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The Black Topshop Maxi Dress....

Q.Who doesn't love a maxi dress...?! 
A. Those of us under 5 foot 5!!!

A maxi dress/skirt that's too long is a massive hazard for those of us lower than 'average' height girl...The combination of excess fabric and heels (or flats to be honest) will result in a right royal tumble situation if you don't walk like a Geisha!

When I see a maxi crop up in a petite collection I'm all over it so when this one arrived from Topshop yesterday (following a mid week online retail therapy sesh), I was desperate to try the trip test on it... The result, a perfect fitting maxi dress...;

Keeping it simple...

Adding a sheer Topshop tee...Now it's a maxi skirt...

For seeing friends last night, a jumper...I added the belt for colour (and to tuck the jumper up...)

An armful of wooden bangles and my converse...

The strappy cami maxi dress is available in black, yellow, khaki, grey and dark purple, buy here 

I know that this little beaut is gonna' get a lot of wear through the summer and also in the winter..., just add biker boots and a chunky cardy!

£18 well spent!!!



  1. I am all over this dress and being only 5ft 2 myself it's a must for me. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction x

  2. Looks fab on you...simple & perfect :)
    And major props on the How-Many-Ways-To-Wear-It ideas!


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