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Topshop Neon Animal Tunic Dress...

I'd been eyeing up said item for a couple of weeks, undecided on whether to invest, finally on Friday night whilst browsing the Topshop app (aided by wine), I decided to make the commitment...*adds to bag*...

The problem came as I went to check-out, a nasty error message flashed on the screen 'out of stock in the size chosen...'... Whhhhaaaattttt?!?! It said it was in stock... Not one to be beaten by the internet and believing that it must be a 'technical error' I kept trying...and trying.. I even did a local store search..(150 miles is reasonable, right?)... Nothing, just nausea...(too far..?)

I went to bed cursing myself that I hadn't followed my Nan's advice that I mentioned waaay back when I started my blog (here)...

Clearly, when I woke up on Saturday it was still on my mind...So, living up to my blog name, Mission;Style tried again... *cue Gospel choir excitement*... The dress was only now showing as IN STOCK in my nearest store and actually, available in several sizes!!! Within seconds, I was trying to befriend the lovely sales assistant over the phone (practically inviting her over for Christmas etc) promising that I'd be there later that day and not to let it go...

After a lunch out with family, I swung by said Topshop establishment and HALLELUJAH it was there and it 'fit'...(I'll come back to the 'fit' bit in a moment...)

I bring you the much sought after garment..;

I was meant to be 'saving' it for a dinner date next week...What the hell!

I really like this dress, it's very different to anything I have however, I'm struggling to get my head around the 'bagginess'... Don't get me wrong, I'm not after the bandage dress effect but still, it's roomy around the middle, probably perfect for dinner and also, I keep reminding myself, it's the style...

It doesn't show well on my pics but, it has a dip hem back which I really like as it adds a little something else (apart from the neon animal print) to the dress!

THE DRESS - Topshop, it's not showing online at the moment however, you can search 'Neon Animal Tunic Dress'.. Sunglasses - a Primark buy a couple of weeks ago.
Strappy heels - the old faithful ASOS ones...(The good news is, I have totally broken them in and they no longer cut off my circulation..)
Arm hardware - H&M

The one other reservation I had/have was that the length was maybe a little long...I'm not going for the 'hooker' look but, ya' know...?

The answer to both quandaries, add a clashing neon belt..?;

Belt - from Zara last summer... It's elasticated so also works for 'hitching' the length up a little..

What do you think? Belt, no belt, either, neither..?

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