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Aldo Shoes...

Its no secret I love a shoe, they are usually the basis of my outfit... That said, work shoes are the exception... I've mentioned before that when it comes to 'the corporate shoe' I'm a huge bore... They need to be fairly nondescript, high (I'm not a hooker, I'm petite) and without being hush puppies, comfortable.. I might drive a lot of miles but when it comes to days in London, I walk a fair few too... (in today's case, run due to bloody trains)... 

Bizarrely, the choice of said footwear can be fairly sparse at times so when I saw these in Aldo, it was a case of 'bag 'em up, I'll take them!...;

Standard black patent, great heel height and it has to be said very comfortable... I've pounded the town that's paved with gold... Or, sodding potholes, gaps, cobbles and everything else that ensures you knacker your heels up or risk a nasty sprain and brilliantly, my feet have come out unscathed!! 

You can buy the black here, they also stock them in nude...

I discovered Aldo in Miami a few years ago and was totally beside myself when stores started opening up here! 

In the last few years I have bought several pairs of Aldo shoes for work, they wear really well, last ages and as I have tried and tested my fair share, I'd go as far to say, the most comfortable on the Hight Street too...

This isn't the first time I've posted about Aldo, the summer sandals I lived in on my jollies were also from Aldo, they too are getting a regular battering (and I'm after the yellow AND tan pair)...; 

You can buy the sandals here.

Do you have a fave shoe haunt...? Are you in the same corporate shoe rut..?

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  1. a lovely and great choice of shoes!

  2. Loooove Aldo...can't stay away!

    I always try and wait a few weeks though to see if something I love ends up on their seemingly permanent sale rack...*Cheapskate Face*

    1. I have to consciously walk by!! I never get lucky with the sale stand *sad face* x


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