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Simply Shoes...

Since my world began, I can always remember being a little obsessed with shoes... I'd never miss the opportunity to "dress up" in my mums pretty heels and clomp around in them.. I'd feel like a princess (whilst gripping on to them with my pudgie little toes for dear life, pretending they fit)..

I think shoes can make (or break) an outfit and totally change the whole look in one stylish swoop...It's a common occurrence that I'll try a few pairs on with an outfit before I decide what works/finishes it off nicely, you know?! If I'm stuck for an outfit inspiration, I will sometimes start with what shoe I want to wear and go from there...somehow, things do fall into place around the right shoe.

Two of my timeless favourites in my wardrobe..;

Dune - a sale purchase 18 months ago..Everyone needs leopard print!

Kurt Geiger - another pair that have stood the test of time..2 years old!

This brings me nicely to the introduction of one of my favourite pairs which I bought in New York a few years ago (and still wear!!)...I was only in New York for a couple of days and one place I had to go (after all the tourist haunts) was SAKS 5th Avenue...Walking into the store was exciting but, calling the EXPRESS LIFT TO THE SHOE LEVEL, well that, that was just magical...As the doors opened on the 8th floor (of heaven) you could practically hear the angels sing.. My eyes darted across from Choo to YSL, to Gina to Prada and then to, heart stopped (it was this dramatic!)...The angels chorus seemed to go up an octave as there they were... a classic Christian Louboutin pump with a cheeky little twist..There is something so special about these shoes, I feel fab in them, they are actually very comfortable (see mum, I won't get bad feet from wearing "silly shoes") and, they go with (just about) EVERYTHING..;

I heart these...

My shoe collection is quite classic (in a non Queen Mother way), as opposed to the latest trends however, I'm putting myself out there and I am going to go for the green Zara shoes featured in my Fashion Forward post and not go for the black ones which would be "safer"..(I'm thinking they would look fairly fab with the new Topshop skirt and I'd tick all the "adding colour" boxes without being too matchy matchy)?!..;

These bad boys will be mine..

There is one fabulous girl who's footwear collection I admire (stalk) on a regular basis...Pri. I first saw Pri on WIWT, she describes herself as "Just a quirky girl from Rio"...Pri is not "just" anything... far from it!! Apart from having the most amazing individual style that is original, fun and ahead of the crowd, she also knows how to totally rock a shoe. Although we've actually never met (yep, I realise this doesn't sound good, again) I feel like I know her (same with others on there too) through her style. Pri works for Rupert Sanderson and has the glorious job of working with incredible shoes on a daily basis (FYI, I did totally seek her permission for this by the way - I heard prison food is baaad and they make you wear ill fitting clothes..). Yesterday, Pri posted her daily outfit on WIWT and it clocked up the highest number of stars for the day (kudos given when you love a look) ...I have these pants and numerous tops of the same style yet, by adding the highly sought after Rupert Sanderson "Lintie" she nailed it, again!!

Seriously, she owns it!! You too can follow Pri on WIWT.

Whilst grabbing the link for Rupert Sanderson above, I had a cheeky little browse through the "new in" page... My.Oh.My... I'm putting a kidney on eBay tonight, I need some of these;

I'd break my "rules" (below) for Camail and run away into the sunset with Elba..
Could Wenjen be the alternative choice to the Zara ones...??

I love shoes, you get that however, I have rules.. (of course I do..) ;
  • Toe cleavage - I can't have more than two cleavages' on show when the shoe is peep toe...(this could be related to wide foot phobia)
  • Clean - You wouldn't wear dirty clothes... shoes should be clean and well heeled/kept...(without doubt I have judged people on this before and yes, I realise how this sounds)..
  • Heel height - At my (lack of) height its usually 10cm give or take, varies if there's a hidden platform..This heel height also works with my posture..anything less and I tend to slump a bit...
  • Walking - Yeah I know, it's obvious but I can't stand not being able to speed walk in heels (I'm always in a hurry) and, not being able to walk well in shoes does not a good look make...
  • Hidden platform - This is never more than 2cm as with (a whopping) size 3 foot this 1) Can be dangerous, I'd be double the height with very little stability (no matter how much I work on my core) 2) Small shoes look odd when they are as high as they are long 3) It's too easy to look like you're wearing hooker shoes (in a bad way).
  • Ankle straps - This is an odd one, rules are made to be stretched/broken...(they are mine after all)..I've always wanted shoes with an ankle strap and yeah, I've got/had some but they do kinda cut my leg off (not in a too tight 'cause I've got kankles way), because I'm textbook petite height, they can make you look shorter in the leg and honestly, I do not need that!
  • Pretty feet - OK, this isn't about the actual footwear but, about the feet going in - I can't do chipped nail polish or "untidy" feet!

Ain't that the truth..

Do you have a favourite brand? Am I the only one with shoe rules? 

Thanks for reading, have a fabulous week x


  1. My shoe rule is simple. Avoid heels like the plague, I really do walk like a pissed teen in them. Something to do with having to wear a sturdy sensible boot to work for years. However, give me a wedge and I can work it and thank The Lord for a slight platform.

  2. Mmm I recognised those Dune babies! Love the blue peep toe! Xxx


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