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Choos Vs. Converse...

For me, that's not a tough decision to make...especially when out on an evening...(I'll always take the height advantage!)

Sunday night (YAY to Bank Holidays) was 'gig' night at a venue I'd never been before, hindsight says I probably should have done some research as everyone else seemed to be in the know when it came to appropriate footwear... 

The location, The Tunnels... and it is literally that...The club was made up of two tunnels (with VERY uneven flooring) that featured a small stage at the end  ...Granted the flooring added to the overall 'effect' however, the result was me tottering in hidden platform Choo's oh, and avoiding the puddles of spilt beer...HUGE FOOTWEAR FAIL! It was only when I surveyed the footwear of the other guests that I realised I was waaaaay off the mark and that the majority were wearing Converse...The only option, hold head high and dance/wobble..

The band, Bring Down The House were doing a charity gig in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. BDTH are based in Bristol and cover (smash by all accounts) motown, soul, funk, disco and blues as a 14 piece band. As a side note, they performed at my wedding and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a band, for any event (check their website for sample tracks)..I always go when they do the rare public performances!

The outfit, let's call it 'smart casual with a twist'...was a little 'off' for the venue..(I never said I always get it right)...;

'Pleather' jeggings - I know I've featured these before, they really are a good buy, a go-to in my wardrobe for nights out. These ones were Dotty P's last year however, I spotted some very similar in Urban Outfitters and Zara yesterday..I realise the word 'jegging' can make some people cringe a little but for me, who sees the waistband..? 

Tee - Just a basic tee from Zara last year.

Earrings - Studded black hoops from Zara.

Wrist wrap - A present from my bestie, Alexander MQueen leather strap with skull detail.

Shoes - Jimmy Choo, I've had for a couple of years now, a great investment that are sadly in need of some TLC...Beer, uneven surfaces and leather soles doesn't mix well...(it was like walking on sponges, badly)..

Bring Down The House...14 musicians, 1 small stage and a lot of dancin'

I hope you all enjoyed your Bank Holiday Monday... Of course, I did a little shopping and then took some time out in the garden...The shopping outfit ..;

Skirt - Next a couple of years a go (at least!!)

Tee - Again, another basic tee from Zara...

Bag - Ted Baker from last summer...Following my last post, there will be new additions to my summer bag collection, no doubt..

Sandals - An Aldo purchase a couple of months ago... Money well spent on these as they literally go with everything! Buy here.

Annnnd the last bit of news, WIWT are running a feature this week in conjunction with F&F and have listed daily themes for outfit uploading as part of the challenge...This one has really got me thinking (and sorting through the wardrobe)..The themes are..;

Wednesday - Stripes, I've got an idea and it doesn't involve one of my many stripy tops..

Thursday - Florals...Not a lot of choice in my wardrobe where this area is concerned and I already showcased the Topshop pants on Saturday...(fashion faux pas, double wearing in a week...?!?)

Friday - Accessories - I have loads, pile them on?

Saturday - Sixties...Hmmmm, this is gonna' take some thought!

Sunday - Pastels...I have half an idea but no shoes..(honestly, I don't for this one)

Monday - Embellished...I want an embellished skirt, there's my justification!

Tuesday - Prints..I have options...

There are prizes to be won so, come join the challenge at WIWT! 



  1. Mmmm like your wrist wrap ;)
    All over the WIWT mate, I'm gonna struggle with florals mind x
    p.s. Hope the Choo's made it!

  2. I have nominated you for the Leibster Award! Details on my blog! :)


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