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The WIWT Challenge, Part 1...

On Tuesday, WIWT sent a lovely email with a week long summer style challenge that they were running, starting the following day (!!!) for a week...;

Now, I like to plan my outfits and dropping this on me just into the work week threw me (yes, it's just fun, yes, I should chill my boots a bit), I wasn't quite 'head between the knees', more deep in thought mentally filing through my wardrobe...I definitely lost about half an hour to this throughout the course of the evening.. "Flowers, do I have anything with flowers..?"... The carefully chosen themes echo the latest trends (gulp) so it was time to up end the wardrobe once again *cue clothes flying at 45 degree angle, at speed*...

I started by turning to the besties who are also involved in WIWT and insisted that if I was doing this then they had to too..I bring you our Day 1-5...(warts 'n' all...)..;

Day 1 - Stripes...


I wore the French Connection dress (clearly stripes) because I haven't worn it in over a year and thought it was due an airing...
Shoes - Rupert Sanderson.


I love this outfit!! 
Leather skirt -Topshop
Jumper - Gap
Shoes - Aldo
Statement necklace - A store in Sydney..


Bag - Zara
Top - Topshop
Blazer - H&M

Day 2 - Florals..


I really don't have much in the way of florals, welcome back (so soon) Topshop pants..
Shoes - Rupert Sanderson
Tee - Zara


Scarf - Benetton...(again, Andrea doesn't have a wardrobe busting with florals annnnnd, she does live on the other side of the world so the trends are different..)
Skirt - Zara
Denim shirt -Topshop.


Love this look!!
Shoes - Zara this season.
Pants - H&M

Day 3 - Accessories..


Skirt - Topshop
Bag - ASOS
Statement necklace - Primark


Pants - Topshop (massive love for these!)
Vest - Topshop
Statement necklace & bracelet -Kookai


Statement necklace - Zara
Phone case and MacBook case - Proporta - buy here ANNNND, if you enter MISSIONSTYLE at the checkout you can get 20% off!! 

Day 4 - 60's...

This trend did have me baffled, I even googled images and didn't get much on the inspiration front...It was only when I was having a spontaneous wardrobe tidy yesterday that, the light bulb went on...TaDa!!

I have gotta' say, this is absolutely my favourite look of mine so far... I really didn't know I'd suit a beehive for starters, let alone, hair accessories!! 

Top - Mango
Jeans - River Island
Shoes - ALDO
Swing trench - This has to be over 8 years old and was from George!!!


Dress - Miss Sixty.


She had good reasons, she was at a top secret location, preparing for a top secret event...

Day 5...


Coat - Zara a couple of months ago.
Trousers - Topshop last summer
Shoes - Next


Jeans - Zara
Bag - Accessorise. This was bought a couple of weeks ago in the UK, it was part of her birthday present package we sent over.
Shoes - Topshop.


Lil's outfit is totally based on the Clinique palette..

Jeans - Forever 21
Clutch - Vintage
Sunglasses - Ray Ban (they aren't broken, they are the 'folding' ones, bought in Vegas..)

I'm actually really enjoying the challenge now...It has really made me think about what I have in my wardrobe and how to work it differently! 

Lastly, I know it's totally British to talk about the weather but, JESUS!!! It's bloody mid-May, I'm on my sofa in joggers, hoody, fluffy socks and a fleece throw...(it's not all Prada you know..) anyhoooo, a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very special friend, 'Mrs M'!! 

Join me for the final 2 days of the WIWT outfits on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Andrea's blog is here and Lil's here.



  1. You've killed it every day!!
    Just sayin' :)

    I particularly looove the embellished look today.
    Too good!

    I'd have stressed myself to death trying to do all of these (or even some of them, to be honest- deffo chill-pill territory!!).


    1. Ahhh, FANKS!! It's been fun (once I got my head 'round it)!!

      The skirt was new, I wanted one anyway, this was just the perfect excuse!! xx

  2. Absolutely love your 60's look! I now 'need' that lace top your wearing aha I also love yours and Andrea's accessories outfits! You all look great.

    1. Thank you!! My fave so far too ; )
      I couldn't check your blog out, the address wouldn't work? X


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