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Take It To The Beach - Part 1

I actually feel wiped out today, even after 11 hours sleep... The cold has really taken a hold (likely not helped with the near Baltic bootcamp conditions yesterday).. So, I can sit here feeling feeling sorry for myself (*sniffs*) or urmmm, do some research for holiday clothes...(effective use of my time, right?)

I usually get to go away in March time with work (an incentive, that means wearing a bikini in front of your colleagues, it took some getting used to but I'm not gonna get a tan through a potato sack so had to get over it). Over the years it has got easier to shop for the trip as more and more stores stock beachwear all year 'round, granted it's on line (which means a constant flow of squidgy parcels arriving) but none the less, it's still available.

Everyone has their own style for beachwear... I'm a bikini girl (whilst I still can be and hence why I bootcamp). Swimming costumes 1) Remind me of being at school swimming lessons (not a good memory) 2) Just don't fit my frame well (even though my mum has kindly offered to alter (you haven't seen her work, she uses red thread on black stuff 'cause "it's all she had to hand" oh, and they are less than discrete stitches, my Brownies uniform was an abstract masterpiece) and 3) Leave less of me to tan.. I know there are so many styles out there now and as much as I like the idea of all the cut out designs, it's the patchwork tan I can't get over..

My research started with my usual haunts and without doubt this year, the best choice so far seems to be in River Island, ASOS and Figleaves.They all stock various style that can be mixed and matched... I can't buy a set, who can, who is perfectly sized both top and bottom? I always buy a size bigger on the bottom than my usual size because I can't stand to see the "digging in" look. Even though they actually aren't cutting off my blood supply, we all have some level of "back fat" and it throws your silhouette completely if you wear stuff like this too tight (obvs, in my opinion) and, draws attention to it...

Here is a small selection of the front runners so far and yes, my tan line phobia shows in the styles of bikinis I go for too..;
This is my absolute favourite and unfortunately, the most expensive too.  Chloe from The Outnet.

All of these are River Island and available in several colours - buy here
Love this colour, River Island buy here (especially good if youre not big boobed)

Topshop mix and match bikini and River Island skull cover up

After choosing the swimwear (or "lying in the sun" wear..), comes the "cover up"... I'm not in need of much in this department this year as I did grab quite a few Primark maxi dresses last year (£7 each!!!) however, thought I'd throw some in for luck today and as sure as day becomes night, I'll probably end up buying a couple! 

I do try and buy the cover ups based on the potential of ending up at a sunset bar after a tough day at the beach/pool...(i.e. not baggy tees or totally see through dresses). I realise this takes more planning but, it doesn't take too much to throw bangles and a lipgloss in your bag to finish the beach look off (oh, I usually pack a tonne of hair taming products and a hair tie as the minute I leave UK airspace, I do a "Monica" and my hair becomes huge and untameable)..

Although there's not a great choice so far (give it a couple of months), here's some I have seen on line.. ;

Dress & Playsuit, River Island. Pants Seafolly

Doing this little bit of research has made me realise I already have some pants like the ones above by Seafolly, they were Zara last summer... back then  I wore them with a black blazer and heels (surprise) , I'm thinking now this year they will be beachwear, just add vest, sandals and huge sunnies.

After planning day outfits, comes night... I've not got very far with this area yet... I need way more time!! So far two items that have caught my beady eye are these..;

I realise they are both playsuits - left ASOS right Boohoo

Oh oh, I've got a little cleaverer (I realise that's not an actual word but, you know what I mean..) and started adding links to items where possible.. This means you can click on the highlighted brand or the click "here" to take you right to it.. (if I'm shopping, it would make me feel better if you were too). I hope it's been useful and saved you time trying to "define" an item in stores search engines..? Have you followed any... what's more, have you bought anything?!!

There's so much to cover on holiday clothes.. it can be a minefield.. I'm sure I'll write another post (or 3) hence, calling this "Part 1"..

Have a good week x


  1. Love this blog.....just wish I was going on a lovely holiday! I only hear Devon calling....hoping for a mini heatwave on the English Riviera....may bust out a bikini, but mine will have to be from Bravissimo (Fantastic for the buxom bosom!!)

    1. You are truly blessed with bosoms FiFi, fingers crossed for the heat wave - with the success of dirtying mummy i'll reckon you'll look smoking in a bikini!! x

  2. Loving your blog! Look forward to reading more :D xxx

    1. Thanks Cara, it's lovely to hear feedback, especially when it's lovely ;-) x


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