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Packing, My Rules...

In just a few hours I'll be 'up up and away' heading to sunnier shores and I gotta' be honest (as the rain trickles down the window), I can.not.wait!

I've been asked a few times about my holiday prep/packing rules (it's clear I'm a little OCD about it, right?!) so, here goes... ;

The Prep...

I'm always looking for outfit inspiration so in my usual organised fashion, I started a board on Pinterest for just this...This coupled with recent purchases are the basis of where I started the prep...

Last weekend (in-between hangover hell and the constant eating), I pulled out the items I wanted to take, piled them all on the bed and started a mass try on sesh! I experimented with mixing up new and old stuff and then added accessories etc...I realise this was a whole week before my travels but, I just can't cope with the thought of last minute panic packing, I will forget stuff and lie on the beach wishing I'd packed something that's now thousands of miles away!

Depending on the type of holiday/break I'm going on does depend how I pack...At least one trip a year is an 'organised' trip with work (I refer you back to Cancun in March). This always has an itinerary/dress codes so I pack to that...Literally writing the outfits of choice next to each event on the list!!! 

That said, whether it's 'the work trip' or 'my' holiday, I still plan every outfit, a different one for each night...This isn't because I can't bare to be seen in the same thing twice, I don't trust myself not to spill a drink or drop food down my front...(maybe a statement bib is more appropriate?!).

The day outfits are easy, lightweight, easy, throw over bikini items that are suitable for pool bar lunches then, a couple of outfits for popping out of the resort to sight see...(SHOP!)...

Obviously, without doubt, I find it easier to pack when you know you're going to good weather, I find it tough packing for unpredictable weather!

The Packing...

I pack in 'outfits' (after I have noted what is going in and being worn with what... I realise how bad this sounds..)...This includes the shoes, the bag and any accessories! Then, in a glass half empty state, I also split my things across the two cases (You.Never.Know) obviously, keeping the 'outfits' together.

I don't over pack, I have just enough and then a couple of 'basics' that mix and match with most things, just in case...

Shoes are kept to a minimum, I try and have no more than 3 pairs for evening outfits which, proves tricky sometimes when one outfit only works with one pair of shoes (middle class problems, I know..)...Needs must! Oh and on top of this, one neutral pair of flip flops that are for the day... That's ONE pair!

Accessories are packed into handbags to save space and all toiletries are treble wrapped in a mass of carrier bags to avoid unfortunate spillages/explosions in the hold.

Lastly, I always leave room for some 'souvenir' shopping...I love shopping (surprise) abroad, you can pick up unique pieces that are usually reasonably priced and if not, not available on our shores so worth picking up anyway!

What are your packing tricks? Are you OCD about packing? Do you prep like me or, are you a last minute 'chuck stuff in a case' kinda' person?



  1. I, like you am an OCD packer. I spent my childhood at boarding schools so had to make sure I could get the maximum amount of stuff into the minimum amount of space. I write lists for each catagory of packing, lay it all out, pack it, unpack it and then take out items I was umming and ahhing about. If that's not weird I don't know what is! But it works for me!

    Sophs x


    1. I get it!! I'm not alone, although the ummm and ahhh usually go in!

  2. Deffo on the same page as you >>> plan plan plan!!

    I hate having to edit down what I wanna wear....coz (like you said) there's always that possibility you'll wake up and feel like...wearing summat you left behind.

    And as for the decanting of the toiletries...uggghhh...but again, I have to have something of everything I use, just in case.

    Oh for a 50kg allowance :)

    Bon voyage....have an ace time

    1. I've decanted stuff I probably shouldn't due to the chemical complexities...( I'm not 100 but I need my creams)!!!

      18.6kg, nailed it!

      Thank you x

  3. I love this, it sums up my packing style to a tee!! From the lists and planning to the splitting of outfits over cases it's like a military operation. Done times four to make sure hubby and boys are sorted too!!

    Have a great time!!


  4. Great post! I am a huge over-packer! My trick now is to get my partner to under-pack (pack like a normal reasonable person) so I have room for my holiday shopping! It's funny I pack for every possible scenario and then tend to wear the same thing most days, or wear all my new purchases! Enjoy your holiday!!


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