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Planning & Preparation...

I'm a planner... I have lists about lists (and reminders to remind me about said lists)! I do lead a fairly hectic life, usually travelling the UK 3-4 days a week for work then all over the place at weekends too.. It probably wouldn't surprise you to know that I do plan ahead (my OCD levels do appear to scream in my blog), I need to...Having come a cropper on a few occasions, i.e. checking in to hotel late in the day, realising not packed top for next day, totally understood customers would not appreciate the semi naked look, hunting down local retail establishment, making emergency purchase...

A Bit of Background Info..

I've worked for the same company for 14 years - starting literally at the bottom and now, holding the top level within my sector... As a female in a traditionally male oriented business, it is important I get the dress code right, I recall on one of my first days, a salesman (who didn't last long might I add) commented that all I need to do is shorten my skirt and I'll do well... from that day on, I stuck to trousers, it's only the last few years that I have ventured back to (suitable) skirts/dresses as I've proven my hard work and determination have got me to where I am..

One of my many mantras..

So why the work preamble..? Well, this week is the Annual National Sales Conference - It's always an action packed day filled with new launches, business reviews of the previous 12 months and award ceremonies (keep them crossed for me!!) It brings 130 peers together along with all the tres important people from the top... Obviously, this happens every year so by now I've gotten my head around planning the suitable attire for the day...

Business attire doesn't really excite me and I'm trying to change that in my head... The previous "boundaries"  (that me and "tradition" have built between us) are still kind of there which I feel I have to follow... colour, cuts, not too trendy, not too slutty etc etc ... I had given it some thought a few weeks ago when I spotted a red skirt in New Look..I mentally decided that this would be the basis of the outfit for the day and worked out how to incorporate it... One night (in a bout of insomnia) I turned to my phone for some Internet inspiration.... I came up with this look as an idea..;

This little lot totalled just under £4,000...!!! 

This is one of the looks I have translated from the above...;

Funny what you can do when you set your mind to it..NOT FOR £4k!

The skirt was from New Look for £16 (!!!) buy here, the blouse (still think that sounds old fashioned but, it's not actually a shirt-shirt..) from Dotty P's (can't find link, soz). I bought the jacket last year from New Look but there's loads around... Finally the shoes, eeerrrmm, they are new.. I know that this is my second pair this week and yeah, I didn't actually "need" another pair of black patent heels but, I did!!

The shoes up close and personal..;

See, they are sooo different, they have gold soles..Buy Ted Baker shoes here.

Loving Ted's packaging...

As I was "popping" into town yesterday to pick up the long awaited glasses (FINALLY!!) and to pick up "the" New Look skirt (online purchase), I thought I'd check the latest in black blazers as this, at the time, was what I wanted to add to the red skirt..something new and sharp! 

Yeah well, I got a little carried away in French Connection and ended up with a dress and a jacket as well.... The first two pictures below are now confirmed as being my "conference" outfit, I feel super feminine and business like all at the same time..;

New glasses make me feel clever if nothing else..

The dress is a classic, it's cut very Audrey Hepburn esque and timeless (buy here). The jacket is fitted with a slight peplum shape (buy here), without doubt it will get a beating for both work and play...again, very classic with a modern twist oh, and bright pink lining! The belt was about a quid from Primark. The 3rd pic is just a case of swopping the jacket over to the trusty New Look one. 

I realise I've totally swerved the first outfit and the one that I'd spent time planning, the latter was just meant to be though and it's not like I'm completely turning my back on it, I'll wear it tomorrow (the essential arriving at the hotel the night before look..)...I love both equally!

To be honest, I do plan outfits for events (yeah, I really am that organised/self conscious/practical/insert words of your choice..) I appreciate that the evidence is slightly to the contrary as I made a last minute change to the conference get up (my prerogative after all) ...Planning ahead elevates the "week (night before, morning of) before the event" stress levels and if you plan enough in advance, you'll be cool, calm and completely together..( *touches wood* I don't forget to pack my straighteners)

I usually put this methodology in to play for weddings or special occasion dressing... Like most (please tell me I'm not on my own here), I have a huge hang up about someone else rocking up in the same dress (brown paper bag required for such anxiety)... By buying/planning the outfit in advance means it'll likely not be trending in the shops, be totally unique and no one else will have given it that thought so, not be wearing it!! Just this morning, a lovely (organised, I stylishly nod) friend sent me a few screen shots based on outfit options (including accessories) she's seen for Ascot... (in June isn't it???).. the likelihood is that no one else will be all over this right now and when they are, the shop stock would have changed, major result!

Furniture face...

After the fuss around getting me united with these new googles (not being ready after several failed visits to collect), I am really happy with them..I haven't worn glasses for a while so it's all a bit odd (feels like I've been drinking on an empty stomach at lunchtime) but hell, the screen is A LOT clearer! I knew the style I wanted yet, all the pairs I tried on just weren't right.. These ones were the only ones (in the world it felt like) that fit the look I wanted...;

I can see!!! Ralph Lauren Eyewear...

That's it from me this weekend...I have a conference to pack for after all..

I hope you've enjoyed reading, let me know how you plan outfits for occasions or do you put your faith in the Wardrobe Gods and just throw something fabulous together last minute??

Until the next time..


  1. Great to see some work looks, most bloggers our age seem to be stay at home mums so focus a lot on more casual or going out stuff. Love that red skirt, think I may have to purchase that. You look very smart indeed, those chanel style jackets are great for smartening up an outfit.

    1. Thank you!! I've just read your blog, I love it!! I am working on my work wardrobe...if that makes sense! ; ) x

  2. Great glasses x

  3. Thank you Diana, I'm glad you have enjoyed! I will definitely check yours too x


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