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Bank Holiday With The Zara Shoes...

Three days in the same shoes... YEAH I DID!

1) Sunny Brunch...

Vest - Mango orange vest, buy here.
Jeans - Topshop Jamie, buy here.
Bag - Oasis, buy here.
Sunglasses - Chanel.
Shoes - Zara, buy here.

Side note - Over brunch my dad 'descretly' told me that my bra was showing at the back, in the next sentence he said that it matched my nail varnish...Bless him, I just smiled...(I was very aware of such a match...) 

2) Lunch Date...

Top - Mango
Skirt - Topshop
Bag - Paul Smith
Shoes - Zara

3) Coffee and Errands...

Jeans - Topshop Lacey, buy here.
Jersey Top - Topshop.
Bag - Paul Smith
Sunglasses - Chanel.
Watch - Rose Gold Michael Kors
Bracelet with aqua stone - Gift
Wrist wrap - Whistles.

I HEART the new Zara shoes so much so that, they look like the firm favourites for the basis of my outfit for Friday... To be honest, the shoes are about as far as I've got in the outfit planning process...

The event - A corporate hospitality day out at Lords (any clues on cricket/dress code would be good about now!!?!) that I've won from work!!


Mid Week Retail Therapy...

I'm a big believer in retail therapy ('course I am..)...So, when a friend of mine has had a pretty crappy week it called for some serious shopping (because it makes everything better, right..?)... The bat signal came out and I was more than happy to accompany said friend...(like I'd EVER refuse a shopping trip..).

We only 'popped' into Bristol after work and managed to cram 3 hours of intense therapy...Clearly I was there for moral support, I couldn't let her shop alone, that's just not the 'friendly' thing to do...;

Purchase 1 & 2...

I rarely go into Oasis, it was the pull of the '20% off Dresses' sign that did it... I'm glad I ventured in...This dress is perfect for work, really light weight and fits PERFECTLY!! It came with the skinny belt too... I kept it simple when I wore it on Friday (due to a ridiculously early alarm call) however, there are a whole load of ways I can style this simple dress!

This brings me to purchase 2, a coral/orange clutch (with chain strap) that I also picked up in Oasis..

Buy the dress here and the bag here.

Purchase 3...

Zara nude and white mid heels - I've been contemplating these for a few weeks and knew that fast action was required, they were sold out on the website in my size! Expect to see A LOT of these over the summer! They aren't hip poppingly high and only cost me (a very reasonable) £29.99!! The open toe ankle strap sandal is definitely the shoe of the summer for me...

Buy here.

Purchase 4...

Topshop Jamie high waisted white jeans... These are available in petite so I snapped them up... the waist isn't too high and the length is perfect, they finish just above my ankles and, look fab with the Zara shoes!

Buy here.

In other news, you may recall my (incredible) Primark shoes buy the other week...? (featured here) Well, my gorgeous friend also invested but in the yellow, coral and aqua ones... They are a feature shoe without doubt and again, look waaaay more than the £12 price tag! Pictured here in the River Island changing room with River Island jumpsuit..;

To finish off, what I wore for dinner out with friends last night followed by Hangover 3!!..;

With the weather how it was yesterday, I actually just wanted to go out in slippers and my duvet...As that combo isn't particularly socially acceptable, I decided it was time the Mango jacket got another airing...

Jacket featured here.

Have a fab Bank Holiday weekend y'all!


Topshop Neon Animal Tunic Dress...

I'd been eyeing up said item for a couple of weeks, undecided on whether to invest, finally on Friday night whilst browsing the Topshop app (aided by wine), I decided to make the commitment...*adds to bag*...

The problem came as I went to check-out, a nasty error message flashed on the screen 'out of stock in the size chosen...'... Whhhhaaaattttt?!?! It said it was in stock... Not one to be beaten by the internet and believing that it must be a 'technical error' I kept trying...and trying.. I even did a local store search..(150 miles is reasonable, right?)... Nothing, just nausea...(too far..?)

I went to bed cursing myself that I hadn't followed my Nan's advice that I mentioned waaay back when I started my blog (here)...

Clearly, when I woke up on Saturday it was still on my mind...So, living up to my blog name, Mission;Style tried again... *cue Gospel choir excitement*... The dress was only now showing as IN STOCK in my nearest store and actually, available in several sizes!!! Within seconds, I was trying to befriend the lovely sales assistant over the phone (practically inviting her over for Christmas etc) promising that I'd be there later that day and not to let it go...

After a lunch out with family, I swung by said Topshop establishment and HALLELUJAH it was there and it 'fit'...(I'll come back to the 'fit' bit in a moment...)

I bring you the much sought after garment..;

I was meant to be 'saving' it for a dinner date next week...What the hell!

I really like this dress, it's very different to anything I have however, I'm struggling to get my head around the 'bagginess'... Don't get me wrong, I'm not after the bandage dress effect but still, it's roomy around the middle, probably perfect for dinner and also, I keep reminding myself, it's the style...

It doesn't show well on my pics but, it has a dip hem back which I really like as it adds a little something else (apart from the neon animal print) to the dress!

THE DRESS - Topshop, it's not showing online at the moment however, you can search 'Neon Animal Tunic Dress'.. Sunglasses - a Primark buy a couple of weeks ago.
Strappy heels - the old faithful ASOS ones...(The good news is, I have totally broken them in and they no longer cut off my circulation..)
Arm hardware - H&M

The one other reservation I had/have was that the length was maybe a little long...I'm not going for the 'hooker' look but, ya' know...?

The answer to both quandaries, add a clashing neon belt..?;

Belt - from Zara last summer... It's elasticated so also works for 'hitching' the length up a little..

What do you think? Belt, no belt, either, neither..?


Embellished Skirts...

Following my love for my new New Look embellished skirt, I promised to share some others I'd been eyeing up prior to said purchase...

As a little reminder, my skirt (that is down to £9 in the bloody sale!!)..;

I figured, even at full price (which wasn't a bank breaker anyway) that I'll kick the ass out of this little number in the summer...cream satin blouse and heels, vest and flat sandals...Then winter, leather jacket, biker boots/suede black heeled boots and an enormous knit jumper... I know they don't sound too adventurous but for now, totally justified!

Amanda Holden nailed the look on Alan Carr last week...;

Top pins for 42!

My shortlist (prior to the New Look buy)...;

Guess what happens when I can't sleep... this...

This Topshop skirt is gorgeous...This is how I'd style it if it was mine (and it was on line still??!!!)...Chances are it will be if I drag my ass to an actual shop to find it, I love the aqua shoes too...). 

Weirdly, I see this one as more casj and absolutely love the colours in it! Buy from River Island here, just add a light wash denim jacket and tee...

Gold, green and nude shoes... dress it up, dress it down with a pair of cons.. Buy the Mango skirt here.

Have you invested in an embellished skirt? How would you style it?

Happy Friday!!

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The WIWT Challenge, Part 2...

Following from my last post, I bring you our last two days of the WIWT style challenge...

It feels like it's got easier, dare I say, I'm even gonna' miss this challenge...!!

Day 6 - Embellished...


This one was a good excuse for me to buy a new skirt... I had been eyeing up embellished skirts for a few weeks and had planned to dedicate a post to them (I still will) so, I bring you my new New Look skirt...;

This skirt looks and feels the quality of Reiss yet, has the New Look price tag!! Buy here ...Whilst throwing this link in, I've just noticed it has gone down to £9!!!! GUTTED...
The shoes are the trusty ASOS ones, totally over featured!
The blazer is again, my go-to Topshop blazer (desperately seeking a replacement...)
The tee is from Zara, one of their linen mix basic tops.


Top - River Island... from the depths of her wardrobe, it's practically vintage, in a good way!
Bag - French Connection 
Blazer - Zara


Lil flew up to Newcastle on Sunday night and only had hand luggage allowance for a 2 day trip (as if?!).. Tee from New Look...She still nails it!

Day 7 - Prints...


*Mootiful Zara pants enter stage left*

YAY, I'm not ashamed how much I love these pants!! Buy here, featured here.
The top is a couple of years old from Topshop..
The shoes... well, these corkers are from PRIMARK!! Hell yeah!! I picked them up on Sunday.... 1) They were seriously comfortable 2) Loved the monochrome 3) You must be getting bored of the ASOS ones 4) THEY WERE £12!!!

A lotta' love for the new shoes!!

I have never seen this before *surprised face*!! We share all new purchases over Whatsapp (because she lives in OZ). The dress is from Topshop in Sydney.


Still in Newcastle (and incidentally sending photos of male models from a PR gig), totally nailing it!!

Patterned pants from H&M.

That's it, the end of the 7 day style challenge from WIWT...

I hope you have enjoyed the ride..


The WIWT Challenge, Part 1...

On Tuesday, WIWT sent a lovely email with a week long summer style challenge that they were running, starting the following day (!!!) for a week...;

Now, I like to plan my outfits and dropping this on me just into the work week threw me (yes, it's just fun, yes, I should chill my boots a bit), I wasn't quite 'head between the knees', more deep in thought mentally filing through my wardrobe...I definitely lost about half an hour to this throughout the course of the evening.. "Flowers, do I have anything with flowers..?"... The carefully chosen themes echo the latest trends (gulp) so it was time to up end the wardrobe once again *cue clothes flying at 45 degree angle, at speed*...

I started by turning to the besties who are also involved in WIWT and insisted that if I was doing this then they had to too..I bring you our Day 1-5...(warts 'n' all...)..;

Day 1 - Stripes...


I wore the French Connection dress (clearly stripes) because I haven't worn it in over a year and thought it was due an airing...
Shoes - Rupert Sanderson.


I love this outfit!! 
Leather skirt -Topshop
Jumper - Gap
Shoes - Aldo
Statement necklace - A store in Sydney..


Bag - Zara
Top - Topshop
Blazer - H&M

Day 2 - Florals..


I really don't have much in the way of florals, welcome back (so soon) Topshop pants..
Shoes - Rupert Sanderson
Tee - Zara


Scarf - Benetton...(again, Andrea doesn't have a wardrobe busting with florals annnnnd, she does live on the other side of the world so the trends are different..)
Skirt - Zara
Denim shirt -Topshop.


Love this look!!
Shoes - Zara this season.
Pants - H&M

Day 3 - Accessories..


Skirt - Topshop
Bag - ASOS
Statement necklace - Primark


Pants - Topshop (massive love for these!)
Vest - Topshop
Statement necklace & bracelet -Kookai


Statement necklace - Zara
Phone case and MacBook case - Proporta - buy here ANNNND, if you enter MISSIONSTYLE at the checkout you can get 20% off!! 

Day 4 - 60's...

This trend did have me baffled, I even googled images and didn't get much on the inspiration front...It was only when I was having a spontaneous wardrobe tidy yesterday that, the light bulb went on...TaDa!!

I have gotta' say, this is absolutely my favourite look of mine so far... I really didn't know I'd suit a beehive for starters, let alone, hair accessories!! 

Top - Mango
Jeans - River Island
Shoes - ALDO
Swing trench - This has to be over 8 years old and was from George!!!


Dress - Miss Sixty.


She had good reasons, she was at a top secret location, preparing for a top secret event...

Day 5...


Coat - Zara a couple of months ago.
Trousers - Topshop last summer
Shoes - Next


Jeans - Zara
Bag - Accessorise. This was bought a couple of weeks ago in the UK, it was part of her birthday present package we sent over.
Shoes - Topshop.


Lil's outfit is totally based on the Clinique palette..

Jeans - Forever 21
Clutch - Vintage
Sunglasses - Ray Ban (they aren't broken, they are the 'folding' ones, bought in Vegas..)

I'm actually really enjoying the challenge now...It has really made me think about what I have in my wardrobe and how to work it differently! 

Lastly, I know it's totally British to talk about the weather but, JESUS!!! It's bloody mid-May, I'm on my sofa in joggers, hoody, fluffy socks and a fleece throw...(it's not all Prada you know..) anyhoooo, a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very special friend, 'Mrs M'!! 

Join me for the final 2 days of the WIWT outfits on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Andrea's blog is here and Lil's here.


The Black Topshop Maxi Dress....

Q.Who doesn't love a maxi dress...?! 
A. Those of us under 5 foot 5!!!

A maxi dress/skirt that's too long is a massive hazard for those of us lower than 'average' height girl...The combination of excess fabric and heels (or flats to be honest) will result in a right royal tumble situation if you don't walk like a Geisha!

When I see a maxi crop up in a petite collection I'm all over it so when this one arrived from Topshop yesterday (following a mid week online retail therapy sesh), I was desperate to try the trip test on it... The result, a perfect fitting maxi dress...;

Keeping it simple...

Adding a sheer Topshop tee...Now it's a maxi skirt...

For seeing friends last night, a jumper...I added the belt for colour (and to tuck the jumper up...)

An armful of wooden bangles and my converse...

The strappy cami maxi dress is available in black, yellow, khaki, grey and dark purple, buy here 

I know that this little beaut is gonna' get a lot of wear through the summer and also in the winter..., just add biker boots and a chunky cardy!

£18 well spent!!!


Aldo Shoes...

Its no secret I love a shoe, they are usually the basis of my outfit... That said, work shoes are the exception... I've mentioned before that when it comes to 'the corporate shoe' I'm a huge bore... They need to be fairly nondescript, high (I'm not a hooker, I'm petite) and without being hush puppies, comfortable.. I might drive a lot of miles but when it comes to days in London, I walk a fair few too... (in today's case, run due to bloody trains)... 

Bizarrely, the choice of said footwear can be fairly sparse at times so when I saw these in Aldo, it was a case of 'bag 'em up, I'll take them!...;

Standard black patent, great heel height and it has to be said very comfortable... I've pounded the town that's paved with gold... Or, sodding potholes, gaps, cobbles and everything else that ensures you knacker your heels up or risk a nasty sprain and brilliantly, my feet have come out unscathed!! 

You can buy the black here, they also stock them in nude...

I discovered Aldo in Miami a few years ago and was totally beside myself when stores started opening up here! 

In the last few years I have bought several pairs of Aldo shoes for work, they wear really well, last ages and as I have tried and tested my fair share, I'd go as far to say, the most comfortable on the Hight Street too...

This isn't the first time I've posted about Aldo, the summer sandals I lived in on my jollies were also from Aldo, they too are getting a regular battering (and I'm after the yellow AND tan pair)...; 

You can buy the sandals here.

Do you have a fave shoe haunt...? Are you in the same corporate shoe rut..?

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