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Simple Basics...

I for one can sometimes over think or, try too hard when putting an outfit together...Sometimes though, simple is good!

This weekend I 1) Had a major sleep deficit/hangover 2) Didn't have the time/energy to work with my wardrobe or, have an ounce of inspiration for that matter... Times like these usually involve banging on the slacks and going off the fashion radar...That said, there were TWO lunches in so, I had to get dressed...*simple basics enter stage left*...;

Saturday Lunch

Top - A jersey (flock effect) bat winged, dip hem top from Topshop. Similar here.

Jeans - The Lacey Topshop jeans I LOVE! They fit and wear really well (and are available in petite too!!). Buy here.

Sandals - My new fave go-to shoe, tan and white... GO.WITH.EVERYTHING!! These are the Zara ones I picked up a few weeks ago and featured here. They went into the sale so, go stalk them out if you want some... look high and low in Zara, they'll be there!

Bag - My beautiful Mulberry Cecily bag, featured here.

Bangles - A new purchase from the Banana Republic sale.

My theory with this outfit was to go basic and add the bag and bangles to finish the look...Understated lunch look, done.

Sunday Lunch

Yeah, I know...Not massively different, it was the best I could do based on points 1 & 2 in my opener to this post!

Top - Again, another Topshop jersey bat winged, dip hem top...This one is not so recent but again, they always have these in the jersey section and very similar in the link above for the white top.

Jeans - Diesel, about 3 years old and as comfy as my PJ's, a winner when going out for a Sunday Roast with the family!!

Sandals - Told you they go with EVERYTHING!

Bag - The Ted Baker one I have featured a few times! I picked this up last summer, cost per wear is now in negative figures I reckon! 

Bangles - New fave. arm wear from Banana Republic!

Hand/hip pose for the full bat wing benefit!

Banana Republic bangles, very Michael Kors...

Heels up close accompanied with the new Shellac, 'Hollywood'

I realise that this isn't groundbreaking style, I guess this is me on a 'day off'...

There's nothing wrong with dressing the basics, I have just added my twist to the looks...heels, bag and bangles. What do you add? Lipstick? Killer heels? Statement necklace?

Holiday packing update - TWO cases are being used, my outfits are shortlisted and neatly piled on the spare bed...Operation pack, 95% complete.

I will be posting here whilst I'm away so make sure you keep in touch!! 

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  1. Could you do a blog post on packing for your holiday please?! I'm going in 12 weeks and could use some help.


    1. Your wish is my command... I've started writing it and will post it tomorrow... I hope it is useful and if not, it'll be a huge insight to my redic OCD!! x

  2. I.Love.Basics.

    Lookin' fresh and chic as always :)

    Have a lovely time on hols and well done on getting your own case!!

    1. Me.Too!! I'd live in this little lot if I could ... OK, more often than not, it's no brainer dressing!

      Thank you gorge and we will!!



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