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Colour Popping Monochrome...

My (and the majority of us I'm guessing?) easy and "go to if all else fails" colours are black and white... Over the last 6-9 months, I've been really conscious of steering away from this for so many reasons, mainly because I felt like I wore the same stuff all the time...'thing is, I'm still wearing the same clothes, just mixing it up, it's an illusion..(OK, I do have new stuff too, you know what I mean though...)

My colour coded (yep, true) wardrobe used to be mainly black, white, beige and grey with the flash of colour (usually a vest top..), my accessories drawer was silver, gold and black... no matter how much I shuffled it around I felt (and more importantly) looked the same..

After buying the "Beetlejuice" pants on Thursday, my mind has been creating different looks for them for a few reasons..1) Still a little out of my comfort zone, I'm sure I'll wear them, love them and then live in them 2) What to wear with said pants to get the "right" look and finally 3) My sodding car cost me £1,500 for a service yesterday and I'm thinking could I really keep them (I guess it's not like I can wear oil filters/brakes etc...)..?

Based on the facts above 1) I do love and will wear them 2) Find the perfect look (on the cheap) and 3) Eat beans and rice for the next month...I'm keeping them!!

My research to finishing the look opened my eyes to all of the fab monochrome items out there that could be worn as is or, have a colour pop added too to make the look totally on trend!

A reminder of said Beetlejuice pants from my last post..;

Just working some colour in with them that I already have...

I chucked on a white crop top (they are everywhere now, this one is old!) however like I said, if I'm going to wear without a jacket or a black one (because that's what I do), I'd add in orange/pink to finish the look.The other option is to change the shoes, throw some colour in there and change the white crop top for a black shirt...See, the MOST versatile pants EVER!!

Everywhere I look at the moment, it's either black and white or block colouring..I'm a big fan of both looks and also a combination of the two...Here's a few items/looks I have in mind..;

A 60's vibe maybe..? Love the zip detail on the back on the skirt!

This look is from Topshop and could be worn now with 60 deniers (how long 'til we can drop a denier or 40?!) or into the summer...Two really versatile pieces that will mix and match with items we all have in our wardrobes! Buy top here and skirt here.

We all know I love a patterned pant!

This look salutes my love for patterned pants this year, monochrome and also colour pop... If I was to go for this, I'd keep the shoes black and strappy (cue the beloved ASOS ones), the bag likely black or, maybe cerise pink or bright yellow..
The patterned pants are Zara (buy here), they could be worn with so much...denim shirt, colour pop jumper and Converse, black top and colour popping shoes...
The jacket and shirt and from Mango (buy here and here). Mango have styled them with denim on their website..I think it looks OK but the wash of the denim they have chosen may not be my personal choice (just saying)..Again, the shirt and jacket work together and also on their own...

Wanna' play it safe with black/white/denim on the bottom half..:

Yep, barely a post gone by without a statement necklace from me..

This top is from Topshop and is hitting the neon trend (buy here), the necklace is from ASOS and I think kinda' works with this in a non matchy yet, a little clashy way (it's sold out, not surprised for £10, when the link is back, i'll post it)!!
I'd definitely wear this out with my pleather look trouser/jegging things and some heels! Again, both pieces can mix and match with other items..bang that necklace on a crisp white shirt with black trousers and you have gone from trendmeister to chic quicker than you can say " G&T please.."!

And because I love a dress, I have to throw some into the post that I'm lusting over..;

Just add a bright clutch...TaDaaaa!

This dress is from Dotty P's (buy here), for me, because of the shape and style, I'd probably wear for work and tone it down with a black jacket, shoes and then bright accessories..


I couldn't really get away with either of these for work, for play however, YES PLEASE! The one on the left is Topshop (buy here) and is a loose fitting tunic dress... just add bright pink heels and matching lips! The dress on the left is from River Island and looks fairly casj (buy here)... nothing to say some luxe sandals and the ASOS necklace wouldn't work with it though.. red would be too easy to add and not so on trend... it has to be colbolt blue, bright pink, yellow, orange...NO DOUBT!

Before I sign off, here's some colour popping shoes to consider... If you had these could you completely change your usual look or give a heartbeat to the easy black and white combo..?..;

I realise 2 of the 3 are flats...

Pink heels - Zara, buyhere.
Orange slipper flats - Zara, buy here.
Colbolt blue flats - (surrrrprise) Zara, buy here. Oh Oh, how good would these look with the Primark patterned pants I featured in my "Patterned Pants" post

I hope you have enjoyed my capsule colour popping monochrome selection...Has it inspired you to add colour? Will you break your comfort zone to give it a go?

Happy weekend y'all!


  1. Love the beetle juice pants! Are these Topshop? I wanted to pop in and check them out the other day and forgot! Whoops! Look great! xxxx

    1. Hey!! Thank you! They're from Zara, I think Topshop have Beetlejuice jeans...? x


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