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Bank Holiday With The Zara Shoes...

Three days in the same shoes... YEAH I DID!

1) Sunny Brunch...

Vest - Mango orange vest, buy here.
Jeans - Topshop Jamie, buy here.
Bag - Oasis, buy here.
Sunglasses - Chanel.
Shoes - Zara, buy here.

Side note - Over brunch my dad 'descretly' told me that my bra was showing at the back, in the next sentence he said that it matched my nail varnish...Bless him, I just smiled...(I was very aware of such a match...) 

2) Lunch Date...

Top - Mango
Skirt - Topshop
Bag - Paul Smith
Shoes - Zara

3) Coffee and Errands...

Jeans - Topshop Lacey, buy here.
Jersey Top - Topshop.
Bag - Paul Smith
Sunglasses - Chanel.
Watch - Rose Gold Michael Kors
Bracelet with aqua stone - Gift
Wrist wrap - Whistles.

I HEART the new Zara shoes so much so that, they look like the firm favourites for the basis of my outfit for Friday... To be honest, the shoes are about as far as I've got in the outfit planning process...

The event - A corporate hospitality day out at Lords (any clues on cricket/dress code would be good about now!!?!) that I've won from work!!



  1. The shoes look reallllly realllly fab on you....
    perfect choice!

    Love them with the Laceys mostest :)

    As for Lords...they are notoriously strict on their dress-code- worse than Ascot! But I think for a corporate do they have to let you in no matter what!?! But...probably best to keep shoulders & knees covered- and maybe give a nod to MCC colours just to butter the dicks up!!!


    1. FANKS!!!! I'm with you on the Lacey's!

      Massive thank you for the heads up on the cricket dress code ... I've got no idea what to wear!!! X

  2. Love how you've styled the last outfit


  3. Que ganas de terminar examenes y poder ir a comprarme esas sandalias!! me encantan como las has combinado!!!

    un beso guapa!

    1. Finalizar los exámenes e ir tienda! Gracias x


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