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The Mango Jacket Does Brighton....

First up, how AMAZING is this weather (I'm doing the whole 'touch wood' thing!!)??!!... I know I've had a few days of sunshine this year already, one just can't get enough of them bright rays really (and summer clothes are nicer)!!

When the weather is like this, it makes my job even nicer... Travelling the country in the rain can be pretty depressing sometimes (let alone buggering up wardrobe choices), this week the 'trucking' (I'm not actually a lorry driver, I do more miles, just in a smaller vehicle and don't deliver stuff...) has been more bearable... It's Wednesday evening and so far I've clocked up a day in Birmingham, North Somerset to Ipswich to Brighton and then today, Brighton to Croydon to Guildford and now back to North Somerset...*wonders if I could squeeze a helicopter through my expenses...?*

Brighton... my resting place for last night and also where my lovely bestie, Lynnette resides. I say resides.. her clothes, boyfriend and car are all there however, she travels the world for work... Last night, the planets aligned and we were finally able to get a well needed catch up in!

I knew we'd be eating out...(her and I would live on toast and wine if we hadn't..) so, Monday night I planned ahead (whilst packing for work) and put together this outfit...;

White Tuxedo Jacket - Yeah it finally saw the light of day! It's from Mango, incredible quality for £35, buy here.

Jeans - Lacy from Topshop, buy here.

Shoes - Leopard print heels were from Dune a couple of years ago.

Top - This was from Mango last year... I kinda' 'found' it on Monday night, label still on (shame on me)..

Necklace - You will be oh-so familiar with this now!! Zara, buy here.

I took the pictures above on Monday night during a little try on sesh, it was the first outfit I pulled out and it did the job..I took photos purely because I knew I wouldn't get chance last night... Turns out it was a good move.... I didn't actually get to wear the yellow top due to a lip gloss related incident ..(which I don't want to talk about..)...

Plan B - Hit up Lil's walk in wardrobe (tidied for my arrival, she understands that my 'wardrobe gotta' be tidy' OCD would have left us house bound if it wasn't in a fit state!)...The easiest option was to rob a black vest....pretty happy with the result too...;

I love my Prada bag, I could have done better in the choice of bag for the ensemble however, boot space was becoming an issue (again, I don't have a lorry) and I already had it with me...

Glasses - Chanel aviators.

Of course, we both posed for pictures...Meet Lil!

Jeans - Warehouse

Blazer - Topshop

Boots - Moda in Pelle

Scarf - (clearly not necessary)..H&M

Bag - Zara

Sunglasses - Ray Bans

If she wasn't my bestie, I'd probably have jealousy issues with her...!


We ate at Alfresco which is right near the West Pier (the one that burnt down a few years ago). It's central, glass fronted and has a 280 view of the pebbled beach and sea..;

The West Pier...

Predictably, we both ordered the same...;

Starter - The most enormous portion of mussels with shallots, white wine, herb butter and cream with fresh bread - A.MAZ.ING!!

For main - Ravioli of fresh langoustine and scallop bound in a light fresh ginger, lemon and mascarpone cream topped off with seared scallops and a grilled langoustine...PHE.NOM.E.NAL!!!

Don't be fooled by the 'simple' presentation, the salted caramel ice-cream is the best I have EVER eaten, ever..

Better than a couple of rounds of toast, right..? 

I would highly recommend Alfresco, it'd be advisable to book, it filled up fairly quick last night! The food was superb and the service excellent... Obviously, not for those who are dieting and pushing for the ultimate beach body...

Lil and I met 18 (gulp) years ago...She is one of the most talented, funniest people I know and now, with a little kick, she's started her own blog...I promise, it's a brilliant insight into her world, travel and without doubt, her humour...Have a read ...Maybe one day she'll tell the story of how she ended up between Victoria B's legs...(kinda')...?

Another school night out, who'd have thought...



  1. Nothing wrong with wine and toast mate ;) Thanks for the plug. I'd better get posting! x

    1. It's on the menu later... May even add peanut butter...

      Get on it x

  2. You really have a nice blog! :) Thanks for sharing this! Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!

    1. Thank you!! I've checked yours out, great blog too.. let's follow ;-) x

  3. I would agree with your opening statement but I don't agree with everything. We are all different and have various views on the matter and I guess that everyone has a right to express his or her opinions

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comments... I wasn't too sure which bits you didn't agree with... I"m hoping I haven't said anything offensive...?

  4. The leopard heels are absolutely gorgeous! X


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