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Embellished Skirts...

Following my love for my new New Look embellished skirt, I promised to share some others I'd been eyeing up prior to said purchase...

As a little reminder, my skirt (that is down to £9 in the bloody sale!!)..;

I figured, even at full price (which wasn't a bank breaker anyway) that I'll kick the ass out of this little number in the summer...cream satin blouse and heels, vest and flat sandals...Then winter, leather jacket, biker boots/suede black heeled boots and an enormous knit jumper... I know they don't sound too adventurous but for now, totally justified!

Amanda Holden nailed the look on Alan Carr last week...;

Top pins for 42!

My shortlist (prior to the New Look buy)...;

Guess what happens when I can't sleep... this...

This Topshop skirt is gorgeous...This is how I'd style it if it was mine (and it was on line still??!!!)...Chances are it will be if I drag my ass to an actual shop to find it, I love the aqua shoes too...). 

Weirdly, I see this one as more casj and absolutely love the colours in it! Buy from River Island here, just add a light wash denim jacket and tee...

Gold, green and nude shoes... dress it up, dress it down with a pair of cons.. Buy the Mango skirt here.

Have you invested in an embellished skirt? How would you style it?

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Luvin' this embellishment shizz!

    Gotta had kinda been passing me by, until the WIWT Challenge...and your skirt :)

    The River Island one is to die too!

    PS Not on Twitter darl'- or I'd deffo be following you!

    1. I know, right??! I'd considered dipping my toe into it for a few weeks, the WIWT challenge pushed me there! Love the RI one!

      Ditto on Twitter! I asked becuase of the 'scarf'... was gonna' send you a pic...Instagram? Have you crumbled and got an iPhone yet? xx

  2. Love love love ur blog!!! And this skirt is to die for! Always favour bloggers with versatile style!

    Xoxo all the way from S.A

    1. WOW!!! Thank you so much! I love all comments, ones like yours are VERY welcome!! ;-)

      XOXO back to S.A.

      PS. I will check your blog out too, thanks for posting it x


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