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Oh Lords...

So first up, Ma.Hoooo.Sive. apologies that I've been AWOL this week... Honestly, a 4 day week that became a 3 due to winning a day at Lords yesterday (through work), making things a little more hectic!!

Lords... Cricket.... Yeah, not my usual way to spend a Friday.. It was an award, free and something I'd never done so, why the hell not! 

I've been in a right  ol' dilemma about the outfit all week... What does one wear to Lords??! They have a particular, quintessentially English etiquette you know!!  This became even more apparent upon arrival when walking by the queue of gentlemen in their MCC (red and yellow striped ties, hankies and hats, which stands for Marylebone Cricket Club, I now know...) with their heavy grey eyebrows that created a shade over their eyes (I didn't feel so bad for missing my wax this week!).. That said, they all looked so dapper!

The weather promised to be a scorcher and this threw me, it's not like you can trust the forecast but, when your train leaves Bristol at 7am, you gotta' take a risk..;

6.30am shot... travelled in flats, how very sensible...(heels in the bag of course)...

The patterned pants arrived this week after a little spree in the Next sale, buy here.

The bag is from Topshop - it looks totally over exposed in this shot (as does the blazer!). The cream colour is out of stock online, buy similar here.

The sandals are from Aldo, buy here.

The blazer was from Topshop last year.

The cami was from Topshop last year too.

The bag, up close... Nude and goes with everything!

It was a fairly full on day...the programme of events below missed out the breakfast too...(thank God for the drawstring pants);

I picked the wrong week to start a food diary!!

It's not everyday you have breakfast with Mike Gatting..(unless you're his wife, probably...)

Old Skool Lords...
Help yourself to Pimms..
And, free champagne...Major hair/heat failure!

Afternoon tea, rocked..;

Mini scones with clotted cream and jam washed down with champagne...

This guy didn't exactly pose for me...Yet, a perfect example of 'cricket' style..

It was a long day of eating, drinking and perfecting my cricket clap...All told, really rather delightful...

I felt a massive gratitude to the big day bag that was roomy enough to pack the flats in for the way home... Professor Klump had nothing on my feet last night! 

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  1. Fab outfit...good choice :)

    I went right by Lords on Friday evening (promise I'm not stalking you...honest!!) and saw all the old duffers streaming out the joint...didn't see any well dressed laydeez though...musta just missed you!!

    Mini-scone(or 7) + Bubbles = hell yeah :)

    Glad you had a good 'un

    1. Ahhh shucks, thank you!!!
      The scone count hit a 6 ( true and with a dodge cricket reference too!!)
      It'd been so amazing to meet you, another time?! X


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