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A Day Off In The Week...

The last few weeks have been fairly full on and like I mentioned in my last post, I desperately needed my roots doing (looked like I'd got a reverse dip dye!) so, today was the day...It just so happened my mum was also booked in the same salon with the appointment before mine, RESULT!!! ... 1) The perfect excuse to meet up beforehand, 2) A possible hair dye drought is imminent now we're done!!

We both go to Nicky Clarke in Birmingham..It's a half hour train ride for my mum and a hour and a half drive for me, crazy yeah, worth it, DEFINITELY!!

We met in The Bull Ring early doors, breakfasted and then hit the shops..I absolutely love shopping with my mum, she has great taste, a good eye for things and is the funniest person I know (not always intentionally either) so, always muchos fun..;

She know's what she likes and it's not this in Topshop!

I really like Topshop at The Bull Ring and although I tried on several things actually, didn't make a purchase (one didn't want to peak too soon, it was the first shop)... I very nearly bought this jacket, it got the thumbs up from my mum too..;

Crepe Notch Jacket

I think my hesitation came from it not being a "fitted" jacket (see, I stick to my "safe" items too sometimes) however, I loved the colour and cut none the less...kinda' already thinking I may get it. You can buy here for £55.

Next stop, ZARA!! WOW, I wanted everything in there and then some!!! This is what I purchased (mainly because of my mum!) ..;

Soz about the picture quality..

The coat, lightweight wool (feel) coat perfect for the Winter/Spring transition and chosen by you know who (I will be forwarding my credit card bill to her!).. I wasn't 100% sure at first but, after getting it home and realising I can create a "tonal" outfit with last years Topshop trousers, it's a keeper..Obvs, it's not a one outfit wonder coat...I'm thinking patterned pants, jeans and all my standard black work clothes!! You can buy the coat on line here. I appreciate it's a super crappy shot of the shoes, they were from Next (!!) last year, about £30 and are snake skin with orange shades in the heel - love them!

I also bought some white skinny jeans that, now home and tried on in another light, I'm not so sure about for reasons of a pornographic nature...length wise great as they finish just above the ankle (probably 3/4 length on most people).., fabric wise, I'm thinking they are see-through..that, or they have used very thick fabric for the front pockets..the jury is out on those. 

Back to it, I also bought the following..;

Beetlejuice Pants!!

I have had a phobia about the whole striped pants look, mainly due to the Beetlejuice mindset in my head.. I saw them, tried on and actually really rather liked...They are loose fitting, slightly tailored and also have a feature elasticated waist..I really want to get an orange/bright pink crop top (who'd have thought I'd say that in my 30's).. or even a high neck cut away top but ran out of time...I feel they do scream out for colour..

Picture 1 - I picked this jacket up in the H&M sale at Christmas for about £15 and yeah, that's the over featured ASOS shoes ( what an amazing buy they've been!!)
Picture 2 - This is the fitted French Connection blazer a picked up a couple of weeks ago (buy here) and the River Island lime green bag (buy here).

What do you think...? 

This dress was bought with my pending holiday in mind..I did take a photo of me in it when I got home however, either I've shrunk on the way home (doubtful as I had 2 Malteser bunnies on the drive back) or, I was a size bigger in the changing rooms!! It's too big, going back and will be replaced with a smaller, better fitting one..;

It'd absolutely look better with a tan!

You can buy the dress here..I'm going to add aqua bold accessories and strappy heels!

The last outfit (I know, I was a girl on a mission..) was this from H&M...;

Again, the photo doesn't do it any favours..

The top is a heavy fabric peplum cut which feels really good (the fabric weight is restricting in a good way), I really like the arm length too...quite flattering by all accounts! The skirt is a boucle finish in shades of green with a silver sheen to it. It's high waisted and perfectly fitted! This is a work outfit...this is me pushing the black trouser boundaries!! I've tried to find both on line but, no joy my lovelies..

If the Chancellor wants to get in touch, tweet me sweet cheeks, I know I've done my bit today and there's more where that's coming from based on all the gorgeous stuff around...perhaps we could also talk about my tax code too, just a thought..@missionstyleuk 

I hope you've enjoyed my "day off"...



  1. You have such great style! Really enjoy reading your posts!

    1. Thank you Cara!! I'm glad you're enjoying them x

  2. Replies
    1. She's fab isn't she! Did you see the text from her I tweeted earlier... Proper flip top head moment!!! x

  3. Hahaha Maz! Brilliant!
    love it mate, so want that Zara jacket and the H&M outfit, they've (H&M) been promising to open a store here for ages, shoulder pads will be back in before that happen I'm thinking!!! Tut!

    You look great xxx

    1. Haha she's funny!! Asking me if I've sorted my "shizzle" out?! WTF!
      She picked the coat, I can't take credit for it, H&M I will! Surprised you don't have one! x

  4. Loooove the coat....and the striped pantaloons....and, well, everything really.
    Plus, your mummy is a ledge (mine would be exactly the same in Topshop!)

    1. The coat was my mums spot, nice work eh! Thanks Belle, I did look for them there fab H&M trews but they'd gone and sold out, your fault for rocking them on your blog! ; )

      My mum is a ledge!! Although wasn't struck by the music choice in Toppers, "bloody racket!!" X


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