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Bag A Bargain...

Like most, I get overly excited and pleased with myself when I buy something I reaaalllly wanted for a snippet of the original price or, when I pick up an item on the cheap that I'm not too sure about and justify it with ; "What the hell, it's only £(insert your own boundaries..)" and it turns into your most treasured item!

The jumpsuit below was one of those where I really wasn't too sure.. I've wanted one for ages and have ordered/tried on my fair share, they are always too long in the body or look like I should be flying for the RAF.. neither particularly flattering and both not happening... That was until this little peach arrived from ASOS... as i said, i wasn't sure.. i sent the "trying on" pics to my best bud in Oz and she came back with a "nahhh" (in my defence, I wasn't probably selling it with a withered pose ..if you know what I mean..?) ...I packaged it up and it's been sat by the front door waiting to sent back..UNTIL LAST NIGHT! I needed something for Valentine's, albeit I didn't make it out in the end (for the record, I wasn't stood up and subsequently sat at home crying surrounded by cats...I don't own a cat for starters..).. This was the end result..;

Pleased with the result, keeping it!

The jumpsuit was £20 from ASOS (buy here, they also do it in black, that one is £50) was about an inch too long in the leg (no surprises there people) so I kinda did the rough turn up and it worked due to the cut of the created a good "peg leg" effect. I love the "sweetheart" neckline, ultra feminine.. meaning I could bang on a chunky (chav-esque) gold chain to toughen the look up..

The shoes are the new ASOS ones (feet shredders on the first wear as mentioned in my last can buy here)..The belt is an old elasticated one from Reiss and the blazer is an old Topshop one...(you've realised I live in this by now..cost per wear now in the pence threshold, as opposed to ££'s)..

I guess the moral of the story is, I now have a bargain jumpsuit that will work for a birthday party I have this weekend (hand washing now), holidays, with heels or open flats.. I can't believe I nearly returned it!

On that, I have been shopping a fair bit of late, mainly due to the pending holiday and wanting to freshen up my wardrobe and dive into SS13 (massively over the winter)..I'm a savvy shopper and although don't mind spending where appropriate, I love me a bargain or two. I'm not a snob (well not completely) when it comes to the cheaper shops on the High Street - as long as the cut/fit is right, the fabric is good and you wear it well then, who is to know where it is from.. mix it up!

Primark... love it or hate it, it has to be worth a rifle through from time to time...My advice is to get there for when the doors open and before the carnage kicks in.. the rails will be neat and you can actually see/hunt down what you are looking for..

To kick off, here's one of my favourite EVER Primark buys, patterned trousers £5 (cheaper than the parking in town!)...;

£5 trousers paired with Jimmy Choo heels!

Why Primark, why today...? Oh it's not by chance..I got an email showcasing the latest Spring drop landing in Primark... As part of my blogger service (yep, you are welcome), I've picked out the pieces definitely worth a look (or feel, gotta' test this too)..Just to be sure (and in case the Internet Police are reading, these aren't my photos and I don't claim any rights to them whatsoever, Amen)..;

Patterned Pants..

I have everything else similar that they have teamed it to be worth trying on..Also they could be dressed down for beachwear, perfect for apres beach cocktails..(have I mentioned I'm going on holiday..?)

Great colour and what looks like cut too..Just add red (or animal print) heels and stripy top OR leather jacket and white shirt right now...?

All Kinds of Dresses..

Work or play..just add killer heels and a tonne of accessories (Gold based).. 

Very slimming style and similar to dresses in Warehouse, New Look and loads more...Red lips, a must and this is a "hair up" dress if you can.. will lengthen you to the MAX!

The "garden party" dress..orrrr, wedding, Ascot.. just add huge headgear and the cream version of my black ASOS heels above (available on the same link I posted above too)..Again, a pretty hair up do and soft makeup..

I'm not sure I could wear this however, I like it..the colour and the heart shape cut out back..

Because I love a stripy dress.. Left for work, right for the beach or summer days..


If this (feels and) looks like it should when on, I'm HAVING it.. likely for work but also, with my battered jeans and a heel..

Coloured jackets can change the usual "popping to the shops" outfit..jeans/skirt/baggy pants...I wouldn't match it with the dress above... bit too much of a red overload and matchy for my style..

Trans-seasonal coat...CHECK!!! If it works with a big waist belt it's a winner..

Another good boucle jacket.. the cut looks good and flattering as it sits on the hip..

Throwing this one in for the "kids".. I love this style of jacket for chucking on with jeans or shiny leggings, hair up, converse pumps on however, I fear it will bury me..Still, a good buy if it is right!

A very flattering design overall... possibly could work with it's matching dress above too..depends on the occasion.. if not, good for a night out although, the colour isn't practical..maybe not..


Well, one pair of them anyway..

For the beach... that's all..

Honestly, I've got a bit excited about this little much so, thinking about ANOTHER trip to the shops tomorrow to go and check them out..(at least my Bank Manager would be a little more comfortable with these purchases...)

What do you think of these items..? Am I going to have to race you there..? What's your best ever bargain? 

Last bit of news from me...on WIWT (featured in previous posts of mine and where you can see what yours truly and lots of amazing people wear everyday), I'm only bloody "trending" at NUMBER 1.. joking aside, it doesn't actually mean I am the "trendiest", most "stylish" etc etc but, everyday/normal people have voted for my daily outfits... The top ten changes regularly and definitely worth checking it out if you haven't, great for style inspiration!

Happy Friday!!



  1. Karen, loving this blogg....the jumpsuit is a beauty, really looks fantastic...I am toying with the idea of dresses -something I have not done in years....and years. Really like the black and white Warehouse picked out. As for best so far is my trusted black cascade jacket from M&Co Boutique £65 reduced to £20 and I thought that was just a place where my mum shopped....

    1. Thanks Fi!! I'm gagging to get the jumpsuit on and go out!! You could really work the jersey maxi dress to i think! Good bargain jacket, where you'd least expect it! ;-) x

  2. My best shoe bargains have been:

    1 pair of Grenson brogues usually £265 - £50
    1 pair of Terry de Havilland's 70 style sandals usually £375 - £75
    1 pair of Camilla Skovgaard wedges usually £500 - £100

    Lu xx

  3. OMG I absolutely LOVE the Primark trousers!xxx

    1. I KNOW!!! They weren't in store today ;-( x

  4. I need those Primark trousers, do you know when they are in stores? I'm shopping tomorrow so I'll have a look anyway.

    1. Did you find them? I went in today and found the new ones shown in today's blog.. I think they are the same style though..x

    2. Nope none in our local as yet. Got a patterned pair in Zara though for a tenner- result!

  5. I bought a Pia Michi dress reduced from £275 to £15!! It was a very unusual design and sat in my wardrobe for almost a year until I wore it to my company Christmas party :)

    1. WOW - major bargain!! Double result is that no one would be wearing it..I love it when you drag stuff out and then wear it.. feels more justified.. even if it was an amazing £15!!! x


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