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Accessorising Technology..

In the last few years it feels like the world has gone gadget mad, we rely on pocket sized tools every second of every day... we all know the feeling when your battery dies, it's like knowing there's a sale on and you've left your purse at home!! You feel excluded from the world (I get the sweats when my iPhone says I'm down to 20% battery!!), comms are down, you're completely vulnerable and sure to miss out on "something"!!

My handbag is bulging with the lot.. iPhone, Blackberry and a Kindle (obvs also several lip glosses, a random escapee chewing gum, 20p in 1's and enough receipts to wallpaper my hallway). Under my arm I'm juggling my MacBook...I know I'm not alone..You only have to people watch for 5 minutes and you see a wide array (all ages, yep my Grandad is iPhone'd up) hunched over their gadget of choice...

I'm certainly not one for queueing on "launch day" to get a new gadget though, I'm not that into them.. (a new designer collaboration on the High Street, then yes) ... Today (only because my contract expired), I have joined the iPhone 5 gang yet, even before it arrived, the first thought I had was "new cover"!! 

Everyone, meet my new phone cover..;

Love me a Ted Baker phone cover and how funky is the packaging?!

I used to think covers were for the nerds, the flip open phone gang, even a bit of the old Yuppee accessory.. Now, it's all about the accessory/cover/case you have! 

Covers are a fashion accessory and like anything style related, its getting competitive! There are loads on the High Street, you can get all kinds of gimmicky ones - ones with ears, spikes, jewels, studs etc...Proof of this is seen on WIWT, they even have a section where you can "tag" your phone cover! I'm not gonna' lie, I've been drawn to them in the past however, they're not particularly practical and don't actually really protect your phone...I know this and so does my phone insurance claim team (2 iPhones sent to technology heaven, they just do not like pavements)...

My new Ted Baker cover was £29.95 annnnnnd, has a lifetime guarantee!! With the exception of a Crimbo present, I
 get all gadget related covers/cases from Proporta, mainly because they really do protect my acrobatic gadgets! The designs are always in season with the brand they represent too - Yeah, my phone is BANG ON TREND! Proporta supply Ted Baker, Joules, Quiksilver and Roxy to name a few and they are even cool enough to have made the Harrods cases (only available in store... what an excuse to go to Harrods!).

Another introduction, welcome aboard my recently purchased Kindle cover (which I've been asked about on several train journeys, sorry it's a poor picture)..;

In Books We Trust - Made for Waterstones available in stores and online at Waterstones (made by Proporta)

This is the exciting bit for Mission;Style readers... I've only gone and hooked you up with a 20% discount off Proporta - just click the link and enter MISSIONSTYLE at the checkout - kerrrrching, you.are.welcome! Oh and, they ship!!

Here's a few of the goodies on my wish list ..;

Touch screen gloves, genius and reduced to £9.95!!
Joules phone covers...YUM!
Kindle BeachBuoy...yep waterproof and perfect for reading in the bath - available from Proporta

They also supply Brunswick leather covers annnd, you even get free engraving when you buy one... all of this done in sunny Brighton by the elves at Proporta - Dad's birthday present, DONE!

And because I mentioned it, here's my MacBook case..;

A Christmas present from Harvey Nichols - buy here

In other (totally unrelated) news, my 4 month old nephew bought me to tears yesterday..(not nappy related) ... He's mastered smiling over the last month (which is seriously cute) and yesterday, whilst I was playing a game of peek-a-boo, he giggled for THE FIRST TIME EVER!! He didn't stop there, he went into a full on belly laugh... I melted... Completely magical, not blog related sure, but still magical... Here he is on New Years Eve, dressed by his Auntie Karen..;

Looking sharp in his tux from H&M

TGIF tomorrow x


  1. We have the same phone cover! Well of coursee we do! check my WIWT ;) xxx

    1. We have "the same" shoes on WIWT too... You couldn't be further away and still we are peas in a pod x

  2. I have loved the gloves idea and I will buy them as my hands are always sweaty even if they are in cold or in warm weather. For all those who wish to create custom kindle cases at Wrappz can visit Wrappz site as I buy from there as well and it is good.

    1. Hi Allan, I'm glad you like them, they are amazing and very reasonable too! I will check out the custom kindle site too, sounds good!


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