..Damn it, why does everything in the shops have to be so amazing right now?! I'm gonna' get myself back for the jacket, no doubt! The hangover has now lifted, result! x

  4. Aaaahhhhhh I need to STOP reading your blog so I can STOP shopping (*please note all of the statements to the left are total lies). I love your blog ... .consider yours my top choice in Company online voting. Good luck!! xx

    1. Your comment realllly made me laugh! I'm so pleased you enjoy it, comments like yours inspire me (not my bank balance)... thank you so much for your support with the Company competition, how totally exciting ;-) xx

  5. Both the RI trousers and HM blazer are fab - you need them in your life and so do I I think!!! And I totes know what you mean about daytime drinking - makes for a much worse hangover!xxx


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