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The WIWT Challenge, Part 2...

Following from my last post, I bring you our last two days of the WIWT style challenge...

It feels like it's got easier, dare I say, I'm even gonna' miss this challenge...!!

Day 6 - Embellished...


This one was a good excuse for me to buy a new skirt... I had been eyeing up embellished skirts for a few weeks and had planned to dedicate a post to them (I still will) so, I bring you my new New Look skirt...;

This skirt looks and feels the quality of Reiss yet, has the New Look price tag!! Buy here ...Whilst throwing this link in, I've just noticed it has gone down to £9!!!! GUTTED...
The shoes are the trusty ASOS ones, totally over featured!
The blazer is again, my go-to Topshop blazer (desperately seeking a replacement...)
The tee is from Zara, one of their linen mix basic tops.


Top - River Island... from the depths of her wardrobe, it's practically vintage, in a good way!
Bag - French Connection 
Blazer - Zara


Lil flew up to Newcastle on Sunday night and only had hand luggage allowance for a 2 day trip (as if?!).. Tee from New Look...She still nails it!

Day 7 - Prints...


*Mootiful Zara pants enter stage left*

YAY, I'm not ashamed how much I love these pants!! Buy here, featured here.
The top is a couple of years old from Topshop..
The shoes... well, these corkers are from PRIMARK!! Hell yeah!! I picked them up on Sunday.... 1) They were seriously comfortable 2) Loved the monochrome 3) You must be getting bored of the ASOS ones 4) THEY WERE £12!!!

A lotta' love for the new shoes!!

I have never seen this before *surprised face*!! We share all new purchases over Whatsapp (because she lives in OZ). The dress is from Topshop in Sydney.


Still in Newcastle (and incidentally sending photos of male models from a PR gig), totally nailing it!!

Patterned pants from H&M.

That's it, the end of the 7 day style challenge from WIWT...

I hope you have enjoyed the ride..



  1. Those primark shoes are amazing Karen, super jealous! I'm currently deciding between a few similar pairs but I want them all, I feel like I need them in every colour!

    1. Aren't they!!! What's more, they are so comfy!!

      They do them in a yellow, aqua and coral combo too... I'm hoping they bring out a red..?! x


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