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High Tops in Weston...

I appreciate it seems like a regular recurrence (OK, twice in 3 weeks), it really isn't buuuut, I had another day off in the week today...The reason, Our Kid's birthday (my kid sister) and we planned a day together, the parents even gatecrashed when they got wind of our old school plans! 

Our Kid had a beautiful boy 5 months ago and she's just at the point she wants to get back into exercise which, I totally support however, I took one look at her "running" shoes and called time on them...I'm a runner, don't get me wrong, I'm no Paul Radcliffe but, do like to pound the streets/treadmill (fair weather road runner of course..). I'm a believer that you have to have the right shoe ('course I am) to support and fit your running style as it prevents injuries and the dodgy bruised toe nails (not good in the run up to open toe footwear season). Nothing pains me more (with the exception of men in jeans too short for them) than seeing runners out in hard soled/'fashion' shoes, this will lead to injury and impact related issues...So, first stop on our day out was my fave haunt and 'go to' place for my running shoes, Easy Runner in Bristol...(Side note - running shoes should be replaced every 500 miles)..

There are lots of specialist running shops around, Easy Runner has the best choice of styles with regards to shoes but also, loads of proper funky running/gym gear!! The staff are fantastic and really know their shizzle! Our Kid spent 45 minutes trying various brands with different levels of support on, hopping on and off the treadmill (which in itself was comedy) and having her running technique recorded for a slo-mo playback and critique... There is A LOT of science behind getting the right running shoe! 

Just look how fast her new shoes run!!

This was just the start of our day...Oh yeah, we had biiiig things planned..strap yourselves in folks, we went for a day at the seaside, Weston Super Mare!!! I've lived down in the South West for 6 years or so and only been there once...The dress code for the day was definitely casj, my Achilles heel (or lack of heels) when it comes to dress code! As I was drifting off to sleep in the early hours of this morning I was plagued by the "what to sodding wear" thoughts, mentally flicking through my wardrobe trying to base an outfit around my Cons when I had a magical moment, THE HIDDEN WEDGE HIGH TOPS!!! 

I'd totally forgot about these pups when I confessed to having just two pairs of flats in my last post, in my defence they were well 'hidden' in my shoe stack(s), I'm not totally out of sync with my wardrobe! I first eyeballed these last summer in a magazine and after talking myself into at least going to try some on (obvious what it lead to..), I decided to invest, even though there were doubts...;

1) Looks like I'm wearing flats
2) Helps with the whole casj look
3) Look good with denim shorts in festival season - leg lengtheners (result)
4) I gained a couple of inches in height overall (HUGE selling point)

1) Am I a little "mature" for the whole high tops trend...?
2) They weren't particularly flexible to walk in, it was kinda' heel-thud, heel-thud - this has improved dramatically with wear..
3) I did go to the shops straight from work and tried them on with a work dress - "corporate meets street", this required imagination..

Mine were from Topshop and cost me about £40, not a fat lot of cash to blow on a footwear trend and to be honest, they've had some wear (and will again now I've errrm, rediscovered them)..;

Kicking it with the Kidz..
The hidden wedge high tops were the basis of the outfit, the rest was very casj functional and warm (ish), I mean, one doesn't really want to be overdressed on Weston Pier...;

Shadows = Spring Sunshine!!

Jeans - A Topshop buy late last summer - perfect colour for now!
Scarf - This beaut was from Zara, I get a lot of love for it, mainly because it is very Louis Vuitton esque and goes with everything..
Khaki coat - River Island last Spring - Fear not if you haven't joined the Khaki massive, there are loads around, just about everywhere stocks them.
Striped Top - No secret I own a few more than probably ever needed, they are just too easy and go with everything! This one was from H&M just before Crimbo.

I've had a rare and amazing day with my family celebrating Our Kid's birthday, a day to treasure, full of laughs, chips and cake...;

The all new Grand Pier following the fire that destroyed the last one...

I love chips and stripes...

Oh oh oh, I absolutely nearly forgot to mention this bit of fabulous news... During my insomnia episode in the wee small hours last night/this morning, I found myself doing some "bloggers networking" research (as you do). I found South West Bloggers on twitter (@SWBloggers) which led me to Bath In Fashion (@BathinFashion).. In short, they appear to be very proactive with events and gatherings which is fab because most events seemed to be London based..(1st bit of exciting news and I will be getting involved)...

I then noticed that Bath In Fashion are running a blogger competition and I thought "In for a penny...", I've entered... throwing myself out there twice in a week.. (2nd bit of exciting news)..

Just as my eyes started to tire I spotted 'it' ...An event being ran by Bath In Fashion in April with "Liberty London Girl" (3rd bit of exciting news)!!! This, in my area...?!!! I can only imagine my excitement matched that of a 12 year old getting to meet 1D face to face!! The event is an evening in conversation with one of the most talented/famous blogger, journalist, media bod, business woman and all 'round fash experts of this century ..I'm overly excited and CANNOT wait to meet her!! Que outfit planning... You can find Liberty London Girl on twitter (@LibertyLndnGirl) and Instagram...I.Want.To.Be.Her. (in a none stalker/don't get an injunction way)..

In the whirlwind that followed, I tweeted about my excitement and then this morning, there it was... A REPLY FROM @LibertyLndnGirl...(4th and final bit of exciting news), I confess, I did a little dance and maybe even, a squeal ...

What an exciting 24 hours...What with all this and my online, last minute holiday panic River Island shop...(you didn't think I'd not shopped for a few days..?!)... Consider this a teaser, I'll be showcasing as soon as the goods arrive..

In the meantime, come join me on twitter @missionstyleuk


  1. Great post mate! As usual you're ahead of your time, sports luxe is all over the place, so I reckon there's a few more outting in those hi-tops! Our kid looks great btw! mwah! xxx

    1. Thank you!!! Footwear love! I'm seconds from investing in new world joggers!!

  2. Can I just say I am so glad to see you wearing yellow trews. At the weekend - during an online trawl while drinking copious amounts of tea I found a similar pair in the Next Sale section. They were about £8 I think. Anyway bought them, opened them on delivery and the look on my hubby's face. Priceless!!! He was like "What the .... " Only spurred me on even more to keep them!! Whoop .... Roll on nice weekend weather so I crack them out for the wear!! xx

    1. I love them! What's this Next sale site you speak of..?! I have been eyeing up some mustard yellow ones in Zara too...
      Haha, love a hubby negative reaction for outfit motivation!!! X

  3. Just a good old trawl of the sale corner of Next online. You find the randomest nice things at v reduced prices sometimes (note lots of it is utter tat!) xxx

    1. Seeing past the tat is where you find the beauties! Nice work! X


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